Top 25 Best Slice of Life Anime's We Love Watching

Best Slice Of Life Animes
The regular lives we love to watch

25. Bunny Drop

Usagi Drop Trailer 

Daikichi lives alone, every day he goes to work, comes home, and repeat. But after attending his grandfather’s funeral he finds out that his grandfather has an illegitimate daughter, Rin. Not old enough to live by her self and being known as the shame of the family Daikichi takes her in despite the fact that he has never taken care of a child. While Rin is unapproachable at first with Daikichi’s help, they learn how to become a family.

Daikichi and Rin walking together 

24. Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless

Unlike most high school students ready to live on the edge Tanaka prefers the calmer side of things. Praying that nothing happens every day so that he can maintain his lazy lifestyle. Prone to falling asleep anywhere at any time, Tanaka tries his best to not exhaust himself. Though the people he attracts as friends seems to be more on the less peaceful side of things.

Tanaka-kun in his usual state, head in hand. 


Mashiro has always wanted to draw manga, following in the steps of his uncle. After the passing of his uncle, he puts his dream on the shelf instead aiming to be a businessman instead. But after Takagi, a fellow classmate who is well known to be great at writing notices Mashiro’s talent for drawing the two decide to make an amazing manga together while trying to keep up with studies and their day to day life.

Mashiro and Takagi standing with everyone that supports them.

22.Fruits Basket

Tooru is a sweet girl that tries not to cause anyone any inconvenience, so much so that after her mother passes and she can no longer live at her grandfather’s she takes to a tent in the woods as not to bother anyone. But when Yuki Somma notices her out there he invites her into his house to stay. While there Tooru discovers that he is apart of the Chinese zodiac and if anyone in his family is touched by someone of the opposite sex they will turn into their animal. Now they must live together in secret to avoid being found out by the school and the head of the family.

Tooru and the Somma boys

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