The 25 Best Levi Ackerman Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful/Best Looking)

Best Levi Ackerman Cosplay
Levi Ackerman is one of the topmost popular anime characters; ratings show his popularity even more than Attack on Titan’s main characters. Here are the top 25 best Levi Cosplays that bring Levi to real life.

25. Aruftw

Cosplay by Aruftws

The strongest soldier of humanity swings between the lands, slashing the necks of enormous titans as if it’s a piece of cake. He indeed makes killing titans look way easier than it is for almost everyone else.

24. Martina

Cosplay by Martina

Being a Captain of the Special Operations Squad is not an easy task. Your decisions will affect the lives of your whole squad, and one mistake can cost you the life of many. Levi has to battle physically and emotionally with himself in this position.

23. Pandora-Hazel

Cosplay by Pandora-Hazel

A part of Levi wishes for a normal life where he runs a tea shop and lives peacefully. However, the last of humanity is at the stake of being killed, and Levi can prevent it from happening with his strength and wits. He cannot discontinue the life of a soldier.

22. Shiyou-chan

Cosplay by Shiyou-chan

No one looks so good with dull eyes and dark circles except Levi Ackerman. His eyes are so intimidating; you know you can’t mess with him at first glance. But those eyes make him look so hot at the same time.

21. Gesha Petrovich

Cosplay by Gesha Petrovich

Levi Ackerman is a hero who wears a green cape. He has no superpowers but excellent strength and reflexes, which makes him capable of fighting the titans.

20. Dinnan

Cosplay by Dinnan

After every mission, Levi has multiple wounds on his body from the extensive fighting. The scars on his body may heal, but how can he get rid of the permanent scars left on his heart from losing his comrades?

19. Skyrap

Cosplay by Skyrap

One of the best moments in Attack on Titan is seeing Levi in action. Levi moves so fast; it's hard for our eyes to catch him.

He never hesitates during fighting nor makes a mistake.  Levi is way too cool!

18. Lolo_Ackerman

Cosplay by Lolo_Ackerman

It isn’t too hard to guess, but the only thing Levi envies from Eren is his height. Poor Levi is older than Eren but still has a much shorter height. Guess that proves you don’t need to be tall in order to be the strongest?

17. Touka

Cosplay by Touka

Levi may look like he doesn’t have an emotional side to him. But when the chaos is over for some time, and he’s alone, he sits and thinks about the comrades he has lost, and he really misses them.

16. WiseKumagoro

Cosplay by WiseKumagoro

Levi Ackerman is too strong even to fear the largest and scariest creatures, the titans. However, he’s afraid of the smallest organisms, the mold, and mildew, because they’re too disgusting.

15. Silicia Hilton

Cosplay by Silicia Hilton

Don’t ever think about irritating Levi Ackerman. He’s very blunt and will say anything he wants no matter how insulting or belittling it is, and you cannot do anything about it because he is too strong to fight.

14. Killedbyanangelecos

Cosplay by Killedbyanangelecos

Even with all hurt and trauma he’s been through, Levi walks with his head and shoulders straight without any lack of confidence or emotional instability. You will never be able to guess what he’s been through by looking at him.

13. Roxanne

Cosplay by Roxanne

Levi has been a soldier even before he joined that Survey Corps. That’s because he spent his early life in the underground city where he had to fight and protect himself for survival every day.

12. Laistormhrim

Cosplay by laistormhrim

Seeing many of your comrades die and continue fighting on the battlefield isn’t an easy task. But Levi Ackerman is the strongest soldier of humanity, and that’s why he’s able to handle emotions and past trauma better than anyone else.

11. Chou

Cosplay by Chou

If you want to be caressed by Levi, you’ll have to be a horse because there’s no human that Levi likes to caress. 

10. Sherise-cosplay

Cosplay by Sherise-cosplay

If you’re a member of Levi’s squad, you have to do everything he says, including cleaning every part of the house. Your cleanliness has to meet Levi’s standard of cleanliness. Otherwise, he’ll make sure you regret not cleaning well enough.

9. EdwardElric28

Cosplay by EdwardElric28

Levi is so extraordinary that if you search “the definition of fabulous” on google images, it will show pictures of Levi. Even google considers him the best.

8. Migo Mii

Cosplay by 米迩_

It is difficult to fight against Levi because of his exceptional combat skills and the intimidating look on his face, which can scare any opponent even before the fighting starts.

7. Pamela Williams

Cosplay by Pamela Williams

Ever wonder how Levi so easily carries the huge 3D maneuvering gear on his small body? Well, his body is developed in musculature because of using the 3D maneuvering gear a lot, so he is much stronger than he looks.

6. Wigansuinthe

Cosplay by Wigansuinthe

Even when living a tough life as a thug in the underground city, Levi finds some happiness with his first-ever friends, Isabel and Farlan. He’s finally able to smile and laugh until his friends experience an unfortunate fate.

5. Asuka10

Cosplay by Asuka10

Even though Levi spends much of his time fighting on the battlefield and often gets dirty with blood or mud, he cannot tolerate any dirt on him or around him. He’s the literal epitome of “clean freak.”

4. ZoreZ

Cosplay by ZoreZ

If there were a contest on who looks best in the Survey Corps uniforms, Levi Ackerman would totally win. The uniform perfectly suits his face and body structure.

3. Itchy-Hands

Cosplay by Itchy-Hands

Levi has his own fighting style, which sets him apart and makes him look so cool. Unlike everyone else, Levi holds his sword backhanded with the blade facing outwards.

2. Jin

Cosplay by Jin

If you’ve noticed, Levi usually sleeps less and mostly sleeps on his chair. It’s actually because of his past trauma which has given him insomnia making him unable to sleep for more than 2-3 hours daily. 

1. Dantelian

Cosplay by Dantelian

Beat him up all you want, but nothing can make Levi give up. He’ll get up and fight even if his legs don’t work. Levi will follow you to the depths of hell if he has to come there to kill you. He’s a soldier like none other, and having him as your enemy will be your worst nightmare.

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