[Top 5] Demon Slayer Best Arcs That Are Great

How to Choose Only 5?

There are eleven arcs in the Demon Slayer manga in total, each of which are between 10 to 30 chapters, but which ones are the best? Below are the top five demon slayer arcs, based on the story and action.

 This includes all arcs, including ones the anime hasn’t covered, so beware of spoilers.

5. Tsuzumi Mansion Arc

Tsuzumi manion manga scene

This arc features a house full of various corridors and rooms. Originally, the house started off as any other. However, once Kyogai became a demon , the home became a twisting maze, due to his Blood Demon Art. 

Why this Arc is great:

  • Where the team is first established, and where the four main protagonists fight together
  • The first look at more unique styles of enemies and demons
  • There is an emotional scene of how demons were before, as humans

4. Mugen Train Arc

Mugen Train poster

Mugen Train poster

The Mugen Train Arc focused a lot on Rengoku, the fire Hashira. We get to see more of his personality and the strength that made him a Hashira. Tanjiro and the others follow him after he goes on a mission to try and defeat a demon killing people on a train, Enmu. 

They manage to escape the dream-like state on the train and defeat Enmu while saving the passengers. However, their woes aren’t done there. A high-level demon named Akaza begins to fight them. Rengoku manages to hold him off until the sun comes up, but it is at the cost of his life. 

Why this arc is great:

  • Full of action as they defeat demon after demon
  • Was a short arc in the novel, they did a great job turning it into a movie
  • Lots of emotion and growth from this Arc, with no slow, training scenes
  • Start to see the upper demons, and what makes them so strong

3. Final Selection Arc

Ore selection after final selection test

Ore selection after final selection test

This is the first official arc of the show and it is here fans get to see how much darker the world is than Tanjiro knew. He trains for the final selection, where he must survive seven days in a forest filled with demons.

It is a grueling process and Nezuko sleeps the whole time he is training to save her as she tries to fight her thirst for humans. Out of all the students that go in, only five survive, and they get to become demon slayers. He returns to find Nezuko is awake, and they get their first mission.

Why this arc is great:

  • Start to see the world that Tanjiro has been thrust into
  • Show the love between Tanjiro and Nezuko here. 
  • Our first view of demons
  • All of the other bottom-level demon slayers are introduced. 

2. Swordsmith Village Arc

Swordsmith village poster

Swordsmith village poster

This is an interesting arc, as fans get to learn more about the people that make the swords for demon slayers. During this time, Tanjiro also gets to train and hone his skills, and readers get to learn more about some of the Hashiras, namely the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, and the Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito.

The arc ends with a fight between the demon slayers in the village and the upper rank four demon, Hantengu.

Why this arc is great:

  • Reveals Genya’s demon eating abilities
  • Nezuko gains immunity to sunlight, a first for demons
  • More Hashira are shown
  • Seeing the swordsmith village is interesting

1. Entertainment District Arc

Entertainment district

Tengen and his wives

This arc stars Tengen, who is on the search for his missing wives. He was a ninja before he became the Sound Hashira, and has three working wives he sent undercover on a mission. When they vanish, he immediately fears for their safety and goes to find them. Tengen and our four protagonists enter the entertainment district undercover, with hilarious disguises,and begin their search.

Why this arc is great:

  • Art style fully captures the beauty of the red-light district
  • Yet another Hashira is revealed
  • Hilarious moments, and lots of fighting

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