[Top 5] Demon Slayer Best Arcs That Are Great

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This is a hard task to decide for any fan out there.

After three seasons, we now have multiple arcs to start engaging the discussion about which is the best arc in the series.

It’s been 3 years since Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba was released, and it has become one of the best animes well-ranked of the decade. The anime keeps getting better with each arc as the story progresses to the point that it was a really tough job to decide which arc was the best among all without counting that the animation and budget progress each season.

Though we know that the community can be slightly divided on this topic, some of the arcs stand out unanimously, thanks to the development in characters or action presented. Let's look at some of the best arcs in the series so far.

5. Asakusa Arc

This arc is quite simple and introductory. We’re introduced to Muzan Kibutsuji, the main antagonist of the series, and some characters that will be relevant for the future. This arc is quite amazing due to the fact that we are shown just how powerful the demon king can be by turning humans into demons so fast and being able to hide among humans without revealing his identity.  We later encounter two powerful demons that introduce their capacity as foes in the series. We like how this arc also shows the potential and growth our main characters will need to beat the main demons of the series. Overall, it’s a great introduction to the world, enemies, and allies of the series. 

4. Tsuzumi Mansion Arc

This arc is incredibly fun to watch due to Zenitsu and Inosuke are introduced as potential teammates for Tanjiro. We see a fight between Tanjiro and Inosuke that brought laughs and great animation. It’s a small arc, but it’s pretty intense with the battle between the Drum demon, a powerful being that could rotate the room by simply beating his drums. We also laugh at Zenitsu’s reactions to the demons just to amaze us with his real power with the tongue demon. A fun arc to watch as the fights felt original and the humor of Inosuke balanced the drama happening.

3. Entertainment District Arc

This is probably one of the best arcs yet of season 3, and we’re sure it will get better. The animation that studio Ufotable did, it’s stunning. This arc has insane battles and the story development had fans with full excitement. The great thing about this arc is that each character involved got their fair screen time and the moment of the spotlight that they deserved, with a special mention to Nezuko who evolved as a character and showed more power than ever. Can we please have all season already to see the full power of each character?

2. Natagumo Mountain Arc

Placing this arc on the top two was probably the easiest job. The overwhelming and intense battle scenes made the Mount Natagumo arc one of the best arcs in the series. We have a lot of powerful demons to overcome and our heroes are only beginning their journey, now that’s a challenge for any introduction arc. The Spider Demon Rui and his play-pretend spider family were one of the most difficult enemies that our protagonists had to face at that point. Rui was extremely powerful and almost succeeded in killing the Kamado siblings. But when Tanjiro used the Sun Breathing for the first time and almost managed to decapitate Rui made me grateful to life for making me an anime fan.

1. Mugen Train Arc

Is this the best arc of the series? It was made into a movie, you tell me. The introduction of Rengoku Kyojuro was amazing and to see him fight the demon Akaza was a delight. It was one of the most intense battles in the series, and animation studio Ufotable did a great job producing it in such a beautiful way. No wonder it is established as the best fight scene and animation sequence of the series by fans and critics alike. 


The Mugen Train arc is a very memorable arc that had one of the saddest endings in the series. Mark my words, this arc is going to stay with the fans for the entire series. This arc showed just how strong the Upper Moon demons are, so we can’t imagine how powerful Muzan is going to be. Also, we will never forget the best character of the demon slayer corp, Rengoku Kyojuro. His battle scene and how his flashbacks showed his memories with his mother amplified the emotional content just before he was defeated. 

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