[Top 15] Anime with Amazing Plot

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Better than a DC movie!

15. A Place Further than the Universe 


A trip to Alaska was supposed to be a self-made mission. Four girls from completely different backgrounds find themselves becoming the greatest of friends. Hurt, comfort, and letting go of the past, they’ll find themselves healing each other’s pain.

The most beautiful sight in this image? It’s not the aurora borealis. 

14. Dr. Stone

A bright light was the last thing humanity saw before they all encased in stone. However, one man manages to escape his prison and vows to fix the world. But those close to him feel the world needs to be “cleansed” of its previous living. 

Don’t mind his sadistic appearance, he’s really the hero. 

13. Majimoji Rurumo 

By chance (and screwing with a parchment out of boredom), Kouta meets a cute witch who provides him a contract. He’s given several tickets that grant a wish every time he burns one. However, what neither realizes is that with each one burned, a chunk of his life disappears. 

Little Witch Academia got nothing on this! 

12. Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

A star warrior by the name of Kirby suddenly crashlands in Cappytown. While the citizens are quick to accept him, King Dedede vows to rid the cute, pink fighter. And it’s that easy when a monster-delivering service is just a phone call away. 


11. Pokemon Journeys 

After his adventure in Alola, Ash and Pikachu meet newbie Pokemon trainer Goh. Together, they become research assistants and travel the globe. As they go from Kanto to Hoenn, from Galar to Sinnoh, Ash hopes to win the Pokemon World Championship. 

Still ten years old and still doesn’t know how to use an iPhone. 

10. The Helpful Fox Senko-San 

Nakano believed the stress of work was getting to him when he saw a little girl in cosplay in his apartment. She’s not a little girl, and she’s definitely not in cosplay. Her name is Senko, and she is a fox demigod vowing to pamper and comfort him in his time of need. 


9. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Three girls meet each other by chance over their love of animation. Together, they decide to bring their imagination to life and make an anime. But for anyone who’s even begun to draw, animation is no easy feat. 

If the three stooges reincarnated as Japanese schoolgirls. 

8. The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

Chise wanted nothing more than just closure and a home to live in. She thought selling herself off as a slave was the answer. She gets bought instantly by a man with a large, animalistic skull for a head and a world full of wonder. 

Beauty and the Beast but sexy.

7. Rilakkuma and Kaoru 

One day, Kaouru discovered a bear in her apartment that liked snacks and slept a lot. Not exactly what she hoped for, a single woman looking for love and a jump in her career. Over the next twelve months, what she thought was a nuisance became the greatest blessing in her life. 

Eat your heart out, Winnie the Pooh. 

6. Urahara 

The world of cute and adorable is under attack by aliens! Three girls with the power of kawaii on their side (and an equally kawaii alien girl with a talking shrimp) must stop them. Heroism doesn’t come without cute outfits and lots of tasty snacks! 

So kawaii, it’s practically diabolical! 

5. Endro!

The Demon Lord vowed to resurrect once again after Yuusha and her team managed victory. However, the victory comes in the form of a spell going wrong and time being reversed. With the Demon Lord (in the appearance of a little girl) taking a job as teacher at an adventure school, she’s taking advantage of the past in hopes of changing the future. 

Don’t underestimate the tiny height and cuteness proximity. That’s the freaking Demon Lord. 

4. BNA: Brand New Animal

After suddenly turning into an anthro raccoon, Michiru seeks refuge in Anima City, the place where humanoid animals live freely. Her saviour comes in the form of a white wolf detective named Shirou. Next thing she knows, Michiru puts her life in danger in order to help her new friend solve a conspiracy. 

Meet Tom Nook’s ass-kicking cousin.  

3. Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World

Nobu looked like a normal restaurant on the surface. But for anyone who didn’t live in the 21st century, it was a place of wonder and delicious food! An anime that puts Food Wars to shame, it brings Japanese food into the medieval times that’ll leave you hungering for the recipe (which shows at the end of each episode). 

The kind of restaurant even Chef Ramsey would approve. 

2. Glitch Techs 

A chance encounter with some of the best gamers results in Five and Miko discovering a secret. Videogames can come alive in the form of glitches, and there are certain people whose job it is to “fix” them. Next thing these two teens know, they’ve just become Glitch Techies. 

Miko’s ready to kick some pixelated ass!  

1. Log Horizon 

Every person who logged in suddenly found themselves inside the game. Many are scared, hopeless, and wishing the food didn’t taste bland. But one man, with a heart as powerful as his skill level, vows to aid his fellow gamers and make this virtual world more lively. 

If Sword Art was actually entertaining.   

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