[Top 15] Cute Anime to Fuel Your Inner Furry

Cute Anime
You have zero soul if this doesn't make you go aww.

Anime with humans too boring now? 

Love animals? 

Love animals that act human? 

Here are the top 15 anime for furry fans! (Or people who just prefer a cute animal character over some cliche anime protagonist)

15. African Office Worker

Three buddies settle into their everyday lives as office workers. Oh, yeah, and they are a lion, toucan, and lizard who have just moved from the wild. Watch as they experience what it’s like to be at the bottom of the food chain.   

Just another day at the office. 

14. Parappa the Rapper 

You remember the game, right? From the console to the TV, a young rapper gets into shenanigans with all his friends. From making music, impressing his crush, and trying not to cause trouble, you’ll want to play the game all over again! (Or Um Jammer Lammy, that’s a good game too) 

Chop Chop back again is forever! 

13. Seton Academy: Join the Pack

 A teen, who absolutely despises animals, settles for one day at an all-animal school to prove why they suck. And, of course, first impressions are exactly as he expected. An annoying mutt, a spoiled celebrity panda, a disgusting koala, and lots of beastly chaos. 

Guys on the left. Girls on the right. 

(Yeah, definitely not at all sexist, Japan.)

12. Wan Wan Serepuu Soreyuke! Tetsunoshin

 If Pound Puppies became an anime, it would be this. A young pupper finds out his owners are nearing bankruptcy. He gathers his team in order to help his family pay off their debts (and hold off on their excessive spending). 

Guess we know what Bullseye does when he’s not promoting Target. 

11. Uchi Tama?! Have You Seen My Tama?

 Tama is your typical kitty cat living in the city of Japan. He and his friends are always getting into mischief. Oh, yeah, and they’re humans with animal ears.  

Easiest furry cosplay ever.  

10. Shibainuko-San 

Shibainuko-San is a cute, popular 14-year-old. Living a normal life with her two BFFs, nothing’s out of the ordinary. Except she looks exactly like a shiba inu, which only one of her classmates is able to point out.  

Just three normal schoolgirls hanging out. 

9. Samurai Pizza Cats 

 Truth, justice, and pizza! No, we’re not talking about those teen turtles (or those teen titans). Three cats run a pizza business, which is a cover for their crime-fighting in Little Tokyo. 

Giving TMNT a run for their money! And their pizza! 

8. Shirokuma Cafe 

A Canadian white bear decides to open a cafeteria near the zoo. With a charming attitude and equally charming customers, he finds a home in his business. A sweet, wholesome anime that shows no difference between animals and humans in the dining experience. 

In another reality, this would be Sea World.  

7. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 

 Great race horses of the past become reborn as “horse girls” (basically girls with ears, tails, and speed). Special Week, a new girl from the countryside, is determined to become a famous racer/idol. But first she must deal with the competition and sportsmanship in her fellow trainees. 

If My Little Pony was an anime. And a good show. 

6. Working Buddies! 

  Polar opposites Tapio and Kuehiko are a couple of college students who perform various jobs. Whether delivering packages, promoting goods, or even building a house! Despite their differences, you know they’re best friends.  

When you start your first day and already want to go home. 

5. Rilakkuma and Kaoru  

Kaoru was an average woman desiring what seems hopeless in her life : a jump in her career, a boyfriend, and more socializing. However, while the first two will still take time, the third one is a total surprise. Two bears and a bird warm her life with love, companionship, and a reminder that she’s never alone. 

How does this NOT make you want to buy the merch?!

4. Nyanko Days

Tomoko is a shy teen who’s already started her first year in high school. She has her three adorable cats to fill the frustration of being friendless. However, she gains the attention of one of her classmates (who’s an even bigger cat lover!). 

When you have zero friends but three cute kitties. 

3. BNA: Brand New Animal

Michiru was just a normal high school girl when suddenly---she becomes a tanuki. Escaping from the prejudice of human society, she makes it to Anima City. However, the supposed safe haven is thrown into a conspiracy that she finds herself having to figure out. 

Unleash your inner furry! 

2. Aggretsuko 

Red panda Retsuko spends her days working at the office, then spends her nights singing metal karaoke. With jerk bosses, annoying co-workers, and a complicated love life, she does A LOT of karaoke. Don’t let her tiny, cute appearance draw you away from her inner raging bitch. 

Yup, just another day at the office...

1. Beastars 

There has always been tension between carnivores and herbivores, no matter how civilized/anthro. When a high school student is killed by predators, some are suspicious of his wolf friend Legoshi. However, he’s just a regular high school student who is trying to live in a world where his kind is feared. 

Floofy tail. Want touch. 


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