[Top 10] Anime with Evil MC

Anime wth Evil MC
Umaru-chan: an angel in society. A monster at home.

10. The Ancient Magus’ Bride  


Her mother committed suicide, faced constant verbal abuse from those around her, and was completely unloved by even other family. When she meets Elias, a man of many wonders, Chise thought perhaps her life was getting better. But even as she finds herself falling for him, complications arise.    

Is this what they mean by deepthroating?  

9. Seton Academy: Join the Pack  

Jin Mazama (the one who doesn’t look like a furry)

In a world where humanity is near extinction, a young man makes it very clear he absolutely despises animals. Choosing to spend one day in the all-animal school Seton Academy, Jin only wants to prove his reasons. Bitter as he is, some of his classmates are able to see the nice guy deep down.  

Jin as vice-president of the Cooking Club. And hating every second of it. 

8. How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno 


Head of her middle school’s science club, Ueno is a genius inventor whose inventions could revolutionize the world. Instead, she uses them to try and get the attention of her crush, Tanaka. Rather than spit out her feelings, she does every scientific possibility to get the boy.  

Keep in mind these are MIDDLE-SCHOOLERS. 

7. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor 

Glenn Radars 

When one of the magic academy’s teachers suddenly retires, another is brought almost immediately. New, young, and very much a lazy asshole. It’ll take Sistine and her class some “coercing” to get this guy to actually teach. However, they don’t realize what kind of man he really is, and what he’s involved in. 

A good teacher with questionable actions.

6. Himouto! Umaru-chan

Umaru Doma (the pouty bitch on the left)

Umaru is a lovely girl with good grades and an angelic personality. But that’s all an act for her high school peers. In reality, she’s a whiny, spoiled, SUPER LAZY brat who has her brother do everything for her (while also using HIS bank account to buy collectibles online). 

Yeah, that’s the same bitch. 

5. Spookiz 


Five monster kids and their guardian Mr. Reaper spend their days hiding inside a human school, only coming out at night. Until they’re old enough to fend for themselves in the monster-hating world, they learn what they can from their only adult figure. Of course, not without a little fun and mischief! 

The friend nobody likes. 

4. Pokemon 

Team Rocket in Pokemon Journeys. 

When one journey ends, another begins. Ash and Pikachu explore the world of Pokemon, meeting new friends along the way. In their latest adventure (Pokemon Journeys), they meet newbie trainer Goh, who vows to one day catch the legendary Mew. 

Ash and new friend Goh (left) explore different regions together to study Pokemon. 

3. Brave Beats 


After losing a dance battle to the King of Dance, Breakin finds himself on Earth and in the hands of 6th grader Hibiki. Now living with the boy, the tiny robot must reclaim all the Dance Stones he lost. However, he’s not the only one who wants them. 

Maito (left) in Dance Mode 

2. Urahara

Misa Maruno 

Harajuku is in trouble! Aliens invade Earth intending to steal everything trendy, unique, and extremely cute! Three high school girls band together to save their fashionable world. 

It’s all rainbows until someone shows their true colors. 

1. Endro!

Mao-sensei (aka the Demon Lord)

A goof-up involving a spell results in the Demon Lord suddenly going back in time, to before her defeat by the Hero. Reduced to her little girl form, under the name Mao, she takes this opportunity to prevent the Hero’s success. As an adventure school teacher. 

After several “find a cat” missions, the girls finally get their first real quest. 

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