[Top 10] New Anime Released in 2021

New Anime of 2021, New Anime Released in 2021
Check out Shadows House, one of the new Anime of 2021!

Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 have definitely brought anime fans some incredibly action-packed and adventurous anime series! Plus some beautiful slice of life and hilarious comedy additions too! From originals series to awesome sequels, your next few months will be extremely busy watching and catching up with all these great new releases to the anime lineup! Gamers Decide presents to you the Top 10 New Anime of 2021!


10) The World Ends With You Animation


9) Mahiro No Oto (Those Snow White Notes)


8) Battle Athletes Daiundokai ReSTART!


7) Horimiya

  • Although the elements in Horimiya resemble shoujo, the manga is actually classified in the shounen category.  


6) Wonder Egg Priority


5) Shadows House


4) Vivi: Flourite Eye's Song

  • Matsumoto, the AI from the future, appears as a robotic teddy bear. It's such a perfect design alongside Vivi's costume and character design.


3) SK8 the Infinity

  • As a sports anime, SK8 the Infinity definitely shreds into the hearts of many fans.


2) SSSS Dynazenon


1) Odd Taxi


Which of these anime series have you seen yet? Are there any currently on your must-watch list? Let us know in the comments below!

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