15 Anime With Handsome Characters

Anime With Handsome Characters
Vampire Knight, handsome vampires.

Looking for anime with characters that are fun to look at? These handsome characters will not disapoint. 

15) Assasination Classroom

An organism appears on earth and destroys 70% of the moon and says he will destroy Earth in a year, but he gives Earth a way to change their fate. The organism becomes the homeroom teacher of a group of at risk students. He helps them improve their grades and teaches them the ways of being an assassin. If they can kill him by graduation Earth will be saved.

Karma Akabane: As a resident of Earth and a student of the organism Karma is determined to assassinate him before graduation. 

14) Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki becomes a host for a powerful fox known as Nine-tails who attacked Naruto’s village when he was just a baby. Unaware that he is a host, 12 years later a ninja named Mizuki tells him and is defeated by Naruto. This sends Naruto down a path to become a ninja himself.

Ninjas: Though their paths started separately you can’t stop who destiny puts in your path. 

13) Tokyo Ghoul

College student Ken Kaneki is attacked by his date who unveils herself as a ghoul, and seriously injures him. After waking up in the hospital he finds out he underwent surgery and some of his attackers organs were put into him to save him. Now living his life as a half ghoul he can only eat human flesh. He learns how to live as a ghoul with the help of other local ghouls while keeping his identity hidden from his human friends.

Haise: Ranked number one ghoul investigator.

12) Vampire Knight

Yuki was attacked one winter 10 years ago and saved by Kaname Kuran. Now she is the adopted daughter of the headmaster at Cross Academy. Yuki protects her crush Kaname from being discovered as he leads a group of vampire students who attend the Academy. 

Time for class: Kaname leads a group of vampire boys as they maneuver their way through classes at the academy. 

11) Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward and Alphonse Elric lost their mother when they were young and set out to learn Alchemy so they could bring her back. After finishing their training they try to resurrect their mother but the transmutation backfires. The brothers join the State Alchemists to try and locate the philosopher's stone to achieve their goal, learning and perfecting their Alchemy along the way. 

Follow the rules: State Alchemists have rules just like any law enforcement, but Ed has problems with the rules that get in the way of his ultimate goal. 

10) The Seven Deadly Sins

A band of knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins have been disbanded,   but are currently being framed for plotting against the kingdom. The Princess Elizabeth searches out the leader of the knights and his comrades so they can clear their name. The Deadly Sins knights fight against the Holy Ten Commandment Knights to clear their name and liberate the kingdom.


Holy War: The Seven Deadly Sins Knights must fight the Knights of the Ten Commandments to clear their name and rid the kingdom of the demon controlling the current knights. 

9) Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager lives with his best friends Mikasa and Armin in Shiganshina near wall Maria, the farthest wall from the center. The walls were built to protect the people from man eating titans. When his parents are killed tragically by the titans the three friends become cadets and are armed to take them down and protect the walls. 

Titans: Equipped with ODM gear to give them an advantage against the size of the titans the soldiers try to take down the monsters before they can break through the walls. 

8) Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura and his twin Yukio learn they are the sons of Satan. They were raised by Shiro Fugimoto and after watching him die to protect him Rin harnesses the power of Kurikara, a demon slaying sword. He gains the appearance of a demon himself and sets out to become an exorcist like Shiro had been before him.

Son of Satan: With Kurikara as his weapon and Yukio as his mentor Rin will become the greatest exorcist in honor of the man who raised him. 

7) Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia had just met Natsu when she was kidnapped and he rescued her. He tells her he is the Salamander of Fairy Tail and invites her, as a mage, to join his guild. She accepts and with Natsu and his crew they travel on several different missions offered to them. 

Salamander Guild: When the guild is given a mission they accomplish it with flair. 

6) My Hero Academia

In a world where the majority of the population possess superpowers Izuku Midoriya always wanted to be a pro hero, but he is quirkless. Chosen by his personal hero All Might, Izuku acquires a quirk and is able to train to become a pro hero. Successfully being accepted into his school of choice, U.A., Izuku begins his hero academic courses. 

To the starting line: Class 1A uses their quirks to see who can finish the race first. 

5) Sword Art Online

Virtual reality gaming is a popular pastime, with the new nerve gear that allows the game to feel more like reality. Kazuto Kirigaya, Kirito, logs on with 10,000 other players but is unable to log off. Kayaba, the inventor of the game tells the players they will be unable to log off until they beat all 100 floors of the steel castle and seals them in the game.  

All hands to the dungeons: Kirito’s team trained hard, leveled up, and gained legendary equipment and then they headed into the castle to free themselves from the games. 

4) Highschool of the Dead

Japan is struck by a pandemic that turns humans into zombies known as Them. A group of highschool students and the school nurse do their best to survive the outbreak and the breakdown of society. They travel through a series of trying situations to stay alive and try to find their families.

Danger: With zombies around every corner the students must use weapons they find to survive. 

3) Black Butler

Ciel Phantomhive’s house was attacked by a group of unknown people, his house was set on fire and his parents and dog were killed. Ciel was kidnapped by the attackers who sold him into slavery to a group of cultist who abused him and branded him with “the mark of the beast.” Ciel summons a demon and makes a contract with him, in return for his soul the demon kills the cultist and helps Ciel take back what was stolen from him. 

Revenge: With the help of Sebastian, a demon Ciel has summoned, Ciel will get revenge on the people who burned his home.

2) Death Note

High School student Light Yagami discovers a notebook called Death Note which can kill anyone who’s name is written in the notebook as long as the user knows the name and face of the target. After a few days with the notebook Light is approached by Ryuk a Shinigami who was the previous owner of the notebook and can only be seen by Light. Light goes about writing names in the book killing criminals and graduates to killing higher class targets while being hunted by interpol. 

Death: Just by simply writing a name and picturing a face Light Yagami can kill anyone he wants. 

1) Yona of the Dawn

2000 years ago the Crimson Dragon God founded Kouka and became the king of the country. When he died the nation was divided into 5 tribes. Now 2000 years later we follow Princess Yona as she makes her way up the political ladder to marry and become queen. However, her betrothed kills the king and takes the throne leaving Yona and her bodyguard Hak as fugitives in their own country.

Death of the King: After Soo Won kills the king, Yona and her bodyguard Hak must fight their way out of the castle becoming fugitives.

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