[Top 10] Anime with Post Apocalyptic Setting

Anime with Post Apocalyptic Setting, post apocalyptic anime
Watashi (anime: Humanity has Declined)

10. High School of the Dead 

Fujimi High becomes the latest victim of a zombie outbreak. Many of the students and faculty are killed, and the rest of Japan are struggling to survive. A group of students and a ditzy-yet-motherly school nurse band together to fight through this living Hell. Not only must they fight their undead classmates, but also come to terms with past drama/trauma (like a break-up between two of the main protagonists). 

The designs in this anime are VERY interesting...

9. Coppelion 

In 2016, Tokyo became engulfed in a radiated explosion. Even after 20 years, the city has remained desolated. The Self-Defense unit has sent three members who look like normal schoolgirls into the wasteland, hoping to find survivors. They don’t have to worry about the radiation though. In fact, their uniforms make them look like they’re just having a normal day at SCHOOL. 


8. Attack on Titan 

A disastrous deal with gods many years ago resulted in the Titans, gigantic humanoids who prey on people. What’s left of the world now resides behind a wall, to keep those abominations out And skilled fighters are tasked with taking down these Titans and restoring their way of life once again. One man, who suffers from the traumatic loss of his family, vows to execute every single Titan in existence. 

It’s never ending anatomy class and the “students” are constantly learning how the digestive system works...

 7. Girls’ Last Tour 

Chito and Yuuri are two incredibly adorable girls living in a fallen world. Civilization no longer exists. Each day they ride their motorbike into a world they once knew, searching for food and spare parts. While all seems hopeless, they still have one another in this sad, lonely reality. 

They’re so cute you almost forget they’re living in a post-apocalyptic world.  

6. School-Live!

Third-year Yuki loves her school so much. Like, so much that she never wants to leave! And that’s pretty much her life alongside her high school besties. However, appearances can be deceiving. They can also shroud a harsh reality one never wants to face. The school is actually their survival ground, barricaded from a zombie apocalypse in the outside world. And Yuki’s friends do everything they can to keep her upbeat fantasy intact. Ignorance really is bliss. 

Yuki is literally a walking mood.  

5. The Promised Neverland 

Grace Field House was a paradise for all orphans: kind parental figures, good meals, and so much love. By the age of 12, each child is taken to their adopted family. Two girls decide to sneak out of the house after bedtime to share one last goodbye with their newly-adopted pal. However, once they venture outside the haven, they are greeted by a horrifying reality. They are nothing more than livestock to feed demons that terrorize their not-so-perfect world. And their friend had just become its latest meal. Now questioning everything they once believed in, they have no choice but to escape with the remaining orphans to avoid this fate.  

You thought this anime was about kids who played all the time and refused to grow up? Oh, you are sadly mistaken... 

4. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

The galaxy has been in constant war with monstrous creatures known as Hidiaazu. During one battle, lieutenant Ledo is suddenly swallowed into what is best described as “time and space”. He wakes up in his hibernated state and realizes he’s landed on what is called Earth. The planet is nothing more than one gigantic ocean, civilization now residing on ships. The one he manages to end up in is called the Gargantia. He meets a young messenger girl who helps ease the troubled fighter in him. For a guy who has done nothing but battle his whole life, having an off day is practically baffling. 

Ledo and Amy  

3. Gurren Lagann 

Humanity has resided ungrounded, ignorant to an outside world where you could almost touch the stars. A young boy discovers something shiny and beautiful while digging one day, and realizes it must be a sign that there truly is something on the surface. Of course, his village calls him crazy, and the head leader nearly wants him punished for such nonsense. However, underground becomes endangered from actions caused by the surface. Young Simon and his friends must venture to above, where they are greeted by a harsh world overrun by those called Beastman. 



2. Dr. Stone 

The last thing humanity saw was a bright light. And then suddenly all life became encased in stone. Many years have passed, the world having remained frozen in its own time. Highschool teen Taiju has finally broken free from his prison, greeted by a world of statues. He vows to restore humanity, starting with rejuvenating his friends and loved ones. However, not everyone agrees that humanity should get a second chance. 



1. Humanity Has Declined 

First off, this is just like nearly every other post-apocalyptic anime out there. The twist: what happens when you mix survival of the fittest with Tinkerbell? Humanity is running low on supplies and nearing extinction. Their best course of action. Asking fairies for aid. The world is practically run by these ten-inch tyrants. But young Watashi, striving to restore her grandpa’s legacy, vows to change the world into a peaceful paradise for all species. 


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