[Top 15] MHA Ochako Uraraka Best Scenes Worth Watching Again

Ochaco simply existing

15. Ochako saves Deku

We have our first meeting with Uraraka here. It’s a cute little moment where we see Ochako and Deku developing their new friendship. We also see Uraraka’s sweet personality and desire to be a helper. It may not seem like much, but her quickness to help Deku shows her kind heart and charming personality!

Ochako saving Deku's little butt



14. Ochako vs. Bakugo

Oh man, I LOVED this scene! If you saw my last article, you know my enthusiasm for it! We see Uraraka’s power, determination, and desire to be the best she can be. I love when Aizawa calls out the crowd for wanting Bakugo to go easy on her, and I love that Bakugo says, “these hands are rated E for Everyone.” Even though Uraraka doesn’t take the victory, we see the beginning of her true power and resolve in the end. Go, girl, go!

Ochako getting ready to lay the smackdown


13. Ochako working with Gunhead

Gunhead’s affection for Uraraka gives them an excellent teacher-student relationship and shows Uraraka how strong she can be. He unlocks that fighting spirit in her. Later episodes will show Uraraka wasn’t messing around at this internship - she took everything to heart and used it to become stronger. I already know that the girl's bench press weight is insane by now.

Ochako following papa Gunhead


12. Ochako’s costume reveal

This is only a little thing, but come on! Look at this cutie-patootie! Her costume is adorable! A great early look that, in my opinion, reflects her style and personality.

Precious perfect Ochako I love her


11. Ochako’s SECOND costume reveal

But this costume is SO much better! It shows how Uraraka is growing up, becoming her own person, and getting stronger. It’s still adorable, but she’s a more complex person. She’s not the same nervous kid anymore, and she will gladly show it by slamming you into the dirt.

She's so grown up I'm so proud of her


10. Ochako and Deku at the entrance exam

Back to Uraraka showing her kind personality, when she sees Deku in trouble at the entrance exam, she does the first thing she can think of. Smack his brains out so she can activate her quirk and keep him from getting what probably would have been another concussion. Hilarious, adorable, and practical at the same time.

Smack that b***ch into Christmas Eve


9. Ochako teaming up with Deku at the Sports Festival

When Deku really needed a friend, Uraraka not only stepped in to show her support for her friend but also to try and step up to do what she must to get that win! Gaslight, gatekeep, girl boss.

Ochako committing Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss


8. Ochako stops Shigaraki from hurting Deku

When class 1-A gets the chance to go to the mall, Deku is left alone and is unluckily spotted by Shigaraki. When Uraraka comes by and sees what’s happening, she almost immediately recognizes what’s happening. If it wasn’t for her, Shigaraki might have done something awful to Deku. She really might have saved his life!

OOoooh NOOOOooo, they're alooooone~


7. Ochako at Training Camp

I love Uraraka’s moment where she’s trying to improve her quirk. They really said, “let’s throw her in the human equivalent of a hamster ball.” I love it, though! But I certainly don’t pity the nausea the poor thing was probably feeling!

Sleepy children (ft. Aoyama breaking the fourth wall)


6. Ochako vs. Toga

Oh yes, go off, Uraraka! We love seeing girls protecting girls! I’d consider Tsuyu to be Uraraka’s best friend, so it’s no surprise that when Toga went after her, Uraraka went off on the basic principle of stopping a villain and protecting her bestie, but to show what she’s learned so far! We also get to see that Gunhead training at its finest. Look at what a badass our girl has become!

Toga: "And that's how I met your mother."


5. Toga disguised as Uraraka

So this isn’t technically a moment with Uraraka, but I’m putting it in anyways because I remember how dramatic this was the first time I saw it! Deku’s reading of Uraraka/Camie/Toga shows that he knows a lot about Uraraka, and they’ve grown incredibly close. Not to mention how clever, strategic, and strong she’s become. Even in her attempt to strike back and help Deku, Uraraka proves Deku’s point by showing her resilience.

Toga disguised as Camie disguised as Ochako. How she can do all that? Heck if I know.


4. Ochako and Deku vs Bakugo and Iida

This isn’t exactly my favorite Uraraka moment, but this is where we get an insight into her ability to strategize and use her quirk to her advantage. It may not be flashy or as brutally powerful as Bakugo’s quirk, but she knows how to make it work to her benefit!

Go, baby girl, go!


3. Ochako gets pumped for the sports festival

This moment I think, truly shows Uraraka’s determination to do her absolute best and be the best hero she can be. Even Mina comments on how Uraraka is usually very laid back. But not here, no sir! Uraraka’s going to do everything in her power to show all of y’all up!

She's a deadly girl


2. Ochako talks to her parents after the festival

Uraraka does an excellent job putting on a brave face after her defeat. But she doesn’t truly show it until she begins to talk to her parents. We see just how badly she needed her family’s approval and to still be told she did her best. It’s okay, Uraraka. Let it all out. We’ve all been there.

Oh, to be able to have parental validation.


1. Ochako picks her hero's name

Uraraka does an excellent job putting on a brave face after her defeat. But she doesn’t truly show it until she begins to talk to her parents. We see just how badly she needed her family’s approval and to still be told she did her best. It’s okay, Uraraka. Let it all out. We’ve all been there.

The beginning of greatness.

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