[Top 15] Anime with Cute Art Style

Anime with Cute Art Style

15. Nyanko Days 

Already starting high school, yet Yuuko still hasn’t made a single friend. It’s just hard when she’s shy and the only companionship she really loves is with her cats. However, the three little felines are able to help find a friend in her class’ most popular student. And it turns out she loves cats just as much! While every episode is shorter than three minutes, every second fills your heart with bliss! You’ll be begging for a second season just like the rest of us! 

Who says only dogs wait for you to come home? 

14. Chi’s New Home 

Sweet kitty Chi finds a home with the Yamadas and their wonderful little son. Her days are filled with familial love and affection from not just humans, but from her animal companions of other species. Cat lovers will find wholesome bliss with this anime! Dog lovers will discover what they're missing out on!

Chi and her family

13. PriPri Chii-chan!! 

A chance encounter between a young girl and an underground creature results in friendship almost instantly. The sweet and very helpful human Yuuka. And the small, cute, pudgy Chii-chan. Together, they form chaotic yet fun adventures together. And with them are an assortment of other underground creatures from Chii-chan’s home, all who make normal days much more exciting. 

You’d want a plush of these characters too! 

12. How to Keep a Mummy 

As the son of an adventurer, Sora often gets the most outrageous (and paranormal) presents. This time, he is sent a sarcophagus. So it’s pretty certain there’s something scary he’s got to take down (again). However, it’s not some soul-sucking creature he expected. Inside is actually a tiny mummy. So tiny it could fit into the palm of Sora’s hand. He decides to name it Mii-kun. While it’s difficult knowing how to care for a mummy, their love for one another always makes it all work. Not just for Sora. And not just for Mii-kun. But to everyone around them.  

I want a tiny mummy of my own SO BAD. 

11. Nichijou 

The adventures around high school girls Mio, Yuuko, and Mai. You’d think this was a normal slice-of-life. Trust me, it’s not. Every day starts out so normal. And then it hilariously blows out of proportion. Like punching a cop because you thought he was going to steal your “steamy fanfic yaoi masterpiece”. Getting bitten by a crow. Hanging out with someone possibly being a cyborg. Talking to your cat (that likes to talk back). Or even watch the principal take down a deer. But at the end of each episode, you’ll realize just how relatable all this is.   

Absurdly adorable! 

10. Hinako Note 

Very shy but sweet Hinako moves from her quiet village to the city of Tokyo. There, she attends Fujiyama High and hopes to become a member of their school’s theater club. However, it turns out the club is on break. While this disappoints Hinako, she finds joy in forming her own little troupe with her new friends. Over time, she’s able to handle her shyness, and open more of herself to others. 

When fans say there needs to be more chibi art style, this anime delivers! 

9. Urahara 

The fashion district of Harajuku is in danger! Aliens have come to strip it of its culture, with the intent to make it their own. Three high school girls band together to protect their beloved Harajuku. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl appears, claiming to be a former captive of the aliens. She’s small, adorable, and has a talking fried shrimp that clings to her. 

In Harajuku, the best fashion is expressing the inner you. 

8. Jingai-san no Yome 

Some teens dream what it would be like to get married. In this world, it’s common for students to be chosen by their “destined partner”. And by that meaning innocent creatures who only want to choose the perfect to-be and share marital bliss. One young man, who has never even thought of the idea, gets chosen to marry a fluffy beast known as Kanenogi. 


7. Endro! 

When Yuusha and her team take down the Demon Lord, it all becomes a happily ever after...right? During a mishap with a spell, she accidentally sends the Demon Lord back in time to before even becoming the Demon Lord. Before Yuusha and her team became the popular heroes. The Demon Lord, having reduced to her child stage, takes advantage of this opportunity. Under the name Mao-chan, she takes a job teaching at the adventure school. Particularly teaching Yuusha and her buddies who are students in her class. 

The Hero (center) and her party

6. Working Buddies! 

Optimistic Tapio and pessimistic Kuehiko study at the same college. Although complete opposites, they actually are good friends. And together they tackle various jobs. From delivery service to promoting fashion trends to running an anime store. As they gain the upperhand, they begin to bond more with not just each other, but with their bosses and customers. 

Tapio and Kuehiko

5. BNA 

It was just an average day at school for Michiru. However, her normal life suddenly turns upside down when she becomes what is referred to as a “Beastmen”. The teen-turned-tanuki hightails it to Anima City, escaping the harsh treatments humanity could inflict. Once she enters the animal-safe haven, she meets all sorts of characters who become her allies, friends, and surrogate family. But despite the surrounding love she receives, there are enemies who wish to do harm to not only her, but to all Beastmen.  

Despite the hard years Anima City has endured, its residents never fail to celebrate its accomplishments as Michiru (tanuki) learns firsthand! 

4. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear  

Skipping school and playing VRMMO, that’s what Yuna preferred. Also, she’s pretty much a loner. When her favorite game is given an update, she is gifted with a special bear costume with amazing powers. It’s so cute, yet kind of embarrassing to wear in-game. She suddenly finds herself sucked into the game, where the bear suit becomes her greatest weapon. 


3. Spookiz  

During the day, it’s a normal school for kids. At night, when the humans are gone, it becomes a school for monsters. Five monster children come out and enjoy the small freedoms they can have. All while under the watchful eye of their guardian/teacher Sam Reaper. One day they’ll all be ready to take on the human world. Who knows? Maybe one day humans can look past their monsterly appearances. But for now, within the empty school they run wild and cause chaos! 

Left to right: Frankie, Kong Kong, Zizi, Cula, and Kebi 

2. By the Grace of the Gods  

At the age of 39, Ryoma died after a miserable, lonely life. Three gods offer sympathy and give him the chance to reincarnate as an 8-year-old in another world. Not just any world, a world of magic and creatures. There, Ryoma roams free without the stresses his old life gave him. And he’s got slimes! For three years he has raised and trained so many of them. Living in a forest all by himself, with his slimes by his side, life is peaceful. However, he comes across actual people. The first human contact he’s made since dying. And by the gods, does this encounter make his world much bigger, and less lonely. 

Ryoma and one of his many, many slimes. 

1. Animal Crossing: The Movie (Dobutsu no Mori) 

Based on the popular game series! 11-year-old Ai moves into the Animal Village where she is immediately given a job by Tanukichi as a delivery girl. She meets and befriends various residents, including aspiring fashion designer Sally. As she finds her place among the villagers, Ai discovers mysterious bottles turning up at the beach one day. Each one contains a message explaining that something extraordinary will happen later within the year. As Ai prepares for whatever it may be, she will experience various things. Adventure, heartbreak, betrayal, confidence, and most of all, acceptance.   

Ai (human) and Bouquet (cat)

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