[Top 15] Anime That Can Cure Depression

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Only in anime could even a mummy be the most adorable thing in the world.

15. My Roommate is a Cat 

A young novelist who is afraid of making relationships finds himself the owner of a stray cat. Forming a bond with other people is hard enough, but forming one with a cat? Both having suffered a painful past, they’ll find themselves healing each other over time.   

With that face, just give her the entire pet store! 

14. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 

The spirits of past famous horses resurrect in what are called “horse girls”. And in a world where “horse girl racing” is the best-watched sport above football. One determined pony vows to make her way to the top in the competitive world. 

Twilight Sparkle WISHES she was this cute. 

13. Endro!

One moment the Demon Lord was thought to be defeated by the Hero’s party. Next thing she knows it’s back to the past, where her form reduces herself to a little girl. But she’s got an advantage---as the teacher of the four girls who are yet to discover a future she plans to prevent. 

Cute fighting abilities, adorable adversaries, and the ultimate girl power Sailor Moon wished she possessed! 

12. Gourmet Girl Graffiti

A second year middle-schooler thought her passion for cooking was fading away. Ever since she lost her grandmother, Machiko’s recipes seemed to be always missing that special ingredient. Turns out it’s more special than she thought when her cousin Kirin visits. Soon, other people come into her life. 

After watching this anime you’ll start eating eggs in your ramen too! 

11. I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying 

A no-nonsense wife and her otaku husband prove that opposites really do attract. From anime binging to stressful office hours, their seemingly normal marriage proves to be eventful. Add a transgender brother-in-law, lots of loli love, and memorable outings, it truly is a blessed marriage. 

That face when you stumbled across your spouse’s guilty pleasure fanfics. 

10. Bunny Drop 

A quiet, middle-aged man wasn’t looking forward to visiting his grandpa’s funeral. However, his attitude changes when he discovers the old man had been fathering a little girl. Suddenly, the seemingly dull life he had becomes much grander when he decides to take in his “aunt”.

Like father, like aunt. 

9. Jingai-san no Yome 

The crazy world in this anime has creatures mingling with the norm. That’s not the crazy part. It’s the fact these creatures are often married off to high school students. Weird as it sounds, this underrated anime will make you gush for all the ships. 

So who’s the husband and who’s the wife here? (NOTE: all these creatures are “genderless”)

8. Nichijou - My Ordinary Life 

High school is awkward. Three girls are able to make it a thousand times more embarrassing. But Funimation has created a cute, funny anime where the characters are relatable (and you’ll suddenly be craving some mackerel). 

You think your high school days are embarrassing? 

7. Hinako Note

A girl moves from the countryside to the city in hopes of joining her new school’s acting program. Shy as she is sweet, the city is a wondrous, scary place for someone whose only friends had been wild animals. But four girls welcome her with open arms, and in return she finds herself opening with confidence.

Friendship power! 

6. Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World

Nobu is a restaurant known for its delicious food and good liquor. People from everywhere come just to get a taste of grilled eel, fried chicken, and especially the Japanese-style spaghetti. Oh, yeah, and these people are from a Middle Age dimension that Nobu has somehow opened a door to. 

If only REAL restaurant workers were this happy to serve you.

5. The Helpful Fox Senko-San

Adorable demi-god Senko brings herself into a stressful man’s life with the desire to pamper him. Nakano struggles at the office and is hardly regarding his health. Well, that’s why she’s there. And she’s going to make his life much happier, and much tastier. 

NOTE: She’s hundreds of years old. 

4. Pri-Pri Chii-chan!!

Sweet and always willing to help, middle schooler Yuka discovers a round, jiggly creature stuck in a hole one day. The rescued Chii-chan, a dweller from underground, swears undying loyalty to his new friend. A precious slice-of-life with friendship, food, and a magical device called a “Pri-Pri shot”. 

Yuka (human) is motivated in her studies by Chii-chan (yellow), Joe-kun (green) and Uuchan (pink alien). 

3. How to Keep a Mummy

Another package from dad means he obviously sent something cursed or creepy. However, inside is a tiny mummy that immediately draws to Sora. Soon, their bond becomes one like Ash and Pikachu’s, only way cuter (sorry, Pikachu!). 

You’d want one riding in your front pocket too. 

2. School Babysitters 

A highschooler and his little brother are taken in by a grouchy but kind old woman after losing their parents. She’s head of a highly-rated academy. And in it is the Babysitters Club, a place for teachers to leave their kids while working. Each of the tiny tots are ambitious, sweet and adorable, and fill the brothers’ lives with love and family. 

Parenting is tiring! 

1. Nyanko Days

Being a cat lover is nothing new. Having three kitties is what some people have and what other people could only dream of having. But having three kitties that look like chibi humans with ears and a tail? Yeah, this is the cutest, most wholesome slice-of-life ever and it deserves more attention, darn it! 


The only cats that do give a sh*t about their owners. 

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