[Top 10] Trigun Best Fights Worth Watching Again

Trigun Best Fights
Vash The Stampede

[Top 10] Trigun Best Fights Worth Watching Again

Was up fellow shounen fans! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen Man here with another list for you guys to enjoy. Now we’ve talked a lot about different anime from shows where the hero is dead to shows where the hero is unbeatable but what about a show where the main character is a mystery. Vash the stampede is the main character of Trigun and he is a very complex character but before we get into all that we are going to check out the best fights in Trigun!

10. Vash vs The Midvalley HornFreak

The death of the midvalley hornfreak

Coming in at number ten we have Vash vs The Midvalley Hornfreak! HornFreak first shows up in episode fifteen of the anime. We see him playing his horn at a bar in the town of Jeneorarock. He is one of the Gung-Ho-Guns, a group that serves as the main villains of the series. In episode twenty-four he battles Vash in the town of LR. 

midvalley ready to play his tune

(Midvalley ready to play his tune)

What’s great about this scene:

  • This scene starts with Vash the Stampede crying thinking about his friend’s death when two kids approach him saying it’s his fault that his friend is dead. Just as he asks them what they said, the kids pass out. This makes the scene very creepy.
  • Vash looks around noticing that everyone is unconscious then realizes that Legato, the leader of the Gung-Ho-Guns is right behind him and psychically controlling everyone.
  • The fight with Midvalley is short but an excellent top to the scene. He uses sound to attack Vash and even attacked townsfolk who were psychically forced to walk toward him. His fight ends with Midvalley killing himself after losing.

9. Vash vs Monev the Gale

Vash vs Monev

Coming in at number nine we have Vash the Stampede vs Monev the Gale! This scene starts with Vash in jail. Arrested for a crime he didn’t commit he is in a cell chained to a wall. While Meryl and Milly visit with Vash to let him know they will get him out, a giant man busts into the sheriff’s office. Monev the Gale is the first of the Gung-Ho-Guns to come after Vash.

Monev about to kill

(Monev about to kill)

What’s great about this scene:

  • As soon as Monev busts into the sheriff’s office he rips his cloak open revealing his amazing-looking armor and his Gatling gauntlets. His design is really cool, with his suit, weapons, and general demeanor he’s a pretty cool opponent.
  • He starts off his attack by unleashing a torrent of bullets tearing the front of the sheriff’s office to pieces. Vash tells the girls to run right before Monev bursts through the wall grabbing Vash slamming him into another wall.
  • After Vash escapes, Monev chases him through the city destroying it trying to kill Vash. It seems like Vash will lose until he finally gets some hits in with his secret gun. The scene ends with Vash struggling with whether he should kill the man.

8. Wolfwood vs Chapel

WolfWood vs Chapel

Coming in at number eight we have Wolfwood vs Chapel! This battle has a lot of weight on it due to the emotions behind it which is a long running theme in Trigun. Wolfwood is struggling with many things. Even though seemingly Vash’s friend he is actually a member of the Gung-Ho-Gun’s who is supposed to deliver Vash alive to the main antagonist Knives.

Chapel with his apple

(Chapel with his apple)

What’s great about this scene:

  • After having to shoot a child to save Vash’s life in the previous episode Wolfwood was struggling. He was thinking about all the choices he made up to this point and then was approached by Chapel and ordered to kill Vash.
  • We see his internal struggle when it comes to this decision. He even almost goes through with it but changes his mind. When this happens Chapel pops up out of nowhere to kill Wolfwood.
  • Chapel trained Wolfwood for 10 years and gave him a run for his money. After a battle of gunfire and missiles where both the fighters almost killed each other Wolfwood came out on top but was killed by a body-controlled Chapel.

7. Wolfwood vs Gray the Ninelives

Wolfwood vs Gray the Ninelives

Coming in at number seven we have Wolfwood vs Gray the nine-lives! This scene starts with Wolfwood hearing loud thuds coming from a hallway in front of him. These were followed by a giant made of steel and weapons. Wolfwood attacks it, seemingly killing Gray. Just as he thought it was over Gray stood up and the real battle began.

Gray after Wolfwood gave him an acid bath

(Gray after Wolfwood gave him an acid bath)

What’s great about this scene:

  • Gray the nine-lives surviving Wolfwood's explosive first attack, was very impressive. It showed how hard this fight was about to be, building the tension.
  • Gray opened his chest revealing cannons and returning with an explosive attack of his own. His attack blew the hallway they were in apart sending them falling to the area below.
  • Wolfwood was thrown to his back seemingly unable to fight back. Some of his stray bullets hit a pipe above Gray causing acid to burst out bathing the metal giant. After this, his armor melted and Wolfwood blew him in half with a missile.

6.DominqueThe Cyclops vs Vash

Dominique vs Vash

Coming in at number six we have Dominique the Cyclops vs Vash! This was a very interesting fight. Dominique had what seemed like the ability to teleport and during most of the fight was simply playing with Vash. He eventually comes out on top but not before some really close calls.

Dominique the cyclops underestimated Vash

(Dominique the cyclops underestimated Vash)

What’s great about this scene:

  • Dominique’s entrance is really cool and sets her up as an interesting opponent for Vash. As he is walking she seemingly teleports beside him and says she could have killed him three times already.
  •  She begins using her ability to pop around the battlefield. Vash keeps dodging only surviving on his reflexes.
  • In the end, he finally sees what she is doing by examining when she teleports. He then causes pain to himself in order to ignore her ability and shoot her in the eye.

5.  Gung-Ho-Guns vs The Roderick Gang

Legato and the Gung-Ho-Guns

Coming in at number five we have Gung-Ho-Guns vs The Roderick Gang! Legato was in a bar eating when a part of the Rodrick gang came in with some girls they had clearly kidnapped. One of the men attacks one of the girls when she is caught looking at Legato. Then the group confronted Legato, which was a huge mistake.

Legato with his empty stare

(Legato with his empty stare)

What’s great about this scene:

  • Legato shows no fear in this situation, not even when they shoot his fork out of his hand. He walks up to the men tired of listening to them and psychically forces them to kill each other.
  • After this encounter Legato leaves the bar walking through the city. He is then confronted by the rest of the Roderick Gang. Once again he shows no fear using his abilities to force the men to turn on each other.
  • As they fight with each other Legato seemingly begins to talk to himself. Sounding like he is giving permission for half of the gang to die. As soon as he does, the Gang begins getting torn apart by the Gung-Ho-Guns. Seeing all of them attack as one is pretty crazy.

4. Zazie The Beast vs Everyone

Zazie's worms

Coming in at number four we have Zazie the Beast vs Everyone! This battle is a rather unique one because it is mostly fought with the villain's creatures instead of himself. Zazie is a demon that has possessed a child and uses a piece of equipment on his head to direct the giant sandworms where he wants them.

Zazie hiding in plain sight

(Zazie hiding in plain sight)

What’s great about this scene:

  • This battle actually starts when a group of men with guns show up to kill or capture Vash and Wolfwood. Just as it seems like the men will shoot them a giant sandworm explodes out of the ground to eat them.
  • One of the cool things about this scene is that we get to see how compassionate Vash really is. He saves the men from the worms even after they had hit and kicked him.
  • This battle ends on a sad note. Vash figures out what's happening and destroys the equipment on Zazie’s head causing the demon to fully control him. He then holds Vash and some townspeople hostage until Wolfwood shoots him in the head, killing him. Vash is furious about him killing a child.

3. Leonof vs Wolfwood

Leonof's puppets

Coming in at number three we have Leonof vs Wolfwood! This scene begins with Wolfwood being held at gunpoint. He is suspected of killing a room full of people where he was found. He was innocent of the crime and while trying to convince the person of his innocence more people died in the hallway. Running out he was confronted by the puppet.

Leonof's puppets

(Leonof’s puppet)

What’s great about this scene:

  • When faced with Wolfwood Leonof’s voice began to project from the puppet. After a moment of talking Wolfwood unloads on the puppet, Immediately two bird-like puppets fly toward him but meet the same fate.
  • Then more puppets come up. This time they have made a hostage of the love interest of the man who held Wolfwood at gunpoint earlier. The puppets demanded that the man kill Wolfwood. He responds by putting his gun to the back of our hero’s head.
  • Wolfwood stood there begging for his life but the man didn't want to listen. Just when it seemed like he would be forced to shoot Wolfwood to save his girl Vash showed up destroying the puppet.

2. Rai-Dei vs Vash

Vash vs Rai-Dei

Coming in at number two we have Vash vs Rai-Dei. This scene starts in the middle of another fight and is personally one of my favorite fights in the whole series. E.G. Mine made a hell of an entrance displaying the dead bodies of his partners that Vash already defeated. He and Vash end up in a brief struggle where Rai-Dei shows up and stops the final blow.

Rai Dei ready to strike

(Rai Dei ready to strike)

What’s great about this scene:

  • It's cool how he shows up and tells E.G. that he was already beaten before he even realized it. Watching his armor just fall off with his confused face was hilarious.
  • After this Rai-Dei killed him for getting in his way and then faced Vash in a one on one death duel. The swordsman Rai-Dei has an array of powerful moves, including the ability to send out shockwaves with his sword and fire bullets from it.
  • Vash spent most of the fight running and trying to figure out a way to win without killing his opponent. In the end, Legato forces Vash to use his ultimate weapon destroying everything around him.

1. Vash vs Knives

Vash vs Knives

Coming in at number one we have Vash vs Knives! This is arguably the best fight in the entire series, which is why it's number one today. We have the battle the entire show has built up to. Brother vs Brother! This scene starts with Vash walking up to Knives and them talking for a moment. After that still, with a smile on his face, Vash raises his gun and fires.

Vash and Knives face to face

(Vash and Knives face to face)

What’s great about this scene:

  • Right from the beginning of this fight, it's understood that these two are very close in skill. They fire back and forth at one another from behind cover. Vash’s tricks seem to be keeping him ahead in the battle.
  • Through their skill, speed, and techniques they end up gun to gun pulling the triggers of their guns. They stand there playing Russian roulette until Vash takes a bullet.
  • Knives ends up with both of the special guns and is charging them up to destroy Vash once and for all. Things are looking really bad for our hero until he remembers Wolfwood's gun hiding in the dirt beside him. He grabs and shoots his brother, finishing the fight.


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