[Top 10] Best Tokyo Revengers Characters We Love (Ranked)

10. Tetta Kisaki


Tetta Kisaki is only number 10 on this list because we personally hate him so much. His character is such a good antagonist you can’t help but root against him. Kisaki is responsible for pretty much just under half of the deaths that take place in Tokyo Revengers and acts as the main antagonist of the series. Kisaki’s use of manipulation and tactics in the place of brute strength and close-quarter combat to get what he wants in this gang-ridden city of Tokyo and exactly why he deserves this spot. 

What's Great About Tetta Kisaki

  • Major Antagonist
  • Scary manipulation tactics
  • Cunning and clever. 


9. Shuji Hanma


Shuji, Shuji, Shuji. Where do I begin? Well apart from being Number 10’s right-hand man, Mr. Hanma is a deadly ninth-placer. He was the temporary leader of Moebius when they went up against Manjiro Sano’s Toman gang, and is so strong he could take one of Sano’s kicks head-on, with little to no preparation, one of the same kicks that would easily take down even the strongest of brutes.

Shuji acts as a foil to Kisaki and is overall a great addition to the Moebius crew, adding a great duo dynamic with our key antagonist. He is a surprising character that always keeps you guessing and more than deserves this spot on the list. 

What's Great About Shuji Hanma

  • Wildcard antagonist
  • The perfect foil for Kisaki
  • Awesome hair


8. Takashi Mitsuya

Takashi Mitsuya is one of the coolest mom-positioned characters of any everyday group of middle school delinquent gang members. Not including the pack in his punch and his position as the Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang’s 2nd Division, Takashi is a clever and cunning character, who likes to utilize his smarts just as much as he does his strength.

This is what I believe places him above our resident numbers 9 and 10, as either of them utilizes one or the other, Takashi is a perfect mix of both. On top of that, he is more caring and empathetic to his youngers. Still, the captain has taken a metal rod to the dome and still kept it trucking, he’s nothing to scoff at. 

What's Great About Takashi Mitsuya

  • Brains and Brawn
  • Caring and Empathetic
  • Will take a rod to the head and still beat you senseless.


7. Nahoya “Smiley” Kawata


Our boy Smiley is a menace, a demon on two legs and a sickly sweet upwards curve of his lips while he beats the living daylights out of you. Seriously, it’s incredible watching it happen, scary, but comedically incredible. Kawata is the Captain of Tokyo Manji Gang’s 4th Division and his position is well deserved.

Smiley is addicted to the adrenaline rush that fighting gives and is usually itching at a chance to start a ruckus, just to behave a viable excuse to sock someone in the face, and under circumstances, I could understand the sentiment. However underneath that murderous glee is a devoted and loyal soldier, committed to his gang and no other. 

What's Great About Smiley

  • Smiles while doing any and everything
  • Very Loyal
  • Comedic relief


6. Kawaragi Senju


Kawaragi Senju is one of the three deities who were said to have brought peace to Tokyo after taking over different areas of the metropolitan city. The reason Senju is sixth on this list is fur to the fact that she was able to mercilessly make her way to the top off sheer force alone, and better yet look good doing it.

Kawaragi’s laidback and stoic personality personally betray her willingness to put someone on their butt if they disrespect her. Her speed and senses are top-notch and make her one of the most lethal fighters in the series. Despite this, the fact that she, with the power to be so influential, decides to stay on the sidelines, is quite admirable of her, especially since she just doesn’t care. 

What's Great About Kawaragi Senju

  • Monster on the battlefield
  • Very laidback
  • Quick to put someone on their butt.


5. Keisuke Baji


Keisuke Baji is one of Toman’s founding members and is one of our fan favorites. Not only is he freakishly strong (seriously is he puts his hair up in a bun, it’s pretty much goodnight) but he is also an incredibly influential and passionate character, able to get exactly the result he wants by his own hands and no one else’s.

Baji is faithful and true-hearted in character who can put his self-preservation aside to save the lives and ideals of his comrades, as seen in the story when his secret is revealed. On top of this Baji is a monster on the battlefield, and can easily clean out a gang’s division if need be. Trust me, he already did. 

What's Great About Baji Keisuke

  • Strong as heck!
  • Passionate and influential
  • Faithful and true-hearted


4. Hinata Tachibana

Hinata Tachibana is going to be a slight deviation from our current list category, for the mere fact that every scene Hinata is in, she steals. She is not a fighter, she is not a tactician, she is not a mastermind or puppeteer controlling all the strings from behind the scenes, she’s not the leader of a crazy group of 500 unruly delinquents with their ears set on whatever their captain’s heart desires.

Hinata is simply a good person, a great person. She is the perfect person inside and out and the author portrays this with every scene she is in. She is a gem of a person and is deserving of the happiness she acquires. 

What's Great About Hinata Tachibana

  • Sweetest person you’ll ever meet
  • Determined to see Takemitchy happy
  • She has a good heart. 


3. Ken “Draken” Ryuji


Ken Ryuji is the Chad of all Chads. He walked so cross-fitters could run and blazed the path for all cool-looking characters with awesome backstories to boot. Ken Ryuji, also known as Draken is probably the most skilled fighter in the entire Tokyo Manji Gang, save for Sano of course.

Draken has knocked out every single member of the Black Dragon Gang with his own two hands. He is an absolute menace to society with those two hands, which back up a sparse but confident voice. Think Zoro to Luffy in terms of levels of awesome this man displays.

Ken is a fan favorite of ours, and after even 20 minutes into Episode 1, we believe you’ll be saying the same. 

What's Great About Ken Ryuji 

  • He Chads like no other
  • Is the strongest member of Toman behind Mikey
  • Heart of a lion


2. Manjiro Sano


Manjiro Sano, where do we begin? Outside of being one of the main protagonists of this series, Manjiro is probably the most complicated character Tokyo Revengers has boasted to its audience. Acting as the heart and soul of the Tokyo Manji Gang as well as its founder and leader, whatever he says goes, and whatever he believes empowers those around him. In addition, Mikey is to kicks what Saitama is to punches.

In this series Manjiro probably, single-handedly has the most single-hit knockouts of any gang affiliate in Tokyo. Due to his background in martial arts, Mikey’s roundhouse would knock you out quicker than you can say sorry. 

What's Great About Manjiro Sano 

  • Roundhouse kicks of death
  • Complicated past
  • Heart and soul of Toman



1. Takemichi Hanagaki


Though Mikey may be the heart and soul of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi Hanagaki is the heart and soul of Tokyo Revengers. The entire show revolves around this one simple premise, what would happen if you had the chance to do that one thing over?

What would you do if you could go back in time and change that one regret, maybe say that thing you could’ve said in that argument, go after that person let getaway that one time, speak to that one person one more time.

What would happen if you had one more day? Takemichi answers that question beautifully, by deciding to use his ability all for the sake of another, truly the most selfless person in this show, with Hinata coming right up behind him. Takemichi deserves the number one spot because he is the number one reason to watch the show, his journey. 

What's Great About Takemichi Hanagaki

  • Great overall character development
  • Answers show’s main question beautifully
  • Is the heart and soul of the show. 

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