The 15 Best Mecha Anime of All Time

Best Mecha Anime
The shows that deliver the bots.

Where are the greatest shows featuring major machine action?

Mecha is everywhere in tech-savvy anime worlds.

The action-packed robot battles are bolstered by the deep storylines of their human pilots.

Mecha fans, you know that these machines are found across many different genres. Giant robots really can be for anyone.

15. The Big O

  • A city with no memories relies on Roger Smith, who they call the Negotiator.
  • He pilots a mecha with the help of his butler and sidekick.
  • Very Batman-esque with a noir, anime feel.

A dark, classy city is full of mystery. Paradigm’s secrets run deep.

14. Voltron: Defender of the Universe

  • A legendary robot appears once again to help keep the universe safe.
  • 5 pilots handle their lion robots and can combine into one giant machine.
  • This is a classic and a must for any hardcore mecha fan.

The merging of the great lion robots creates a massive defense mech known as Voltron.

13. Full Metal Panic!

  • Sousuke is part of an elite security group. He’s assigned to go undercover to protect schoolgirl Kaname.
  • Sousuke has issues adjusting to school life, while Kaname is hunted by her pursuers.
  • Together the two discover abilities neither knew they had.

Tasked to protect a secret, can they survive the terrorist onslaught

12. Robotech

  • Mankind discovers an alien compound and begins to develop foreign technology to suit themselves.
  • The aliens return, prompting years of war.
  • The humans must use the massive robots they’ve developed to fight back and save Earth.

A war to span generations between manmade mecha and alien invaders.

11. Broken Blade (Break Blade)

  • Rygart lives in a world where all things are powered by magically imbued quartz.
  • Life is hard for him since he can’t use magic.
  • A giant ancient mech (golem) is discovered that can only be piloted by an “un-sorcerer”.
  • Now Rygart is the only one who can change the outcome of an ongoing war.

Sometimes being different can pay off.

10. Heroic Age

  • Superior races have set out to exterminate humanity.
  • The Argonaut is a ship on a quest to find the legendary race that is said to be their savior.
  • Along the way, they find a boy who can transform into a humanoid mecha or “nodos”.
  • Can allying with the Nodos help them in their battle against enemy races?

This epic ballad is based on the Greek myths of gods and men.

9. Code Geass

  • An alternate universe with 3 superpowers.
  • Japan is decimated and taken over by one of these ruling powers using mecha called Autonomous Armored Knights.
  • Lelouch survived these events and has since been granted the power of Geass.
  • He is determined to use this power to discover how to take down everyone who’s ruined the world.

Lelouch vows to use his powers to right the wrongs in the world.

8. Macross

  • A bit like Robotech, Macross centers around discovered technology that the aliens come back for.
  • Mankind has developed this tech into things like transforming fighter planes.
  • The whole city, people and all are accidentally transported to the edge of the galaxy.
  • The series chronicles their trip home while being dogged by said aliens.

With a huge fan base, Macross has featured quite a few reboots and multiple seasons.

7. Knights of Sidonia

  • Gauna attack Sidonia, possibly the last human settlement left.
  • Garde pilots are specially selected at a young age to battle these aliens and keep humanity safe.
  • Nagate is from the low, underground of Sidonia, but he’s been training on a simulator since birth.
  • He’s soon selected to defend Sidonia and become a Garde pilot.

The savior of mankind may have been drafted from the most unexpected of places.

6. Aldnoah Zero

  • An independent civilization on Mars returns to Earth and launches an invasion.
  • When this group is cut off from Mars they establish orbiting settlements.
  • A new war begins as an emissary from Mars finally reaches Earth on a diplomatic mission and is attacked.

Members of the same race have been split by time and distance.

5. Asura Cryin

  • Asura Cryin puts a fresh, supernatural spin on the mecha anime world.
  • Tomoharu hangs out with his ghost friend MIsao until a mysterious trunk shows up.
  • Everyone’s after the secrets of the trunk.
  • Tomoharu eventually figures it all out and gets to control a crazy machina.

The mysteries of this supernatural machina are slowly unraveled.

4. Mobile Suit Gundam

  • The One Year War begins with a principality of Earth declaring independence, and war, on the planet.
  • The mobile suits have given the colony of Zeon a big advantage over Earth.
  • Earth Federation boy Amuro finds a Zeon mobile suit prototype and begins the long battle to defeat Zeon’s forces.

An epic battle between the Earth Federation and the Zeon colonists could be decided by one boy.

3. Eureka Seven

  • Renton lives a boring life until a mecha crashes into his bedroom.
  • He joins the Gekkostate pilots and learns to pilot these massive bots.
  • Having sworn to protect fellow pilot Eureka, they must navigate the social and political strife present throughout their version of the world.

A friendship is forged that must survive politics, war, and science.

2. Gundam Wing

  • Gundam Wing is another amazing chapter in the world of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • The Earth Sphere Alliance is oppressing the many, disjointed space colonies.
  • 5 pilots in their respective Gundams are sent to destroy the Earth Sphere’s weapons and free the colonies.
  • The series is wrapped up in a climactic movie called Endless Waltz.

The pilots of the 5 Gundams are sent to gain the independence of the space colonies.

1. Neon Genesis Evangelian

  • Shinji is one of the chosen pilots of the EVA series, bio-mecha that are controlled via brain wave connections.
  • They are tasked with saving Tokyo 3 from the Angels and the 3rd impact.
  • This is a thrilling series with heavy story development, psychological themes, and religious undertones.

To save humanity the EVAs must battle the angels. But mankind might be the reason for the threat.

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