Top 10 Anime With Intelligent MC

Top 10 Anime With Intelligent MC
In Code Geass, Lelouch becomes the leader in a resistance against the tyrannical Britannia Empire.

The smartest characters showing their wits in these anime!

Well written anime that use smart characters as their protagonist open many possibilities with where they can take their story. These main characters find creative ways to solve their problems. As a result, they receive more complicated consequences that mirror their past strategic actions. As these shows throw more and more complex problems at its characters, it finally reaches a point where the viewer is convinced that there is absolutely no way a character can fix the problem they face. But with their intellect, they find a way and make the story even more exhilarating. 

10. The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows Trailer

In this world, spirits called loose souls dwell in the unfulfilled hearts of troubled girls. Keima must make those girls fall in love with him to drive out the pesky spirits. With only the experience of playing romantic visual novels, Keima must transfer his intuition and the techniques of those video games to the real world. 

A demon girl enlisted Keima to help rid the world of loose souls. 

9. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School Trailer

In Japan’s far future, siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are enrolled into First High School. A school designed to further the ability of student’s magic. While Miyuki receives high scores on the entrance exam, Tatsuya performs poorly but his exceptional intelligence and unique abilities proves opposite to his test scores. 

Tatsuya must protect Miyuki because it's possible she will succeed a clan leader who governs over all magic. 

8. Hyouka

Hyouka Trailer 

Oreki’s main mission in life is to use as little energy as possible. Unfortunately for him, his involvement in the Literature Club forces him to use deductive reasoning to figure out mysteries that happen throughout the school year.


Although Oreki is resilient when offered to do unnecessary tasks, his classmate’s childlike curiosity pulls him in. 

7. Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate Trailer

The mad scientist Okabe creates brand new inventions with the help of his childhood friend and an otaku. One day they create an invention that turns bananas into green goo, further tinkering results in a time machine. This contraption can only send seemingly insignificant text messages back in time, though the consequences of the machine create huge problems. 

The case of the green goo attracts the attention of a famous American scientist named Kurisu. 

6. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Trailer

With no warning, a green flash sweeps across the planet, turning all humans to stone. Thousands of years later, Senku breaks out of the stone that has preserved his mind and body. In a world where nature has dominated all structures of society, Senku must use his knowledge of science to bring every other human back to life. 

Senku quickly figures out what concoction of chemicals can break free humans, but he unlucky brings the wrong man back to life. 

5. No Game, No Life

No Game, No Life Trailer 

A legendary pair of gaming siblings are unknowingly sucked into another world. People in this world do not fight, they instead wager anything of equal value and use a game to decide a winner. The duo decide that they want to rule as gods and will defeat the current God of Games to achieve it. 

Shiro, the younger stepsister, has an extreme intelligence with 18 languages under her belt and a master’s skill in chess. 

4. Log Horizon

Log Horizon Trailer 

Thousands of gamers find themselves inside the world of a MMORPG without anyway to leave. Shiroe finds his footing quickly in the world he has roleplayed in for hours upon hours. He works with other trapped players and NPCs alike to build up a new city called Akihabara. 

One of the friends that help Shiroe on his quest has not played the game in years, making it extremely unlikely and unlucky that he would also be dragged into the world. 

3. Detective Conan 

Detective Conan Trailer 

The brilliant Shinichi has a reputation for solving criminal cases with the police. After witnessing illegal activity, the criminals catch Shinichi and feed an experimental drug that is supposed to kill him. Unknowingly to them, the drug turns Shinichi's body to the form of a seven year old with no effect on his brain. As a child, Shinichi must continue to solve cases and hide the truth behind his identity. 

Shinichi gains access to information on police cases through his childhood friend’s father. 

2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Trailer 

Prince Lelouch wants revenge after his father dismissed finding the murderer who killed Lelouch’s mother. With Lelouch’s father acting as King of the all too powerful Britannia empire, it's almost impossible that Lelouch can exact revenge. But when Lelouch gains the power to submit other peoples’ wills to his own, he finally has a chance at performing his own justice. 

For Lelouch’s power of mind control to work, he must look into his victim’s eyes.  

1. Death Note 

Death Note Trailer 

When walking on school premises one day, Light comes across a notebook called the Death Note. In its rules it says that any individual’s name written into it’s pages will kill that person. Light tests the notebook to prove its horrifying effects, he then embraces his new power to act as a new God.

The person who uses the Death Note can also see the death god that accompanies it. 

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