[Top 10] Demon Slayer Best Episodes Worth Watching Again!

[Top 10] Demon Slayer Best Episodes Worth Watching Again!
Stop trying other animes and re-watch these episodes.

The anime, which debuted back in 2019, has really gathered some of the best-ranked episodes in the industry that are worth watching again.

If I had the chance to have superpowers, one of them would be to forget episodes of the series I loved to relive the excitement and intensity of the episodes like it’s the first time I see them. Demon Slayer has beautiful and unique moments that make this anime so special and one of the best animes to watch now.

This is why we want to recap the top 10 best episodes that are worth watching again and relive amazing animations, music, or moments of the series.

10. Cruelty (S1 Ep1)

Episode one had to be on this list. There are many ways to introduce to your audience the world, the heroes, and the situation in the first episode. In the Demon Slayer’s pilot, does a perfect job to hook the audience to make you decide if you want to keep watching the series or leave. And it’s no wonder why it’s awesome because we’re presented with how Tanjiro Kamado's life gets turned upside down when he finds out that demons murdered his entire family. A very tragic first episode to re-watch but at least it will remind us why we follow Tanjiro.

9. Muzan Kibutsuji (S1 Ep7)

Our characters are cornered by demons that pull their victims into the darkness. What makes this episode so worth watching again is that is the first time we see Nezuko’s true form. It’s now her turn to attack and prove that she no longer needs her brother's protection. We see both characters work and fight giving the audience a first glimpse of how cool the fights can be between demons and our protagonists. How cool would it be to be the little boy in the episode just to witness this awesomeness? 

8. Letting Someone Else Go First (S1 Ep16)

This is where the real fun begins in season one. Tanjiro and Inosuke head farther up the mountain while helping the Demon Slayers trapped by spider webs. But the true action starts when they find out that the Spider Demon family is behind it all and they begin revealing their true evil powers. It’s worth watching this episode because of the context and introduction of the demons that at their end, we share a tear by their heartwarming backstories. 

7. Final Selection (S1 Ep4)

Back again with the first episodes. In this episode, we follow Tanjiro’s path trying to pass to the Final Selection. We know he trained hard with Sakonji Urokodaki to be a good swordsman, but it’s in this episode where Tanjiro is put to test when a morphed demon appears showing the audience how cool the demons can look. What we love about this episode is the threat and exposure we get about what we will face in the future of the series. If I was on Mt. Fujikasane trying to survive, I would definitely search for buddies like Tanjiro to defeat demons because I would probably faint before slashing my sword.

6. Pretend Family (S1 Ep20)

This episode has two amazing things. First, we see Shinobu again but this time we are witnessing her true fighting techniques and humor. In this episode, Shinobu becomes a very beloved character for fans due to her sarcastic way of seeing the demons and how she intends to kill them with her poison sword. The second thing is that Rui, a very powerful demon that seems impossible to kill, experiences his life in flashbacks of how he created a family. A very intense episode where the final moments of the antagonists are only minutes away. 

5. You Must Master a Single Thing (S1 Ep17)

This episode is epic and funny at the same time. We finally get to see Zenitsu’s powers again. To get you in context, Zenitsu finds himself alone in the woods where he encounters the spider demon with a human face. Of course, Zenitsu is scared like never that he might faint again. But despite being terrified he manages to defeat the spider human using a new technique that as expected, blows our minds. We really wondered what the full power of Zenitsu is and if we’re going to see it at least once. Let’s hope it’s sooner than later because I just don’t know what to expect in this era of plot twists of killing main loveable characters.

4. A Forged Bond (S1 Ep18)

Tanjiro and Inosuke face off against the Father Spider Demon of Mt. Natagumo. So this episode has the funny moments we get between Tanjiro and Inosuke’s friendship. We see Inosuke rage and humor as the character he is, but also how powerful he can be if he wants to. But because we want more action and more drama, Tanjiro gets separated from the fighting just to come upon the young demon Rui. And so begins the battle between Rui and Tanjiro. Something that will surely be easy, I mean Rui looks like he is just a defenseless kid, right?

3. Akaza (S2 Ep6)

If you watch the movie of the Mugen Train then it would be good to let you know that this is also considered the second season. Some watched the movie, others watched this arc in seven episodes. In episode six Tanjiro defeated Enmu with the help of Inosuke and the train flipped losing its course. And as they help victims and started to feel safe, Akaza rises to end them once and for all. So we have the introduction of the best fight in the show with one of the best characters from the demon slayer corp, Rengoku. Great animation, soundtrack, and visuals will make this episode worth watching every time. I mean, what could go wrong?

2. Set Your Heart Ablaze (S2 Ep7)

Everything could wrong. This is the next episode of the fight that started between Akaza and Rengoku. Akaza continues to offer Rengoku the chance to become a demon to improve his skills. Rengoku refuses his offer and tries his best to keep up with him. This concludes the fight with all the budget of the movie. The work put into this scene is overwhelming in every single way. The music, the direction, the animation, the script, the effects, the lighting, and the background are just wordless. Pure art worth watching again and again. I’m not crying, you are.

1. Hinokami (S1 Ep19)

There was a long discussion about which episode should be the number one. It was either this one or number two. But if you’re reading this, then you know it’s “Hinokami” the top one. This episode is where all of our main characters are in great danger and their lives depend on getting help to get out of the situation they are in. But what makes this episode just the best episode worth watching again, is that it’s not a movie and it has the quality of a movie. The fights are amazing, the animation stunning, and the soundtrack epic. Tanjiro and Nezuko are at the edge of death and he remembers something with his father and the Dance of Fire. A heartwarming speech is portrayed that brought us tears just to be followed by an epic sword technique that slashed Rui’s head putting him to an end. But did it? Just remembering that scene gives me chills.

So now you know which episodes are worth re-watching in case you want to relive some of the best moments of the show. While we wait for the new episodes to be aired, it’s never bad to remember how epic and why this shows it’s so praised by fans and critics. 

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