[Top 15] Anime with Cute Boy Main Character

Anime with Cute Boy Main Character
He's aged well in these last 20+ years.

15. School Babysitters 

After losing their parents, Ryuichi thought he and his little brother Kotaro only had each other. However, a grouchy yet kind old woman takes them in, having suffered similar loss. In exchange for a roof over their heads, Ryuichi works at his new school’s babysitting club. There, quiet Kotaro is able to open up and make new friends. As does his big brother, who is given the love and care from those around him. 


14. Log Horizon 

Elder Tale is the hottest multiplayer online role-playing game, especially for Japanese gamers. However, during the playthrough of a new update,  thousands of players suddenly get sucked into the world of Elder Tale. With no idea how it happened and no clue how to get home, these players are forced to exist as their avatars in this pixelated world. Of course, anyone who gets killed will always respawn (thank god, they didn’t take the BS Sword Art Online route with this), so that’s a relief. However, guilds are becoming more corrupt. Not to mention the food in the game world has a taste similar to a soggy cracker! It’s a miserable living and the joy these gamers once had playing Elder Tale is slowly dripping away. Shiroe, a high-level gamer from the Japanese district, vows to make the world more bearable. Forgoing his social awkwardness, he and his friends will do what they can to make Elder’s Tale a home to everyone.  


13. How to Keep a Mummy 

Sora is the son of a self-proclaimed adventure. And quite often his father always sends him some kind of artifact that’s either too spooky or nearly trying to kill him. So when he gets sent a sarcophagus, Sora can only assume it’s a mummy. One that’ll probably try and curse him or strangle him. However, the moment he opens the case, he does indeed find a mummy. Except it’s so tiny and cute! Already, the little guy is clingy to Sora, and the teen finds himself caring for the mummy. He’ll slowly realize that Mii-kun, his little mummy friend, will be the best gift his father has ever sent him. 

Who says it’s only dogs that wait for their owners to come home? 

12. Elegant Yokai Apartment Life 

For two years Yuushi has grieved and moved on from the death of his parents. Since then, he has been living with his uncle’s family. Of course, he feels very much a burden. Not just to his aunt and uncle, but also his despondent cousin. Wanting to live indepently, he thought he would finally put his plan to action once starting highschool. However, a fire occurs and burns the student dormitories right around the time he’s about to start attending. In desperation, Yuushi tries to find a place that can afford his budget. He almost gives up, until he comes across an ad for apartments that are being rented for less. When he goes there, it’s actually a nice building with lovely lodging. However, on his first night there, he realizes there’s more to the place: it’s a house for both humans AND yokai. While shocked at first, Yuushi sees what good, caring individuals all of them are. And the more he gets to know them, the more he feels right at home. He may have lived with his relatives for two years. But at the elegant yokai apartment house, he’s finally found his family.  


11. Fullmetal Alchemist 

After losing their mother, Eddie and his younger brother Alphonse do the impossible and attempt to bring her back. Through alchemy. But a mishap results in Alphonse nearly losing his soul. In order to preserve it, Eddie sacrifices an arm. And his brother’s soul is placed within a suit of armor. Now alchemists, they abandon their childhood home in search of the one thing that could fix both of them: the Philosopher’s Stone. During their travels, they come across many wild and possibly dangerous characters. But every step they make is one step closer to obtaining the artifact. And possibly meeting the father that walked out on them all those years before. 

Eddie and his brother Alphonse (the sentient suit of armor)

10. Hunter x Hunter 

When Gon Freecss was small, his father walked out on his family to become a Hunter. These particular people work to handle criminals and discover uncharted treasure world-wide. Now twelve, Gon begins his journey of becoming a Hunter himself, and hopes to find his father. Along the way, he meets other characters who hold a similar dream: Leorio who is currently training to become one of the world’s best doctors; Kurapika who longs to find some kind of closure after suffering trauma, and Killiua who is just trying to put his bloodlust assasination days behind him. In order to make those a reality, all must participate in the Hunter Exam. Taking this exam not only revolves around strength, but not everyone makes it out alive (not to mention the very low success rate). Among their adversaries is Hisoka Morow, who just might be the person to see actual potential in Gon. 

Left to right: Kurapika, Gon, Killiua, Leorio 

9. By the Grace of Gods 

At the age of 39, Ryoma died...because of a sneeze. Of course, he’s led a life of misfortune, loneliness, and both physical and verbal abuse, so is this really surprising? Three gods who have watched him struggle through life offer sympathy. And a chance to reincarnate in another world. There is no catch, they actually just really want him to find fun and happiness in his new life (not EVERY anime entity has to be written as an asshole, you know). So Ryoma reincarnates as a small boy, and is given powers blessed by the gods. He finds refuge in a forest where he discovers slime creatures. For the last three years, he’s been catching and training them (the Ash Ketchum of slimes!). Life has been pleasant, just him and his slimes. But then he encounters the first ever human contact since he died. His previous life may have been miserable and lonely, but these people make his world a little bigger.   

Ryoma with one of his many, MANY slimes. 

8. Free! 

Ever since he was a little boy, Haruka loved swimming. In elementary school, he and his friends competed against each other in a tournament. Of course, Haruka won. After graduating from elementary school, he and his pals just drifted apart. Now in high school and with a bigger passion for swimming, Haruka bumps into one of his old friends. However, it’s not a happy reunion. Rin, having held somewhat of a grudge from his loss in their elementary days, challenges Haruka to another match. And it looks like he’s been training a LOT for this moment. Haruka, wishing for things to be just like the old days, contacts his other old buddies. Together, along with a new member, they form their high school’s swimming club. As much as Haruka wants Rin to bury the hatchet, he’s got to kick his ass [again] first. 


7. Pokemon 

Ash always dreamed of becoming a Pokemon Master. Not just in winning battles, but in connecting with any Pokemon he meets. When he finally turns 10, he goes on an adventure with his partner Pikachu. Growing up in a small community in Pallet Town, Ash discovers new regions, new people, and new Pokemon. However, Ash isn’t the only one who’s curious. Believe it or not, there are legendaries out there who actually seek Ash. If you’re going to still whine and bitch about Ash being a “loser trainer” despite how FAR he’s come in these 20+ years (and not to mention how incredibly selfless he is, which is why he usually dies and comes back to life in the movies)...you’d probably would have been a sh*t trainer in the Pokemon world. 

Pikachu, Ash, and Gou

6. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 

Iruma is a kind boy all around. Always willing to help anyone who asked for it without complaint (and especially since he just can’t say no). It all started like any typical day for him, working as a fisherman in order to support his [possibly lazy] parents. But just as he tries to work harder for fear of losing half-pay, he’s nabbed by a demon. Suddenly, he’s away from humanity and into another realm. Learning his parents sold his soul, Iruma fears his life will now become a living Hell, both metaphorically and literally. However, Lord Sullivan proves the opposite. He’s actually warm, affectionate, and merely a lonely old man who wants a grandkid. Of course, Iruma can’t say no! The newly-adopted boy starts attending demon school. While scary and questionable at first, he finds himself fitting in and making a good reputation. And slowly touches the lives of every person he encounters.


5. Haikyuu! 

Hinata has a love for volleyball. Hot, fiery passion that can only be satisfied on the court. However, in middle school, his adoration of the sport was slightly tainted after losing a match to Kageyama. Ever since that day, and especially after graduating from middle school, Hinata has vowed to defeat the “King of the Court”. That day comes sooner than he thought when he applies to his highschool’s volleyball club...and comes face-to-face with his rival. Already his first year in high school is looking pretty serious. But can he find his true love for volleyball again despite being unable to let go of revenge? Remember that Airbud movie with the golden retriever? This is Buddy if he was an overly competitive, hot-blooded human. 


4. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 

Having accepted a very content (and very average) life, a man is suddenly killed. He accepts death, although his only regret is never getting a girlfriend. Next thing he knows, he is taken from his world into another...as a slime! It’s a step up from the typical office job as he finds what great powers are bestowed upon his new form. In fact, being a slime not only benefits him, but the people he meets in this whole new landscape. Goblins, adventurers, and even lizardmen, all whose lives change thanks to one little slime! Also, hot elf girls and other real-life fantasy women! 


3. My Hero Academia 

In a world where most of the population possess superpowers, Izuku Midoriya is not among them. While other kids his age are born super, he’s just an average kid among the world’s small population of powerless humans. But he doesn’t allow this to keep him from studying the ways of heroism. Physical activity is just as good as super activity, right? While his fellow non-powered people see supers as dangers to society, he longs to join in the ranks. Next thing he knows, he’s being trained to become his idol’s successor. All Might, one of the world’s greatest heroes, sees something in Izuku that not even his own kind can realize. Through difficult training and understanding, the kid gets enrolled in the most popular superhuman school UA High. His classmates are all interesting beings, but not all are friends. After all, some supers’ egos believe that a mere human cannot contribute as a hero. But as Izuku adapts to his new life, he just might become the hero everyone needs. 


2. Sanrio Boys 

Do you ever just hate the fact that toxic masculinity is an actual thing? This anime basically calls that sh*t out. Highschool boy Kouta adores the Sanrio character Pom Pom Purin. He treasures a character plush gifted to him by his late grandma. But quite often he’s unsure whether or not it’s normal for him to like something that seems so girly. After all, Hello Kitty and Friends is what mostly the opposite sex adores...right? Some other guys in school are about to prove him wrong. He’ll meet the biggest fanboy of My Melody. And that guy will show Kouta that it’s okay to love the Sanrio franchise. Kitty, Melody, Pom Pom Purin, Keropi, and Badtz Maru all are loved and adored by both genders (not just in anime but in real life, duh!). To anyone who says it’s weird for guys and girls to enjoy the same franchises...you must get swiped left a lot.    


1. Fruit Basket  

Tohru lost her mother in a car accident and has been living in the woods since. However, it’s not because she’s forced to, but rather a choice. Her grandfather is settling things in his new house before she moves in, and she doesn’t want to be a burden to her overly affectionate/protective friends. Her tent is suddenly discovered by her school’s most handsome boy Yuki and his cousin. Knowing how dangerous the woods are for a teen girl, they offer her a place to stay in their estate. Although she still doesn’t want to be a burden, she accepts. Already bonding with Somha and his family, Tohru stumbles upon a long-kept secret. Every time each member of their family is hugged by the opposite gender, they turn into an animal of the Chinese zodiac. While surprised by this, the girl promises to keep the secret. And Somha realizes that he just can’t erase the memory of such a good friend. So now their days are filled with adventure. And sweet Tohru fills in the many holes the family has suffered. 


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