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Vicious like a wolf, is the Black Swordsman

Let’s list why we like Berserk so much. The depth of its characters is just incredible. There is no shallow, or undeveloped personality in this anime. It also has a great deal of emotions which hits you right at the perfect time and in the perfect place (if you have watched or read Berserk I think you know what I mean).  And finally, the first and foremost things this anime is famous for: the merciless brutality and its jaw-dropping fight scenes. If you seek more of these, here are 15 animes which could give you the same exceptional experience that Berserk does.

15. The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms | Official Trailer | Full Anime Series Streaming on AsianCrush

Youko Nakajima, a perfectly ordinary – or just want to be ordinary – Japanese school girl tries to live her life in the most normal way possible. But her efforts are suddenly interrupted by a stranger, Keiki, who brings Youko to his realm, the Twelve Kingdoms. Teamed up with two of her friends, Youko has to learn how to take care of herself in this strange new land, where she soon discovers, she is the empress of one of the twelve kingdoms called Kei. She must search for her destiny in this world while facing great challenges and embarking on extraordinary adventures on the way. While watching The Twelve Kingdoms, you will be able to experience epic wars, powerful magic, friendships being made, cruel betrayals, and most importantly what it takes to be a great ruler.

-Youko Nakajima and her companions-

14. Claymore

Trailer HD | Claymore (English)

This anime is set on a medieval island where beings called “youma” prey on innocent humans. To defend the population, a mysterious group, “The Organization” creates half-human, half-youma creatures, the Claymores. These fierce warriors’ sole purpose is hunting down these demonic beasts. When Clare, one of the Claymore rescues a village from a youma attack, she finds a young boy, Raki, who decides to accompany Clare on her journeys. Together, they face many more fearsome fiends during their travels and uncover daunting secrets about The Organization. With each challenge overcame and monster defeated, Clare gets a step closer to the revenge she has been seeking for a long time. Claymore is filled with brutal battles, deep emotions, and an amazing story that you should not miss out on.

-Clare, the powerful Claymore warrior-

13. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai Trailer

Just like Guts, Afro is seeking vengeance on a great foe as well, who killed his father many years ago. This powerful enemy, claiming the godly powers of the Number One headband, can only be challenged by the person who is possessing the Number Two headband. Afro, after many tough fights, now has this headband. But with it, he became the target of every warrior that attempts to challenge the Number One. He must overcome all his trials against fierce enemies to finally be able to avenge his father.

-Afro slaying one of his many enemies-

12. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal - Trailer

 Manji, the unstoppable swordsman has been cursed with immortality by an evil witch. This curse haunts Manji’s life and decides to bargain with the witch. He will gain back his mortality if he is able to defeat and kill 1000 evil man to compensate for all the good man he murdered. A young girl, called Rin, follows him along his quest, set to seek her own vengeance as well. The two has to resist being consumed by revenge, and fight their way through everyone, until they reach their goals.

-Manji and Rin, the main protagonists of the anime-

11. Blade of the Phantom Master

Blade of the Phantom Master – Trailer

Sharing many characteristics with Guts, Munshu is also a bitter anti-hero. His methods are not the most moral type but if they get the job done, he does not care. One day, in a vast desert, he encounters with a man who is trying to free his girlfriend from the evil Lord Byonand. The man, shortly after the brief meeting, is killed by a group of desert goblins. Having escaped from the attack, Munsu sets out to rescue the girlfriend, Chynhyan, himself.  The mission was a success and Chunhyan swears loyalty as a bodyguard to Munsu, and aids him along their shared quest, to punish those who destroyed the once glorious country of Jushin.

-Chunhyan in battle-

10. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland - US Trailer [HD]

Framed for the murder of his entire class, Ganta Igarashi is sentenced to death and sent to the Deadman Wonderland jail. Here the convicts are forced to play very dangerous and sometimes deadly games, in order to survive. Ganta must stay alive in this brutal, inhuman place and find the man who is really responsible for the death of his classmates. During his sentence, he also discovers strange powers within his own blood which can help him clear his name. Although a very different setting, Deadman Wonderland can surely satisfy everyone who are looking for something as bloody and savage as Berserk.

-Ganta protecting one his friends in Deadman Wonderland-

9. D.Gray-man

TVアニメ「D.Gray-man」第1弾PV | 2016年新シリーズ放送決定!!

An evil being, called Millennium Earl constantly traps brought back souls into his mechanical weapons known as Akuma. The souls can only be saved by exorcism using the power of Innocence. Allen Walker joins the Black Order – a group with the goal of defeating the Millennium Earl and freeing the souls from the Akumas – to become an Exorcist himself. With special abilities and a group of Exorcist allies, they must stop Millennium Earl’s plan that could lead to the end of the world.

-Allen Walker and his fellow Exorcists-

8.  Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin Original Trailer るろうに剣心 (Samurai X)

A vicious assassin whose sword is stained with many people’s blood, gone during the Japanese Revolution, now living as a wandering swordsman appears again. Hitokiri Battousai (Now calling himself Kenshin Himura, sworn never to kill again, and committed to protect the weak) saves a kendo dojo from an impostor. Kaoru Kamiya, owner of the dojo out of gratitude lets him stay at the dojo. While battling old and new enemies alike, Kenshin must try to stay true to his new self, and resist falling back to the old ways, keeping that cruel assassin buried within.

-Kenshin the former assassin-

7. Devilman Crybaby

DEVILMAN crybaby | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The world is facing an ancient danger again. Demons walk the earth destroying everything that comes in their way. These creatures cannot take a physical form without a live host, and even if they find one, if the vessel’s will is strong enough, they can take the demons powers and become a Devilman. That is what happens to Akira Fudou, when he and his friend Ryou Asuka tries to ambush a group of demons. Now wielding supernatural powers, Akira has to find balance between his new devil self and his old sensitive human part, while destroying those who dare to threaten mankind.

Akira and Ryou, alongside a bunch of hellish demons-

6. Bastard!!

In the world of Bastard!! technology was sacrificed in the favor of magic. 5 great magicians (the Riders), led by Dark Schneider, try to rebuild the land after the God of destruction rampaged through it. While their attempt is ambitious, Dark Schneider often causes damage and disasters due to his manner and temper. He then gets captured by a group of clerics who trap him inside the body of a young boy, Luche Ren Ren. Years later, Schneider’s allies have abandoned their true cause and now they are after world domination. It’s up to Schneider now – who has been freed by the same clerics who imprisoned him - to reason with his old partners or face terrible consequences. But how did those 15 years inside the little boy change Schneider? Will the mages listen to him? Bastard!! will give you the answer.

-The powerful mage, Black Schneider-

5. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star (VHS trailer)

In a post-apocalyptic world, filled with ravagers, bandits, mutants and other bloodthirsty creatures, a lone hero wanders. Kenshirou seeks his arch enemy Shin who kidnapped his fiancée, Yuria. Using the powerful fighting form Hokuto Shinken, Kenshirou must face stronger and stronger enemies along his journey, while also helping the vulnerable people of this barbaric wasteland.  An old classic, which stands the test of time even till this day, and the original source of the beloved internet meme we all know and love. ;)

-Kenshirou, the wanderer of the wasteland-

4. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll Trailer HD (1993 Anime)

Having enough of political conspiracies, schemes and battles, Jubei Kibagami sets out to journey across Japan. The swordsman is trying to forget the events of the past but that becomes very difficult when he rescues a ninja called Kagero, from a man with otherworldly abilities. Kagero’s rescue puts Jubei into the spotlight again, finding himself in the middle of a great mystery. Pressured by both evil groups of ninjas, and the government of Japan, he must unravel the secrets of a plague which wiped out an entire village, face people who pull the strings behind the curtains of Japans political wars, and deal with his ghosts from the past.

-Jubei, the swordsman-

3. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! Official Trailer

Another anime filled with politics, Akame ga Kill! concentrates on a section of the Revolutionary Army, the assassins known as the Night raid. They are helping the army to overthrow Prime Minister Honest, who takes advantage of the regent young prince’s inexperience in leading a country. Tatsumi, a young boy decides to join the Night Raid, to save his village from poverty and oppression. With many other assassins Tatsumi fights the Empire and faces many challenges on the way which may leave him as a changed man after all the bloodshed and horror.

- Night Raid assassins-

2. Gungrave

Gungrave Trailer

Gungrave is about two almost brother like friends, who thought their lives will always be just as normal and easy going as it is now. But one day they realize that this is not the case at all. Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel join the biggest crime syndicate of the area, the Millennion. As they climb the ranks of this mafia, we can witness epic stories about the two’s friendship, conspiracies, and the battles both outside and inside of the Millennion.

-You never know who to trust-

1. Devil May Cry: The Animated Series


Devil May Cry Anime Opening [HD] [Blu-Ray]

[Xanathos] Devil May Cry Anime | Trailer HD

This anime takes place between the events of the video games Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4. Dante, a half demon, half human demon hunter runs a business called Devil May Cry, which was created to deal with demon caused atrocities. Dante wields a sword called ‘Rebellion’ and two guns, ‘Ebony’ and ‘Ivory’. The series follow him taking on ‘jobs’ where he slays a wide variety of grotesque demons. In the meanwhile he also forms a strong bond with a young girl he rescues on one of his missions.

-Dante, the demon hunter-

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