The 25 Best Death Note Cosplays Ever

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Cosplayers show their utmost love for Death Note by portraying their favorite characters

Death Note is one of the most popular animes in the last 10 years. Thanks to its great plot, sinister characters, and story development, the anime series is now part of people’s favorite anime list. And you know people love Death Note because a lot of people have cosplayed the characters. They have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their Death Note cosplays and it left us at awe. Everything in this list is breathtaking and amazing!

1. fausto the Endless 

Cosplay by fausto-The-Endless

If you’re looking for a sinister Light Yagami who shows that he really wants to be the god of the world, fausto the Endless’ cosplay is the perfect one for you. That red streak and his evil look shows that he is willing to kill people who deserves to die. 

2. Tsukimaru 

Cosplay by Tsukimaru 

One of the most memorable scenes of L in the series is his habit of balancing sugar cubes on his cup or on a table. Tsukimaru did that scene justice in this cosplay and even recreated L’s expression well. You would think this is an official look of L. 

3. Eric Alvarado

Cosplay by Eric Alvarado

We think Remu is one of the most underappreciated characters in the series, which is why we love it when someone cosplays this shinigami. Doing this character is no easy feat, but Oni of EKYU was able to portray Remu well. The details of this cosplay is superb and we are sure creating this took a lot of hard work and determination!

4. Light Yagami and Misa Amane

Misa Cosplay by Mon 

Light Yagami is not complete without Misa and these two cosplayers have shown the great chemistry between the two characters. They may be doing simple poses, but you can feel the aura that these two are portraying, which is a combination of sinister and sweet. We think that is a deadly combination. 

5. Jin Joson, Miguel Mercado, and China

Cosplay by Jin Joson, Miguel Mercado, and China 

We love when we see cosplay group photos of Death Note characters and these photos are just wonderful! Light, L, and Misa’s expressions are priceless and you know that they have been cosplaying these characters for a long time. Everything about the photos are spot-on! 

6. Grellish

Cosplay by Grellish

Just like Remu, it is not easy to cosplay Ryuk. But Grellish did a great job here that we may think it was effortless for him to create the costume. From the costume to the details, everything was superb and we now know you do not want to mess with this Shinigami. 

7. Jin Vora 

Cosplay by Jin Vora 

Beautiful, innocent, and sexy. Jin showed all of those Misa qualities in this photo. However, we love the dark lighting in the background, which shows that, despite her innocence, Misa lives in a dark world. 

8. Dan Gyoukuei 

Cosplay by Dan Gyoukuei 

Get your dose of L in this beautiful and elegant cosplay! He’s just squatting there by the piano, but you can see that his mind is working thanks to the symbolism of the paintings around him. 

9. Yue 

Cosplay by Yue

We like it when cosplayers portray other characters apart from the main ones. Near is one of those mysterious cosplayers and Yue showed that in this photo. It makes you want to know who he is and what is he up to even if he is just playing with cards. 

10. Pollypwnz 

Cosplay by Pollypwnz 

Mello shows off his sinister and sexy aura with this cosplay by Pollypwnz. That look will definitely make all the girls melt!

11. Umibe

Cosplay by Umibe

Fall in love with the lovely Misa Amane with this wonderful cosplay. This character is sultry, seductive, and sexy---and Umibe just showed that in these two cosplay photos.

12. ItsukiMU & Kery 

Cosplay by ItsukiMU & Kery

A Death Note cosplay list will not be complete without having Light and L in one picture. This cosplay by ItsukiMU & Kery just showed how totally opposite they are, yet you will find an electrifying aura in them. Plus, don’t let those expressions fool you because we are sure their minds are buzzing with plans. 

13. Ddant

Cosplay by Ddant

Light is so mysterious here, yet he is trying to figure out the power of the Death Note. Love the lighting of the photo and the expression of the cosplayer because he embodies L’s personality. 

14. Cristiano Vegeta

Cosplay by Cristiano Vegeta

This Ryuk and Remu cosplays are just jaw-dropping and breathtaking. All the details are well-crafted and they are just amazing! 

15. HunterofHearts and Lindzar

Cosplay by HunterofHearts and Lindzar

Mello and Matt are inseparable and they work well together. You can see that in this cosplay by HunterofHearts (Mello) and Lindzar (Matt). They have the right chemistry portray the two boys well. 

16. Kuryu 

Cosplay by Kuryu 

L is all about being eccentric and loving sweets. We love that Kuryu showed that in tehse two cosplay photos. Amazing!

17. LSO 

Cosplay by LSO 

We rarely see a cosplay of Remu and Misa together, when they are also famous in the series. They complement and support each other, which shows in this cosplay photo. The expressions are just right for the characters and we commend them for the great effort in the costumes. 

18. Light Yagami – Arthur 

Cosplay by Arthur

Another stunning Light Yagami cosplay that shows Light’s sinister personality. The red streak and the white effect on the hand adds intensity to the photo. 

19. Tsukine 

Cosplay by Tsukine 

Despite wearing white clothes, Tsukine showed in this photo that Near has a dark side. We also love the mysterious expression that the cosplayer is showing here---very brooding.

20. ryuzaki 

Cosplay by ryuzaki 

Love the expressions of both cosplayers here, especially L. You know he is thinking of another plan to destroy Light even if they are side by side. 

21. L and Light 

Taken by Lauren Killjoy

We love how these cosplayers showed the fake relationship that Light and L have. Even if they worked together, they knew they are rivals and are out to destroy each other. The expressions and actions are spot-on here. 

22. Jin Joson and Tux Team

Cosplay by Jin Joson and Tux Team

The Beatles pedestrian walk is one of the most iconic scenes in history and we love it when cosplayers do that in their shoots. This cosplay by Jin and his team showed the personality of the character while commemorating the great Beatles sequence. 

23. TheDarkroomOfDreams 

Cosplay by TheDarkroomOfDreams

Despite being surrounded by toys, Near is not a child because he has a great mind. The cosplayer showed this by letting Near be surrounded by toys in a dark setting. The brooding expression is just perfect in portraying Near.

24. GeneralTifa

Cosplay by GeneralTifa

Wedy is not someone you want to mess with and General Tifa shows that in these two cosplay photos. We love the sophistication and secrecy that the cosplayer portrayed and would love to see more of her Wedy cosplays.

25. NaGi 

Cosplay by NaGi 

This Light Yagami cosplayer is so dark and brooding that we know he is up to something. The addition of the weapon is perfect because he is sort of the Grim Reaper in the show. 

Indeed, these cosplayers are dedicated in showing their love for Death Note that the end results are just perfect. Whether it’s as simple as cosplaying Light Yagami or as difficult as portraying Ryuk, these cosplayers truly love their craft. We would love to see these cosplays in person. But for now, these are photos are enough.

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