New Stan Lee Series "The Reflection" Gets Poor Audience Reception

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Iconic comic book creator Stan Lee recently premiered The Reflection, a new anime web series about regular people who become superheroes and super villains. And wherever you look online, audiences don’t seem to like the show all that much.

Lee’s 12-episode animated mini-series doesn’t seem to have a huge viewership just yet, but those who have seen it, don’t quite love it. For instance, if you look at the show’s IMDb score, the series has a rating 5.3 out 10, based on only 12 people rating it.

Then there’s the show’s score on MyAnimeList. It has a rating of 4.77 out of 10. But this one is based on the ratings of 2,426 users. And with all of those people watching it, only 12 of them have added it to their “favorites” on that site.

But the interesting thing is if you go look at the promos for the show posted on YouTube, you see that it got far more likes than dislikes. So it's safe to say that a lot of Stan Lee fans were disappointed by this mini-series.

And to be fair, you can find some positive fan reception for the show online. For instance, one place you can watch the series is on the website Crunchyroll. And on that site, the users gave the show an average rating of three and half out of five stars, which is s pretty solid rating. 

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