[Top 15] Anime That Keep You Hooked

Anime That Keep You Hooked, addictive anime
Wholesome, cute, and full of slimes! The perfect anime!

A lot of anime are either underrated, overlooked, or just not getting more than enough attention despite being so popular. Tumblr, YouTube, and even Twitter are the best sources for finding anime you never knew existed.

And, of course, Crunchyroll. I was a year late when I discovered some of the best anime that either are on hiatus until next season. Or have already ended after one season (12 freaking episodes). Horrifying (or really stupid) anime like Attack on Titan and even Sword Art Online get more attention and episodes. But what about feel-good anime with actual good characters and fun plot?

Just like me, you'll be sending tweets begging for another season of these top 15 anime that keep you hooked! 

15. Log Horizon 

Internationally popular online game Elder’s Tale gets a new expansion package, so of course millions of players log in at the same time. The masses are suddenly sucked into the game and everyone becomes their own avatar! No one knows how it happened, or why it happened. Besides trying to figure out a way to get home, living in the game proves to be difficult. Sure, it’s a blessing that you’ll respawn if you get killed (suck it, Sword Art). But there’s nothing else to do but wander around, and just fight for coinage. Coinage used for food that HAS NO FLAVOR. However, Level 90+ Shiroe decides to step up and bring the joy to Elder’s Tale again. While he may not know how to get home, he can try to turn the game into one. 

I first learned about this anime while reviewing sh*t talk on Sword Art Online’s upcoming new series. A lot of people made comparisons between this and SAO because of similar plots. Both just have characters sucked into the game, but that’s pretty much it. Sword Art is a mess of a game with a confusing plot. Characters that are one-note and are easily forgotten. And the overall anime is overrated to the point it’s practically reached Spongebob territory (just try and watch an episode after season 3, you can see where Stephen Hillenberg’s magic began to fade).

When I gave Log Horizon a shot, I realized just how right the sh*ttalkers were. I’d like to point out that the characters in LH have more personality and flaws you can fall in love with. And unlike SAO, the plot doesn’t go in different directions. Yes, the characters want to find a way home, but first they attempt to turn Elder’s Tale into a temporary one. That’s what really hooked me in. I’m a sucker for characters who actually look out for other people. 

Besides the whole “people in another world/sucked into a game” cliche, this anime actually makes the gaming world an interesting setting. We’re given more experience through the eyes of the characters in what it’s like to live in a game. I love how they demonstrate reality by first introducing how game food doesn’t have a taste. The drama these characters go through because they can’t enjoy even a simple curry dish gave me a good laugh. That’s what really sold this anime to me. 

And the best thing that differs this from SAO is that it doesn’t have that “if you die in the game, you die for real” BS. My heart already dropped when the first thousand players already got killed off within the first few moments of Sword Art. It’s relieving to see Log Horizon doesn’t take that route. Especially since this anime has way more delightful characters. 

Why Log Horizon is Addictive:

  • Amazing characters
  • Teamwork
  • Humor is on point 

14. Kiss Him, Not Me 


What happens when your favorite character suddenly dies? Never leave your room for a week. Lovable otaku Kae suddenly discovers that her week of isolation in her bed has resulted in rapid weight loss. Her new looks gain the attention of her high school’s most popular and handsome boys. They all fight for Kae’s affection. However, this dissatisfies her. Because she doesn’t want them to fall for her, she wants them to fall for each other!

I remember accidentally discovering this from a YouTube video titled, “Top 10 Best Anime Makeovers” (creator: MsMojo). I thought it was cute and. And it’s nice to see harem anime where it’s a girl. Kae basically represents all of us who would rather just stay at home and fangirl (or fanboy) over fictional hotties. It’s also a nice point of interest when high school love life is involved. Kae proves to be new to the whole male attraction thing, which is common for students at her age. But wanting to ship the guys who like her is a unique twist! 

In the history of fandoms, we will rip each other to pieces for our favorite ship. There’s literally a trope called “Die for Our Ship” (see TV Tropes). So the creators had actually a good idea when they made this anime. Not only did they throw in an MC that was completely relatable to the audience. They also threw in a steak (the characters) to the dogs (us shippers). 

This anime is over and people are still fighting for their favorite couple. Just look at the fans from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.    

Why Kiss Him, Not Me is Addictive:

  • Anime references (there’s one for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Lovable characters (and equally lovable assholes)

13. Nichijou - My Ordinary Life 

Four girls navigate their days of high school in the most random, nonsensical way possible. Every episode is something completely questionable. But you just keep watching. They’re all crazy, adding to their overly simplistic cute designs. You want a break from drama, angst, and heavy plot? Here’s to Ordinary Life. 

The first episode I watched was two of the main girls (Yuko and Mio) fighting over getting the wrong meal order. They just played it up for an excruciatingly long time that turned into one big laugh. How do you get mackerel and fried noodles confused with a “one syllable difference”? 

I’m not exactly a fan of the whole “random acts of randomness” that Japan likes to put into most slice-of-life anime (if we can even call it life). Sometimes the characters drag the joke for too long. And it feels like the only saving grace is when they use physical comedy to cover up a bad joke. There’s also a girl who has a wind-up key on her back like that’s the most normal thing in the world (I think she’s supposed to be a cyborg but no one’s batting an eyelash). 

I think I’m just taken in by how incredibly cute (and incredibly stupid) the anime is that I can’t stop watching. 

Also, I’d like to point out that the creators must have a sh*tload of cash flowing because there is no budget to the animation. It’s smooth. Fluid. And every opportunity to turn it into something more is taken. 6 minutes of this anime looked like how much it would cost to make a Studio Ghibli film!  

Why Nichijou is Addictive:

  • Dumbass “plots”
  • Dumbass characters
  • Easy to draw style 

12. School Babysitters 


After losing their parents in a plane crash, Ryuuichi thought all he had left in his life was his little brother Kotarou. A cranky set sympathetic old woman, who also lost loved ones in the crash, takes them in. She’s the chairman of an elite school, which Ryuuichi now attends. He also becomes the new addition to the school’s babysitting club. He thought it was only him and Kotarou were alone in the world. The club and his new life beg to differ.  

This was one of the most talked about KAWAII anime of all time. Not only are the kids in this super adorable. But even the older characters are just as cute! Also, the anime talks about love, togetherness, and that no one is truly alone in the world. I’m a sucker for that kind of wholesome content. 

And Ryuuichi is waifu material. A loving big brother to all children. Cares more about others than himself (which, thankfully, the other characters point out and tell him to lighten up). And just the overall interactions he has with everyone in general! And he cooks, that’s an added bonus! 

Not only is it just a spoonful of sugar all around, but it does delve into tearjerker territory. Anyone who’s gone through the experience of losing a loved one can relate so much to Ryuuichi. He still thinks about them throughout the series, and still cries about it. But during the process, meeting new people has helped him get through it. There’s the whole idea that you don’t have to be related to be family. And this anime takes that to then during the Christmas episode. 

Ryuuchi thought he and Kotarou would be spending their first Christmas alone, seeing as the chairwoman and her butler would be doing other things. What really hits hard is that Ryuuchi tries so hard to fill in the shoes of his dad, who would play Santa every year for his brother. Just when he thinks his plan may get problematic, he’s greeted by every character he’s met over the series. All of them gathered outside of his new home, to celebrate Christmas with him. And the real sweetness? The father of one of the kids Ryuuchi babysits dresses up as Santa. Apparently, the chairwoman and her butler had been planning this from the start. Everyone did. 

Never have I been so upset over a slice-of-life not getting another season anytime soon. I mean, this anime premiered in 2018! Where the hell is the second season? I would rather watch another season of this than another season/series of the Naruto franchise (seriously, f*** Boruto). 

Why School Babysitters is Addictive:

  • Lovable, caring characters
  • Adorable character design
  • Hurt/comfort 

11. Endro! 


When hero Yuusha and her team finally defeated the Demon Lord, it was one, big happily ever after...right? Actually, she messed up on the spell, which resulted in the Demon Lord being sent back in time. Back to when Yuusha and the girls were starting Adventure school. The Demon Lord, now reverted back to her child-like form and calling herself Mao, takes a job as their teacher. Keeping an eye on the Hero, she hopes to change the future and prevent Yuusha from reclaiming her role. However, once Mao-chan starts getting to know the girls, things get a little more difficult. 

Never judge a book but its cover, but I can’t held admitting that it was the character designs that grabbed my attention first. Then I gave the first episode a shot. I love, love, LOVE it! 

In a vibrant fantasy world, it’s like a glorious children’s book that can still satisfy the adult demographic. Lots of fantasy-centric anime involve violence, bloodshed, swearing, and pretty much oversexulation. If you like to obsess over that, then go watch Goblin Slayer. Or Arifureta: From World’s Weakest to Strongest (the amount of blood and boobs in that one is phenomenal).

Endro is a relief to me because it gives me a fantasy realm where characters don’t just get killed off. They have fun. Hang out. Do exciting quests and survive them. And pretty much an antagonist that really isn’t antagonistic. More so Mao-chan is just emotionally complex. 

We’re talking about a ditzy heroine and her crew psyching over the possibility of fighting the infamous Demon. Lord. And the funny part is that they are always expressing this desire to their beloved Mao-sensei. Who is secretly terrified at how much Yuusha is excited to beat up the enemy she has no idea is her own teacher. 

Can we also talk about Yuusha’s complete contrast to other heroes in fantasy settings? Protagonists like Goblin Slayer and Hajime rely on their expertise and depressing backstory to get where they are. Yuusha has no experience whatsoever, and has a far from depressing backstory. It’s her dumb luck that gets her out of situations, and that’s pretty much it. And is another reason why I love Endro.

What I really hate is that this is another 12-episode-season anime. The plot doesn’t actually thicken until at least episode 10, where things are finally brought up full circle. I mean, sure, it’s a fantasy/slice-of-life. Plenty of character development was managed in only a few episodes. I’m someone who’s wondering what happens next after the finale. 

Why Endro! Is Addictive:

  • Mao-sensei being a total woobie. 
  • Every character is adorable. 
  • A feeling of “What happens next?” after the credits roll (I WANT A DAMN SECOND SEASON!)

10. How to Keep a Mummy 


Supernatural creatures are nothing new to Sora. As the son of a self-proclaimed adventurer, his father is always sending him gifts that possibly possess an evil spirit. However, the latest gift sent is something completely different. He receives a sarcophagus with a tiny mummy inside. Naming it Mii-kun, Sora tries his best to care for it. While clingy and questionable, Mii-kun proves to be the best thing Sora’s dad has ever given him. Not only does the tiny mummy touch Sora’s heart, but also many other people and creatures. 

#1 reason to watch: the cute mummy.

One thing Japan knows how to do besides make food picture-perfect is make literally anything kawaii. If Disney is able to make inanimate objects attractive (Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast is a total babe), then anime is able to make a mummy I-would-die-for-it adorable!

What I love about this anime is that it’s not just centered on Sora and Mii-Kim, but on the other characters intrigued throughout the series. If you’ve watched the opening, you’ll see that the anime consists of four characters with their own supernatural BFF. 

Each of them have relatable flaws/issues that can be resolved. Not just supernaturally with the aid of cute creatures. But because people like Sora exist in their lives. 

The entire series focuses on lessons like understanding one another. Getting past trauma. Knowing when to rely on others and not just yourself. 

Oh, yeah, and friendship between the normal and abnormal. There is no catch. No one takes advantage of the other. And everyone can have fun and get a good laugh. 

I also like how there’s no typical boob jokes you often see in most anime. Although I do like the teasing of possible bromance between Sora and his best friend Tazuki. Boys with possible feelings, of best friends that just care for one another deeply. At least it’s none of that toxic masculinity garbage. 

If you’re having a day, this anime will help you forget! Mii-kun will take that sadness away! 

Also, f*** the people who decided that one season is 12 episodes. One season does not equal 12 episodes! That’s not even half a season! At least give us 24 more episodes of this series! That’s a season! 

Why How to Keep a Mummy is Addictive:

  • Cuteness overload
  • Wonderful main and secondary characters 
  • There’s a scene involving a tiny unicorn with galaxy-changing pants!

9. Jinagi-san no Yome 

In this world, supernatural creatures and high school students can get married. Hinowa becomes a bride to furry, white beast known as Kanenogi. While overwhelmed at first, the once lonely teen realizes how blessed he is to be married to such a husband. And his little world opens up when he bonds with other students who have become wives to these loving creatures. 

I didn’t know what I was getting into when I first watched this series. There was no backstory of why high school students were chosen to marry creatures. And there was no questioning on how this is even allowed (pretty sure some of the students are under 16). 

When Hinowa gets married to Kanenogi, he does so with little to no protest. So anyone just shrugs off the fact they are getting married to a complete stranger that turns out to be non-human? And also...why? 

It doesn’t make it any better that each episode is less than 2 minutes. And, yes, this is another 12-episode series. 

I honestly like this series as far as weird but wholesome content goes. So I still keep my fingers crossed for this anime to miraculously get a second season. Or a sequel. Or even a reboot. 

Each of the characters are likably unique. Same goes for their nonhuman spouses. This series ended way too early before we could even learn more about them. 

I thought the Nyanko Days anime was super short, but this is bullsh*t! How small of a manga series was it for this anime to be so minuscule?! 

I don’t ask enough that studios need to give anime like this more love and care! 

Why Jingai is Addictive:

  • How many other students got married to creatures?!
  • Is it only high school students? What about older people who are still looking for love?
  • Is having kids possible?!

8. In Another World with My Smartphone 


A young man named Touya  accidentally gets killed by God. To make up for it, God promises to resurrect him in another world of fantasy and adventure. In addition, he allows Touya to bring along his smartphone. Now in an entirely different place, the first thing Touya does is rescue two girls during an exchange gone wrong. Yes, it’s another harem anime. 

I usually can’t stand harem anime, mainly because it usually involves an unwilling guy and a bunch of crazy women (Tenchi Muyo being a grade-A example). Or could involve an asshole who relishes the female attention he’s getting. Or some ditzy, overrated, two-dimensional female who gains unknowing attention from the opposite sex (Fruit Basket). 

But I can actually watch this. Granted, I was given a warning about stuff “too explicit for younger viewers”. But the irony is that the worst this anime gives me is some innocently sexual innuendo. Meanwhile, overly-horny anime like High School of the Dead hit you with boob and panty shots without any warning. 

I for a fact like that Touya is just a regular, modest male lead. He’s not a simp. He just likes to help people. It’s just coincidental most of the people he helps are female. 

The idea of modern technology used in a fantasy setting is actually pretty interesting. If done right and there are no negative responses to it (like Gate). 

So yes, this is a harem anime that doesn’t entirely focus on shipping one guy with nine different girls. It’s more along the lines of friendship. 

But you can ship who you want. After all, in this world, you can have more than one wife! 

Why Smartphone is Addictive:

  • Great male lead
  • Fantasy elements
  • Modern vs magic 

7. Elegant Yokai Apartment Life 


When Inaba lost his parents, he lived with his uncle’s family for two years. About to begin high school, he plans to move out and into the student dorms. However, a fire burns down the dormitory building. Not wanting to burden his family anymore (especially his dissatisfied cousin), Inaba tries to find a place that can afford his budget. At first, it seems like he’ll be stuck with his uncle’s family. However, he actually manages to find a place that he can afford for cheaper! The catch? It houses both humans and yokai. 

Whenever I hear the word ‘yokai’, I remember the first time I watched Yokai Watch (and it’s questionable). However, if it’s anything like My Neighbor Totoro, then I’ll give it a try. 

I’m so glad I gave this a try! Inaba is a regular guy who finds himself living with the supernatural, especially of Japanese lore! Rather than run away back to his uncle’s family, he accepts it. 

What I love about anime like this is the interaction between humans and creatures. It kind of gives me hope (if that makes sense in this context...). Inaba is friendly with not just the human residents, but especially ghosts, spirits, and even the undead! 

He also has a best friend who later finds out about the yokai apartment complex. And he accepts it too!

Magic is a big deal in this anime, especially for Inaba. Even in high school, there are supernatural issues that only he can challenge. At first he was just a newbie to chakra and performing mind-and-body transfer. But by 26 episodes, he’s already transformed into a practically magic wielder. He claims he just wants to have a government job, but who says you can’t be both that and a magic user? 

The anime also delves into grief, depression, and moving on. Inaba’s parents are spoken of at times. And we’re treated to a few tearjerker scenes where Inaba’s best friend has helped him through his mourning. Not only that, the residents at the yokai apartments prove to be just as much of a family. Even more than his own uncle’s!

I’m a sucker for family love, especially if it involves nonhuman characters. 

Why Elegant Yokai Apartment Life is Addictive:

  • Interesting characters, both human and nonhuman 
  • Hurt/comfort
  • Friendship/family wholesomeness 

6. BNA 


One day, Michiru was just a normal high school girl about to turn 18. Next thing she turns into an anthro raccoon. On the run from Beastmen-hating humans, she finds her sanctuary known as Anima City. There she crosses paths with a wolf detective, who takes her under his care. While trying to find a way to cure herself, she decides to assist him in his latest investigation. While Anima City may look like a haven, it is far from safe as she soon finds out. 

This anime deserves a lot more than it should! I mean, who can say no to watching anime about anthro animals? 

As someone who is disgusted with the creepy style of Beastars, this is how I believe Zootopia-esque anime should be done! 

With Beastars, there’s a little too much detail and it’s practically unsettling with how almost human the characters are (especially Haru). But with BNA, there’s a cartoon quality added to the lively animation. Like My Hero Academia or even The Last Airbender!

And as someone who loves birds, it’s also refreshing to see them in anthro style in anime. Now I love both the Ducktales reboot and this! 

While I am obsessed with the cute style, the anime does shed some light on what our world pretty much is right now. 

If you’ve watched Zootopia, you probably already understand. But instead of issues between predator and prey, it’s Beastmen and humans. Moments before Michiru makes her way toward Anima City, she’s attacked by a group of Anti-Beastmen who are looking to take their next victim. Thankfully, she’s rescued by passerby Beastmen. 

That alone tells you that this anime doesn’t shy away from the social issues we still face today. And because a lot of people still won’t listen, the next best thing is this anime. 

Because, sure, they won’t listen to a victim who talks about the struggles of racial discrimination. But throw in a cute anime girl that can shake the furry community, and people (especially weeaboos) give their undivided attention. 

Michiru starts out hating her new form and assumes it’s some kind of “Beastmen disease”. She doesn’t realize how much this offends said Beastmen, especially the ones caring for her. She’s naive at the start. 

But as the season progresses, she begins to see no different between human and Beastmen. She even goes as far as keeping her raccoon form even after being able to change back to human at will. 

This anime is still pretty new. The question of peace between human and Beastmen still lingers. And because this anime was found on Netflix, I’m pretty sure a second season is being done in the works. 

Why BNA is Addictive:

  • Anthropomorphic animals 
  • Mystery mixed with comedy
  • The fact Michiru reminds us all of Tom Nook from Animal Crossing

5. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun 


Iruma is a kind boy who is willing to help others no matter the cost. One day, while doing his job to support his parents, he is suddenly nabbed by a demon. Next thing he knows, he’s being brought to ‘the bad place’. Apparently, his parents had just sold his soul to the devil. Devastated (although he figured his parents would do this to him), Iruma believes his life is now going to be a living Hell, figuratively and literally. However, the devil Sullivan isn’t a monster. In fact, he turns out to be an overly affectionate man who only desires for a grandson. And because Iruma can’t say, he officially becomes the devil’s family. He then attends demon school. And hoping no one suspects he’s a human. 

I don’t read the manga, but I’ve read reviews about how the anime does so much better. The first thing I thought when I saw Iruma was how he looked like that green-haired kid from My Hero Academia. 

He’s actually adorable, which was the first thing that got me hooked. The second was when Lord Sullivan turned out to be even more adorable! As someone who has unfortunately watched Inuyasha, Bleach, and especially The Devil Does Part-Time, this is a complete breath of fresh air. 

The devil man isn’t an asshole! And the students at Iruma’s demon academy are just normal people with horns and tails! 

I’m all about that “completely different person in another world” trope. And one of the things I enjoy is when the foreign character actually benefits the world he/she lives in. 

Like Disney’s Amphibia. Human girl Anne Boonchuy introduces pizza and action films to a community of frogs. 

Luz from Disney’s The Owl House introduces fun and fanfiction to her magic-wielding peers. 

Even Sandy from Spongebob Squarepants introduces everything Texes to her ocean community. 

All of them benefit their new worlds in some way. 

Iruma proves this when he becomes the shoulder to cry on for some characters like Clara, who desperately wants friends. Then there’s his relationship with Asmodeus, that started what looked like it could become a one-sided rivalry. But actually, Asmodeus practically becomes a doting-wife-esque BFF that will do anything for Iruma! 

Iruma also introduces his other classmates to things only humans would know of: friendship. 

But, like every good protagonist, there’s always going to be that one character who will want to keep the status quo (High School Musical OGs, where you at?). 

While his school has never even heard of seeing a human before. There are those outside of school grounds who are aware of a human in their world. And will do anything to put a stop to it. 

There’s also this plot in the anime that involves a legend in which the true devil king would rise one day from the human world. One who will unite his fellow demons and bring forth prosperity and togetherness. 

I’m not the only one piecing it together already, right? This is only the first season! 

Why Demon School is Addictive: 

  • Amazing, relatable characters
  • Magic and mystery
  • Friendship-family-comedy 

4. Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World 


On the surface, Nobu looks like a normal Japanese restaurant. But inside, they are able to gain access to a doorway that leads to another world. Serving people of the medieval dimension, Japanese cuisine becomes an instant hit. Every episode consists of a new dish, and a new character introduced. The people of Nobu will do what they can to ensure their customers are happy and full. And the customers in return will do whatever to keep their restaurant standing. 

One thing Japan does amazing is making fictional food look delicious. I mean, yes, cartoon food makes my mouth water (Feast of Fiction did us all a huge favor!). But have you seen the gifs on Google for a bowl of ramen with egg? And don’t get me started on how a chicken katsu curry rice dinner looks in nearly every anime ever! 

Not only does this anime feature the main cast as kind, optimistic souls who only wish to serve their food. But we’re treated to a great community of unique characters. 

The first episodes introduced a new character with some kind of backstory that deserves a dish for the occasion. Every character savors the modern food and issues they had can be resolved with the pick-me-up. 

As the season progresses, there’s a plot in which Nobu is accused by upperclassmen that they are selling illegal alcohol (their world’s special brand). While kind of out of the blue, the anime manages to handle this in just a few episodes. 

Because it doesn’t take that long to resolve it when others are coming to their rescue. The previous episodes may look like slices of life. But they quickly turn into fridges of brilliance when those same characters come to save Nobu and its owners. 

So kindness really does save the day. 

What I also enjoy about this short-lived anime is the end credits involving people trying  dishes introduced in each episode. We’re treated to different locations in Japan where actual restaurants are located. Then we get a tiny tutorial of how to make these dishes. 

As someone who has used quarantine to cook instead of calling take-out, I commend this anime for being an absolute blessing. 

Why Food From Another World is Addictive:

  • Wholesome content
  • Amazing characters
  • Awesome food 

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime 


Satou Mikami was just a 37-year-old man who pretty much accepted his average life (and no girlfriend). He’s suddenly killed by a passing robber, and magically reincarnates in a different realm. As a slime. Rather than be overwhelmed by this sudden transformation, he actually embraces it. Anything he swallows can give him an advantage. Soon, he meets other characters who are in dire need of his aid. And as someone who played fantasy role-playing games in his previous life, he’s all too willing to help. 

Raise of hands, how many decided to watch this solely because of the title? 

For me, I thought it was some kind of metaphor. But Rimuru Tempest (Satou’s new form) proves to be Dragonball Z levels of hardcore! 

At first, I was not sure of how I would handle another anime with creatures like goblins. I already watched Goblin Slayer; that sh*t scarred me for life. 

But thank god the goblins in this anime are actually friendly! Because I would very much like an anime where different species can get along. 

And not just goblins. There are wolves. Orcs and ogres. And really, really, fine Lizardmen (don’t judge me, just watch and you’ll understand).

Another anime revolving around a person in a different realm (aka isekai). But one of the good ones! 

Disney lovers who are taken by Amphibia and The Owl House will not be disappointed with this! A community of different species come together under one single slime. 

I’m tired of when enemies just are enemies for the sake of some tradition (or bad writing). I like how the anime looks at each different person’s stories. There’s always a reason someone does questionable things. And the characters in this series do certain things because they’ve either been misguided, wronged, or just trying to survive. 

When Rimuru and his goblin friends get attacked by a small group of ogres, he doesn’t just go and kill them instantly (and he could). He stops the fighting and asks questions first. It turns out the ogres were misinformed that a person that fit Rimuru’s description was the reason their village was slaughtered. 

Thankfully, Rimuru has helped them resolve the misunderstanding and have them live peacefully with the goblins. He even helps them seek justice for their fallen home. 

Another vital example of a “gray area” character is the Orc Lord Geld. He started out as a nameless leader to his people who only wanted to save them from starvation. His desperation resulted in willingly receiving “aid” from a sinister character, who would obviously use him. This encounter results in Geld becoming a brain-washed monster who would have kept killing had Rimuru not stepped in. 

Rimuru is like a therapist for troubled, misguided people to profess to. He asks questions first. Then listens. Then finds a solution. 

What I think makes a good character is not by how power they can harness. But how much they’re willing to put up with and show understanding. Empathy is one of the strongest things to put in a good story. It’s what gives good character development. 

Without Rimuru, everyone would just keep fighting. Because of him, differences have been put aside and everyone lives peacefully. 

I am willing to overlook the blood and gore of this anime if something that wholesome exists in it. 

Why Reincarnated as a Slime is Addictive:

  • The different species all placed into one community
  • Rimuru’s different powers and skills gained throughout the season
  • The plot always thickening with each episode 

2. In/Spectre  


One day Kuro gets approached by a girl named Kotoko, who informs him that she’s aware he recently became single. Not only that, but she makes it clear she’s interested in him. While a bit too forward, Kuro considers her ‘friendly’. She actually is what the yokai call The Goddess of Wisdom, having lost an eye and a leg to become so. Her job is to assist yokai and the supernatural with their problems. One in particular involves Kuro, who turns out to not be so different from Kotoko after all. 

Kotoko was instantly my spirit animal the moment she introduced herself. She’s serious but adorable at times. Adventurous. And very straight-forward when it comes to her crush Kuro (unlike in most anime where the girl plays it off like a rom-com).

The yokai is an added bonus. Because, finally, a romance anime that doesn’t have a high school setting. And the yokai prove to be just as entertaining as Kotoko and Kuro. 

The first episodes, however, tend to drag for too long with just talking and reminiscing. Like how it took three episodes for Kotoko and Kuro to resolve a mystery for a snake serpent god. Most of that was just talking. 

But then in the later episodes there was a plot. A mystery of involving the spirit of a popular actress who continues to haunt and attack the two. Best of all, Kuro’s ex gets involved. 

I get a laugh out of the interactions between Kuro’s ex and later-on girlfriend. Kotoko may have serious yokai business, but she always has time to rub it in that she will [eventually] be Kuro’s new love interest. 

Not only that, but can we take a moment to realize that the ex is all of us if we were in this situation? She’s a completely normal person who now has to deal with yokai. And dealing with something beyond her line of work (she’s a cop). 

There is a lot of blood and gore in this. And as much as I can’t stand it, I’m willing to go ahead just for Kotoko. She carries this entire series on her back.

Why In/Spectre is Addictive:

  • Yokai and other creatures
  • Mild humor
  • Romance on the side 

1. By the Grace of Gods 


39-year-old Ryoma finds himself facing three gods who inform him that he’s died. At first, he takes it surprisingly well. However, he breaks down upon realizing he died from a sneeze resulting in him hitting his head. He’s lived a life of misery and loneliness, having been forced to work for a black market company that deprived him of good health. The three gods sympathize with him and offer him a chance to be reincarnated in another world. Their only request: for him to have fun and enjoy life. Now introduced to his new world as an 8-year-old boy, Ryoma spends three years in the forest finding and raising slime creatures. Then one day he comes across some people in the forest. Thus his new world becomes a little bigger. 

2020 has been a hard year for everyone. And the only way to cope is to continue quarantining at home and stream. 

I have binged on the 2017 Ducktales reboot. Glitch Techs on Netflix. And especially awesome YouTube cartoons like Oddbods and The Weeklings. 

By the Grace of Gods was one of the few blessed things of this damn year. 

Ever since watching That Time I Reincarnated as a Slime, I’ve become open-minded to any anime that introduces slime creatures. And the slimes Ryoma treats like family are so cute! 

Ryoma is a male lead that immediately won me over within the first few seconds of the series. He proves to be a nice and empathetic character who is very mature for his age. Because 99% of the time I keep forgetting he was a middle-aged man that reincarnated into a little boy.

The characters introduced throughout the series are just as wholesome as he is. Helpful, sympathetic, and pretty much his family. 

There is the royal family who help Ryoma take the first steps into an entirely different place. Then there are the adventurers from the guild Ryoma is part of that are willing to do so much for him. And there are other characters introduced through the season, who might have been lost had Ryoma not helped them out. 

Some people would say this is just another typical isekai with an overly powerful MC and not much else. I call it one of the best anime ever and it NEEDS a second season. I don’t say that enough. 

By the time this article is posted, By the Grace of Gods will air its last episode of what I hope is only the first season. God damn it, the people behind this anime better have a second in store for us!  

If you were to ask me just how wholesome this anime is, my best response would be...it’s like Bluey. You know, that cartoon with the little blue female dog? 

No, I’m not talking about Blue’s Clues. Bluey is a show about a Heeler puppy and her Australian family who go on adventures we can’t help but wonder are made-up or real. 

The wholesomeness in that show gives me life. 

And the vibes Bluey gives are what By the Grace of Gods gives me too. 

So shut up and watch it. 

Why By the Grace of Gods is Addictive:



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