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1. Toman vs. Valhalla

This scene is taken directly from the fight against Valhalla as Mikey, the leader of Toman faces off against Kazutora, Valhalla’s interim commander. The scene is just super iconic, and Wakui is fond of big clash scenes like this. There may be a few more of those in here!

What Makes Toman vs Valhalla Great 

  • Seeing the pinnacle of the conflict between the two gangs
  • Mikey and Kazutora’s cold entry


9. Chifuyu and Takemichi

There is nothing much plot-wise to this panel that makes it great but I believe it shows the deep camaraderie between Chifuyu and Takemichi, both who, without each, each other, wouldn’t have been able to make any changes in Toman. Their combined strength is what makes them great.

What Makes Chifuyu and Takemichi Great 

  • Their friendship dynamic portrayal
  • Great piece of art


8. Toman vs. Moebius

Our second clash scene by Wakui, depicting the final battle between Toman and Moebius. This clash portrayed Mikey’s ability as a leader for the first time against another major group. Great stuff. 

What Makes Toman vs. Moebius Great 

  • Significance of the fight
  • Great art direction of contrast in shades
  • Mikey once again stealing the show.


7. Mikey Shoots

This happens much much later in the manga, towards the final stretch, however this image and the next few after are key moments in the series that tie the entire plotline together. Mikey shoots his longtime friend Takemichi, right through the chest.

What Makes Mikey Shoots Great 

  • The shock value of it all
  • Mikey’s new look


6. I Don’t Give Up!

Honestly one of the many reasons Tokyo Revengers sticks out amongst other manga is its main character. Takemichi will undergo brutal trials of endurance to achieve his goals and this picture is all but proof of that. 

What Makes I Don’t Give Up! Great 

  • Portray’s Takemichi’s drive and tenacity
  • Great artwork by Wakui


5. Mikey Kicks Kazutora

Mikey is ruthless to those who endanger the safety of his gang, and there is no other better moment than when he completely decimates Kazutora with his signature kick. Mind you, this was after Mikey’d been beaten with a metal pipe. 

What Makes Mikey Kicks Kazutora Great 

  • How awesome the kick looks
  • This shows that Mikey will fight through any pain and still come out on top
  • Shows the power dynamic between him and Kazutora. 


4. Mikey vs. Izana

The first blows between Tenjiku and Toman originate from Mikey and Izana’s clash. From this you can see the difference in power, however, Izana’s maniacal grin against Mikey’s anger begs the question, who has the upper hand?

What Makes Mike vs Izana Great 

  • Another great panel by Wakui, showing off Mikey’s kicking power
  • Izana’s crazy grin despite adversity, to play on later
  • The first clash between Tanjiku and Toman


3. Takemichi Calls Out

What happens almost directly after Mikey Shoots, Takemichi, thought to be dead, still reaches out to his former friend, letting him know, he’ll still save him. We all know about Takemichi’s incredible endurance, but this is simply incredible of him, so much so it stops Mikey in his tracks. 

What Makes Takemichi Calls Out Great 

  • Takemichi’s unwavering tenacity
  • Mikey’s shock
  • The great three panels revealed


2. Mikey Asks For Help

Such an emotional scene and one of the greatest Wakui has ever illustrated. Mikey finally asks Takemichi to save him after all these years, even with a gunshot wound he inflicted and a suicide he tried to cause, he was still brought back from that darkness by someone who wouldn’t give up. 

What Makes Mikey Asks For Help Great 

  • Mikey finally asks for help out of the darkness
  • Very nice art by Wakui
  • Portrays Takemichi’s impact on others


1. Not Afraid

When Kisaki literally has a loaded gun to Takemichi’s head the madman doesn’t even flinch, no instead he smiles and looks Kisaki dead in the eyes, asking him one of the coldest questions ever asked in any manga. “What’s holding you back?”

What Makes Not Afraid Great 

  • Takemichi’s straight fearlessness
  • Kisaki’s shock
  • The weight of Takemichi’s words.


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