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Only one of them is truly a kid

Who are the characters that moved the events of the stories the most in Erased?

Erased or Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi, follows the story of Satoru Fujinuma, who has this unique ability called “Revival’. During the incident of his mother’s murder, Satoru triggers his ability, sends him all the way back 18 years ago allowing Satoru to “correct” the chain of events leading up to his mother’s death and preventing the kidnapping of several kids in his neighborhood during that time.

While only a few characters were introduced in Erased, a number of them still played bigger roles than others and even our background characters did something that changed the course of events later on. Here are 10 of the characters that played a notable role in the anime.

For those who have yet to read the manga or watch the anime (or even the live action) you may want to come back to this post later on. This list will include spoilers. Ifyou’re the type who’s still figuring out who the killer is then it might be best to read this after watching the series.

10. Misato Yanagihara


Misato Cheering for Hamada Scene

One of the more vocal bullies of Kayo. It seems like her goal is to constantly show Kayo in a bad light, especially after Kayo threw out her pencil when they were in the 3rd grade. While it seems odd to put a bully in the best character list, she did cause a lot of movement in the series. During the ice-skating rink, she prompts Kayo to cheer on Satoru and during the missing lunch money scene, if she didn’t pin the blame on Kayo which caused Satoru to stand up for Kayo, the latter probably wouldn’t have trusted Satoru as easily as she did. Also, let’s not forget the unseen character development—during the time skip it was implied that Misato helped raise funds for Satoru’s hospitalization and was on good terms with all of his main group of friends.

9. Akemi Hinazuki

Kayo gets abused by Akemi Scene

Akemi serves as one of the antagonists in the story. She is the abusive mother of Kayo who single-handedly raised her. When her abusive nature was revealed, she lost her parenting rights. 

Akemi is the direct foil to Satoru’s mother, Sachiko. While both mothers had to eventually leave their husbands and fend for themselves and their children, Akemi played the role of the bad parent and constantly took out her frustrations on Kayo. A good half of the anime was dedicated to finding a way to rescue Kayo from not only the unknown serial killer but also from her mother.

8. Jun Shiratori

An Alchemist who offers her creations to wandering travelers for their stories. Pat’s potions often have immense healing capabilities, sometimes a potent poison— you never really know till you try.
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