[Top 10] Demon Slayer Best Quotes That Are Great

Kyojuro, Rengoku, Demon Slayer
Growing old and dying is what gives meaning and beauty to the fleeting span of a human life. -Kyojuro Rengoku

Some shows have quotes that will stay with you a lifetime, or that send shivers down your spine. Demon Slayer is full of both powerful and motivational quotes. Which ones are the best though? Which ones will make you motivated, or give you goosebumps? Below are the top ten Demon Slayer quotes from the anime so far. 

10. Anyone Who Hurts My Sister…Hashira or Not, I Won’t Let Them Get Away With It! - Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro vs Wind Hashira | Demon Slayer

Tanjiro says this quote while being held by the Hashira, as they debate what to do with him and his sister. The Wind Hashira is determined to prove that Nezuko will attack people and starts to stab her through her box.

What makes this quote great:

  • Sets the tone for the whole show, Tanjiro will protect Nezuko, no matter what
  • It shows his passion, and drive
  • It’s nice to have a show that focuses on familial love, instead of romantic

9. I May Be the Only Swordsman Among the Hashiras Unable to Decapitate Demons, but as I’ve Created a Poison Lethal to Demons, I’m Also Rather Awesome! - Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu kocho all moments | Demon Slayer鬼滅の刃 (Kimetsu no Yaiba) [ English Sub]

We see Shinobu a few times throughout season one. We aren’t told much about her besides the fact that she is the Insect Hashira, and she appears to rather hate demons. However, as we watch her fight with several demons, and even against Giyu, we see that while she might not be physically strong, she is resourceful.

What makes this quote great:

  • Start to see more of Shinobu
  • Can get a feel for how much she has worked to get where she is
  • Shows some of her flaws, such as her inability to cut off a demon’s head, and how that bothers her 

8. All You Did Was Memorize a Fact. Your Body Has No Clue What It Needs to Do - Sabito

Tanjiro vs Sabito | Sabito i'm more powerful than you | Demon slayer

Sabito is a character we only see for a little bit, but he is connected to a few important characters. His uniform matches that of half of Giyu’s, showing their once-close relationship before Sabito died during his own trial. He is also the reason that Tanjiro made it past the initial training process in the mountains until he was able to slice through the boulder.

Why this quote is great:

  • A quote that is for a character in the anime, but is also useful for people who struggle to  do something right, despite knowing what should be done
  • See how it impacts Tanjiro and helps him grow
  • Directly cuts into what Tanjiro’s main problem is, he might know the process, but his body doesn’t 

7. Those Who Regretted Their Own Actions, I Would Never Trample Over Them. Because Demons Were Once Human, Too. Just Like Me, They Were Human, Too. -Tanjiro Kamado

The Compassion Tanjiro Shows Each Demon (After He Defeats Them)

This quote is powerful and shows how different Tanjiro thinks from the the Hashira. He isn’t only willing to protect and speak well of his sister, who is now a demon, but he believes all demons deserve a chance. Throughout the show, we see that many demons were just regular humans, and when Muzen turned them, their main focus in life became twisted and dark, no matter how childlike or innocent it was before.

Why this quote is great:

  • Most of the Hashira are just out to kill demons, no matter what. They’ve never stopped to consider good demons vs. bad 
  • Tanjiro realizes that many demons did not wish to become so, and all were human at some point
  • The respect he gives them as they die usually triggers them to remember their humanity in the last few moments 
  • It sets him apart from the rest and makes it seem that he could make a difference in the war against Muzen

6. The Strong Should Aid and Protect the Weak. Then, the Weak Will Become Strong and They, in Turn, Will Aid and Protect Those Weaker than Them. That Is the Law of Nature. -Tanjiro Kamado

Demon Slayer | Tragic Creatures

Giyu, the Water Hashira that first met Tanjiro, and stood to protect Nezuko against his fellow demon slayers, has a sad view of the world. He believes that the weak only serve to be trampled on by the strong, and it seems most of his fellow Hashira agree based on their behaviors when we first meet them.

When Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer, he fights to protect the weak, and help them become stronger. We can see that what he says is true. All of his class that passed the test to be trained as demon slayers are weak in their own rights. Even throughout the first season, we watch them grow and become stronger with each other’s help.

Why this quote is great:

  • Could be one easily applied to someone’s life. Always help others that need it, in a sense
  • Another statement of Tanjiro’s that shows that although he has lost most of his family and seen horrible things, he refuses to turn away from the person he was, and keeps working to protect those that need help
  • See how true it is, over and over again, with every person he helps and protects

5. If You Are Feeling Disheartened That You Are Somehow Not Enough, Set Your Heart Ablaze and Look Ahead! -Kyojuro Rengoku

Demon Slayer - Rengoku vs Akaza [Eng Sub] - Rengoku's Death「1080p 60FPS」

Unfortunately, we did not get to see much of Rengoku. However, he seems to have a passion and a fire similar to Tanjiro’s. He wants to protect and inspire the weak and does so to the point of losing his life on the Mugen Train. Before he dies, he tells Tanjiro and his friends to be strong.

Why this quote is great:

  • It is a powerful quote, that is part of an even more powerful speech
  • Will make Tanjiro even stronger and wiser
  • As a speech from a dying man, it will make people remember him, and not let his death be in vain

4. It’s the Heart That Drives People- Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjirou x Kanao [Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba] Episode 26 eng sub

Kanao considers herself not to have any opinion about anything and just goes along with the will of others. When that isn’t an option, she flips a coin to make her decisions. Tanjiro finds this out and told her that the voice in her heart is just small, and she needs to start listening to it. This is a powerful moment between them, and will possibly shape Kanao’s future.

Why this quote is great:

  • Beautiful quote that not only impacts the people in the anime but the viewer as well
  • Has the potential to completely shape Kanao’s future
  • Gives us another chance to really see Tanjiro and his heart

3. If You Can Only Do One Thing, Hone It To Perfection. Hone It To The Upmost Limit -Jigoro Kuwajima

Zenitsu Agatsuma - Honed to Perfection [ASMV/AMV]

Zenitsu was trained by his grandfather on thunder-breathing techniques. Though his grandfather was a little rough in his training, he believed in Zenitsu even when no one else did, and continued to train him despite multiple failures. He is the reason Zenitsu is as skilled as he is, and this quote is one that Zenitsu looks back to when things are dark.

Why this quote is great:

  • This quote and his grandfather’s training are the reason Zenitsu is as skilled as he is 
  • Has honed his one breathing technique so well he can, and does, do it in his sleep 
  • While Zenitsu has many failings, he has honed his skill as far as it can go, and not many others can reach the same level of power as he does when he does push himself to the limit

2. Don’t Ever Give Up. Even If It’s Painful, Even If It’s Agonizing, Don’t Try To Take the Easy Way Out. -Zenitsu Agatsuma


Zenitsu is afraid of many things, especially dying. However, he continues to push himself, and he strives to make others do the same. He may be the comedic break of the show, but he knows how to fight, and keep working hard.

Why this quote is great:

  • Another powerful quote that can inspire viewers to be their best self, and work towards their goals. 
  • Stark contrast from Zenitsu’s general behavior, and it shows where his heart truly lies. 
  • Coming from such an easily frightened character, it is even more inspiring

1. No Matter How Many People You May Lose, You Have No Choice but to Go On Living. No Matter How Devastating the Blows May Be. -Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro vs Swamp Demon | Tanjiro First Encounter With Muzan Kibutsuji | Demon Slayer

Tanjiro’s first demon fight as a demon slayer is against the swamp demon. It kidnaped young girls and took them into his ‘swamp’. One of the women he kidnapped is a young woman from the village engaged to a young man. When he loses her, he doesn’t know what to do with his life anymore, and it is up to Tanjiro to keep him looking forward to life.  Why this quote is great:

  • Anyone that has lost someone close to them struggles with what to do, and this quote would resonate deeply with them 
  • Though Tanjiro is telling a young man this, it is likely what he tells himself every day as he fights to save Nezuko and mourns the loss of the rest of his family
  • Having also lost his father earlier in life, he has likely been living by this motto for many years, even before this, and speaks to the man with experience

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