Top 15 Best Anime with Nice Graphics

Anime with Nice Graphics, Anime with good Graphics
Edward Elric, eat your heart out.

Are you an anime fan that enjoys watching shows or movies that are pleasing to the eye? Aesthetics and storylines can really be a dealbreaker for viewers of any media, and  anime is no different. We’re all prone to being drawn in by some good eye candy. Here are some of the Top 15 Best Anime with Nice Graphics that will surely grab your attention and keep you strapped in.


15. Redline

14. Attack on Titan

12. Kyoukai no Kanata


11.  Your Lie in April


10. God Eater


9. Demon Slayer

8. Hyouka

7. Sword Art Online 

6. Fate Series


5. Violet Evergarden

4. Five Centimeters per Second

I have seen so many Instagram posts of anime pictures that make you want to eat “anime food,” and so many of them come from this movie. Produced by Makoto Shinkai, 5 Centimeters Per Second is absolutely gorgeous. The graphics and lighting effects emphasize so many details in this movie, along with amazing scenery that makes you want to fly on a plane to Japan in the springtime, minus the COVID. The movie presents a major slice of life vibe, involving time, space, people, and love centering on a kid named Takaki Tōno as he goes through those elements.


3. Garden of Words

2. Your Name

1. Studio Ghibli


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