[Top 10] Death Note Best Moments

Death Note Best Moments
This show has many moments to die for! Here are 10 of the best.

Ah Death Note, my love! This show has so many amazing and intricate moments. It's going to be hard picking just 10. As I'm sure you, my fellow Death Note enthusiasts are aware. But here it goes!!

10. Ryuk Takes No Sides!

Light is walking home at night with his brand new Shinigami, Ryuk. He's plotting the whole time, how is he going to defeat L? This is only episode 3 but something  crucial happens. Ryuk says that  he won't say whether killing people with the Death Note is right or wrong.  

Why is this awesome?

  • This is the whole dilemma of the show! Is killing criminals, like Kira does, good?? So what do you think? Terrific philosophical question right? 
  • Ryuk is the one to kill Light in the end. He definitely didn't take sides.
  • It's really cool how they highlight Shinigamis' neutrality so early. They look scary as hell! I was asking with Light if the dude would want his soul or something! 
  • It's also a lovely moment to describe Ryuk's entire personality. He laughs at most things in an "I'm thousands of years old" kinda way.


9. Do you want Shinigami eyes?

Another early episode but damn, the opening of this series is really brilliant. Ryuk and Light are alone in his bedroom. And the Shinigami tempts him with eyes like his.They can see the name and lifespan of anyone whose face is known. One catch, you have to give up half your lifetime. Light says "No"!. He wants to live a long and "prosperous" life as the "God" of this world.  

Why is this so important?

  •  It actually puts a chink in his cunning as a fox armour. He has to find out the person's name to kill them*happy dance*. 
  •  Well, because he's Light he finds another way. This means he manipulates people that have the eyes. So there are loose ends runnin all around.
  •  The fact that he doesn't have the eyes is a  gift. This guy is seriously overpowered already with just a brain and a notebook. Believe me. No-one but him would want this guy with more power! 
  •  Additionally, it shows his ego starting to leak through. And Light's ego is the reason he is finally defeated (Thank … Kira??).


8. "Sayonara, Ray Penber."

Kira stands on a train as the doors open. The FBI agent, who was trailing him before, walks out. And - yes, you guessed it - has a heart attack. Kira's signature move.  The agent turns back to the train in his last moments. Looks up at his killer wondering. Who? Light looks back with a smirk and glinting eyes and says "Farewell, Ray Penber".

Why is this so impactful for me? 

  • It highlights how Light isn't just murdering for a "greater good". I mean, before he didn't see the deaths.He just wrote them down in his room. He watched this one first hand with a smile! At least he got out of the house I guess.
  • It's also one of the first non-criminals he killed. You just shiver, y'know? This guy won't let anyone get in his way!


7. Well Hi there, L!

This is the moment the last 5 cops left finally get to meet L. He has been a  face with a hairstyle and a laptop. Hidden in a dark room up until now. Expecting some badass detective type the team is surprised. And so was I! L is a skinny, young, slightly back-bent, pale, absolute cutie! With his characteristic rings around his eyes and dark hair.

Why is this moment great?

  • Because first and finally L is amazing, okay!  
  • Really expect me to be done!? C'mon.It's also a cool play on an expected trope. He's a badass in the mind. His exterior isn't really important.
  • I like the twist. The first time you see L he looks like the villain. While Light lookslike the perfect son. They are both pretty beautiful though … for y'know if you're into that, hehe.  
  • Altogether it's a moment of comedic relief. Before diving into the intense investigation. What can I say? I like a good laugh in between my horrific murders.


6. Ryuzaki Reflects.

Yagami Light reaches the holding centre where Misa is imprisoned. He claims, so slyly, that he might have no idea - but be Kira anyway. At that point, you're ready to strangle him like Homer Simpson does. But wait! As he says this the shot fixes on L\Ryuzaki. He sits quietly in his thinking position: knees up, thumb to mouth. He has said it gives him 40% more mental capacity. Trying this my next test! His internal monologue starts up. But his lips stay still. Then suddenly we are looking at a coffee cup on the table beneath his face. And his lips are moving!

Why did this scene give me goosebumps? 

  • I've never seen that cinematic effect anywhere before. It was wow! Seriously.
  • He's literally reflecting...get it... Have I become the dad joke? Or is L just making me wanna reflect?
  • I love the thought displays in this show. This was one of its most creative!


5. Light's, Camera, Action!

L and Misa prepare for an undercover op. They are going to investigate a big company to find the new Kira. Light, for the time being, has given up the Death Note. And he's part of the team.The shot opens with L using a script as a fake megaphone. He tells Misa not to over-act the lines in a pretend voice. Misa shoots back "Okay, Director Ryuzaki" sarcastically. And L says "I'll kick you if you don't do this right."

Why is this Moment so precious?! 

  • I simply just giggled and lit up. This is a stressful, (but awesome, duh!) show. Yet it always comes up with the best comedic moments. I never thought I'd be laughing in the middle of a massacre!
  • I love the bantering friends dynamic between L and Misa. It's unexpected and fun. Also L really needs friends.  
  • Misa has the CUTEST face and voice at that moment! 


4. "Just who does he think he is?"

Light is still on the Kira case (aauugh!). But there's a new investigator! N! He makes his first move with a voice-distorted call to Light. As they speak N reveals who he is and what he knows already - which is quite a lot. He then confidently states: the current case will lead to Kira's arrest. You go Glen Coco!! Light thinks to himself, "Lead to the arrest of Kira, just who does he think he is? This confidence …"

Why is this Moment so ironically cool? 

  • First of all,  Light has spent the entire show referring to himself as God! And he believes no one will ever catch him. I mean c'mon Light? Hypocritical much? 
  • It's also really cool because Light expects someone as shy and introspective as L. Instead.He gets the straightforward, take no Shi...nigami, N!
  • Finally, it's a critical statement. N's iis a big reason he defeats Kira *happy dance*. He figures out Light is Kira and goes for it!


3. X-Kira must be…?

After Near/N has found out that Light is Kira he realises he must have someone helping him. Who is this "X-Kira" he wonders? In a scene of cinematic discovery, N watches hundreds of TV screens all at once. Kira's followers are on every display. And all of a sudden he realises who it is: Teru Mikami!

Why is this brilliant?

  • At the end of it, you're like "Wow! N is smart!". It takes him about 30 seconds, damn. 
  • The artistic deliverance is gorgeous! The way the camera circles N and the TV sets. The colours and noise of every screen.  This is what I came for!
  • Not only is it appealing to the eye but the brain, too!  N takes logical steps that seem so simple. And he figures it out. This is too intelligent not to appreciate.


2. Final Showdown!!

N calls up Light and says he's finally coming to Japan! The scene pans out to the inside of a skyscraper. The two characters facing off. Then cue the classic Anime eye close up with mounting music and tension!!

Why is this so epic?

  • I think the eye zoom/stare down is just awesome in itself, okay. Who cares where or when it happens! 
  • Okay, okay I'll try to get serious. It builds the anticipation of the final confrontation between N and Light. You just want it to go down already!
  • It was perfect in every way!The colours used, music and background. It all addedintensity and excitement. Biggest build up to a last "fight" I could want!


1. Farewell, Kira.

The final moment of the series. Is, for me, the final amazing moment of a show filled with perfect moments. Light was exposed as Kira. He was shot and his end was written in the Death Note by Ryuk. He then lies on a staircase, bleeding out...until he dies. 

Why is this final moment so sweet yet sour? 

  • Light is finally defeated!!! Sayonara Light! Heh.
  • It's over, thank NOT Kira.But Light's face, as he dies, is so sad. It almost makes you feel sorry for him. Almost ! 
  • It's the end...and all I can do now is... rewatch the show! 


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