[Top 10] Death Note Best Episodes

[Top 10] Death note best episodes
Which mere mortal will be written-off next?

Death Note - the ultimate "okay but who do I root for?" experience...well... until (spoiler alert) L dies. A battle between a book-wielding murderer and the best the police can find leads you down a winding road of, "damn that's smart". Regardless of who you're backing, the mind-boggling twists of wits between Kira and L (later N - I'm crying just writing that) will not disappoint. No matter which episode you land on there'll be an extremely well thought through, intense plot. Here are some of my absolute faves:

10. Episode 3: Dealings


Death Note Episode 3

This leads to the start of police leaving the force, because who can blame them, right? And is the beginning of L's gorgeously accurate deductions. Kira has an embarrassing first encounter with the still unknown L, where he kills the wrong person. Afterwards, Kira is determined to outsmart him. Kira/Light starts killing 23 prisoners every day and, yes, actually calling himself "justice". L is so much cooler than a cucumber that he figures out Japan is the place where Kira is straight away. Even this early on in the show, the plot and schemes just keep getting more complex and interesting. 


9. Episode 5: Tactics


Death Note Episode 5

The FBI was called in to investigate Kira. One very unlucky agent got too close to Light and gave him his name - whyyyyy!? A glimmer of hope appears as the FBI agent tells his wife about it. Later Light takes his biggest risk so far by intimidating the agent onto a train and getting all the investigating FBI agent's names (who he obviously kills - this guy and his killing, damm). With one final evil look through the train's doors, Light says farewell to the dying agent. As Kira is … well, killing, the police lose even more staff to fear. And the FBI agent's wife (a retired agent) starts investigating his death. Not only does all of this happen but the few investigators left gear up to finally meet the mysterious L! I love the sheer amount of plot development and climatic effect in this early episode.


8. Episode 8: Glare 


Death Note Episode 8

The investigation continues. L is closer to the truth than ever. A sneak surveillance op is put in place in Light's bedroom. L and even Light's father starts to suspect him. In true Kira style, Light is already prepared. He sets up the seemingly simple yet brilliant chip packet cover. In one chip stained hand, he writes the names of those to die and in another, he finishes his homework. With stirring music and exciting inner dialogue a simple night's study becomes one of the coolest slips Kira gives the police the entire season. Of course, L isn't completely fooled because he's amazing.


7. Episode 10: Doubt 


Death Note Episode 10 Live Reaction

In the best episode known to MANKIND (okay maybe just me) L and Light go head to head in an epic battle of who is better at ... tennis. Meanwhile, the dire situation with the lack of police officers continues.The combo of both of their intelligent internal monologues with the intensity of the match makes it an episode that's probably IMPOSSIBLE to forget. Unfortunately, Light does win. Afterwards, at a cafe, there is more beautiful interrogation and mind play between Light and L. L admits he suspects Light of being Kira and yet invites him into the investigation anyway. Because that how L do.


6. Episode 17: Execution


Death Note Episode 17 Live Reaction

Light and Misa are imprisoned as L's suspicions have become too itchy to ignore. In a 24/7 surveilled room, with no way to use the Death Note - Light stays, for a month, but the deaths of criminals continue. Light is so convincing of his innocence (probably due to his forgetting he was Kira) that even I was questioning whether he was the killer. Yet, his underappreciated, good cop, Dad puts Light and Misa through one final test - a seriously convincing fake execution! Unfortunately, (or fortunately for us and the show) Light escapes police suspicion but, of course, not L's.


5. Episode 21: Performance


Death Note Episode 21 Live Reaction

The episode starts with the Death Note in the hands of one of the seven Boardman (all according to Light's previous plan). To infiltrate the company L comes up with a plan to send Misa in. While getting interviewed something unplanned happens - the surprisingly caring Shinigami, Rem, shows her who the present Kira is. The plan is cancelled by Light but Misa doesn't give up! She goes on a fake date with the Boardman and he confesses.The fact that in less than an episode she and the Shinigami could wrap up what the whole investigative team took episodes to even approach is awesome. I think it was a well-timed break from the usual, yet it stayed true to the tone of the series.


4. Episode 25: Silence


Death Note Episode 25 Live Reaction

Light is now on the, much smaller, investigation team into his ummm, self. While still juggling the "responsibilities" of name writing by recruiting the sweet Misa in a manipulative plot against L.Then we get the "I might ship L and Light" scene as they dry each other after the rain. Which leaves you asking why don't they just date and stop the killing, man? And to drive us even more crazy yup, you guessed it, L dies. Just before he finally gets the notebook and cracks the case - boom! a Kira organised heart attack ensues. It was a heart-wrenching episode yet beautifully intricate and smart as always.


3. Episode 31: Transfer


Death Note Episode 31 Live Reaction

L is gone, it feels hopeless! But worry not his successor, N/Near is here, yaaay!! Light realises something has to be done to stop him so he sends Kira rioters to N's base. Surrounded by screaming protestors N and his team seem done for. Until the distraction I think everyone would want, money fell from the sky. N then asks the other agents in the investigation team to call and tell him who they think Kira is. One brave, brave investigator calls and explains his suspicions of Light. The investigation into their coworker (Light) reaches a roadblock. Light's Death Note can't be found because - dun dun duuun- it was passed on. Luckily this tense episode is lightened up with some humour between Misa and two agents. So we don't have our own heart attacks.


2. Episode 33: Scorn


Death Note Episode 33

While Light continues his charade as part of the investigation team, N enters Japan. In an underhanded way, N pokes at Light's ego. When he already knows Light is Kira.The only unknown left: who is the other Kira? That becomes slightly complicated. Light switches it up and enrols a new "X-Kira" just as N figures the last one out. The short but epic scene of N's discovery is so impactful and fun. I actually really appreciate the increase of pace in this episode - it's the first time we start to feel that Light isn't completely in control. 


1. Episode 37: New World


Death Note Episode 37

The last episode ends on a cliffhanger, will Light's plan to kill Near work? Light obviously thinks it will as in the last seconds he proudly proclaims "I win, Near". In a huge sigh of relief, no one dies and, FINALLY, Light is exposed as Kira. Near reveals how he outsmarted Light in a satisfying final confrontation. Light, in one last desperate attempt to use the notebook, gets shot multiple times yet survives to run away. Only for his Shinigami to write his name in the Death Note. This beautiful and almost sad episode ends with Light dead on the stairs and unfortunately, Misa's death too. What an amazing series!! With all the twists and turns. I couldn't be happier at its existence and sadder at its end.


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