[Top 10] Yu Yu Hakusho Best Fights Worth Watching Again

 Yu Yu Hakusho Best Fights
Kuwabara ready to fight Rando

 [Top 10] Yu Yu Hakusho Best Fights Worth Watching Again

Do you Love Shonen style anime? Do the fights really get you excited? If you want fights filled with energy blasts and brutal clashes, then look no further. Yu-Yu-Hakusho is one of the classics with some of the most epic fights in all of anime.

Team Urameshi assemble(Assembled Team Urameshi) 

If you are thinking about watching this amazing show, then you need to know what makes it special, right? No one wants their time wasted. So, I’m here as your friendly neighborhood anime man to help you out. Here are ten examples of the awesomeness that is Yu-Yu-Hakusho fights.

10. Yusuke vs Chu


Yusuke facing Chu(Yusuke facing Chu)

The dark tournament is arguably the best arc in Yu-Yu-Hakusho. There are many great battles in it. The fight between Chu and Yusuke will keep you on the edge of your seat for many reasons.

  • The fight starts with them showing each other their different techniques and powers. Trying to blast each other until they realize they are too evenly matched.
  • With their power levels being very similar this fight boils down to them just hitting each other to see who will be the last man standing.
  • You get to see Yusuke's love of battle, smiling as he and Chu hit each other over and over again never dodging any blows.
  • Out of all the crazy powers in this anime this fight ends with the two men headbutting each other in an epic clash of willpower where Yusuke stands the victor over Chu.

9. Hiei vs Zeru


Hiei facing Zeru's flames(Hiei facing Zeru's flames)

In another match from the dark tournament arc, Hiei faces off against the arrogant Zeru. Even though short it’s amazing for its showcase of Hiei’s personality. By the end, you see exactly why  Hiei has no fear of this fiery demon.

  • Beginning with a flashy show of power you get to see Zeru’s fire pour out. Filling the arena, his flames reach out killing members of the audience.
  • As Hiei dodges the flames sent at him you get to see his displays of agility. Seeing the dodged flames destroying everything they hit is also an exciting site.
  • Hiei’s personality is in full swing laughing at everything Zeru throws at him. As well as surviving after being engulfed by his opponent’s flames with barely a scratch on him.
  • The best part is when Hiei reveals for the first time a legendary technique that he learned. Summoning the dragon of the darkness flames he leaves nothing left of Zeru but a cinder on the wall.


8. Yusuke vs Hiei


Yusuke facing Hiei(Yusuke facing Hiei)

During his first big case as the spirit detective, Yusuke had to find three demons. One of those demons was Hiei. In this battle, you see Yusuke’s unique way of battling. Hiei also shows off some abilities that you hadn’t seen in the show before.

  • Starting off the battle with a game where Yusuke’s friend’s life is the prize Hiei shows his love for toying with opponents.
  • Yusuke has no time for Hiei’s speech and puts a quick end to it by punching him square in the jaw. Yusuke even comments on him having to eat his words because he talks too much.
  • After a brief struggle, you get to see Hiei’s full demon form when he opens his Jagan eye. Turning green and gaining eyes all over his body. His speed increases dramatically and he begins to beat Yusuke mercilessly.
  • Realizing he will never be able to straight-up hit his opponent Yusuke outthinks him by using a demonic mirror to reflect a spirit gun into Hiei’s back. He proves that he’s not just a brawler but a thinker as well.


7. Kurama vs Gama


Kurama looks at the paint warrior(Kurama looks at the paint warrior)

We are right back in the dark tournament arc guys! Yea if you couldn’t tell by now it’s my favorite. So for this fight right here we have Kurama against the paint wielding warrior Gama.

  • This fight starts with Gama painting himself. This unusual tactic raises his power with a visible aura.
  • Gama charges Kurama swinging and kicking at him. Kurama dodges again and again never being touched. Gama eventually gets him with his paint.
  • Gama’s paint has unique magical abilities which cause Kurama to be weighed down and not able to move.
  • Gama believes he has Kurama and charges him. As soon as Gama gets close Kurama uses his Rose whip, which he has wrapped in his hai, cutting the painted warrior into pieces.


6. Raizen vs Sensui


Raizen destroys Sensui(Raizen destroys Sensui)

Sensui, the rogue spirit detective, fought our heroes many times defeating them outright. He even killed Yusuke. Having been brought back to life. Yusuke battled him again in the demon world. Still, no match for him our hero’s ancestor took over his body to fight Sensui.

  • This fight was completely one-sided. Raizen in Yusuke’s body went on the offensive. Attacking Sensui in a very brutal fashion.
  • Sensui did his best to fight and defend himself. Raizen could not be slowed down. Sensui never landed a blow on Raizen.
  • Throwing Sensui in the air. Hitting him rapidly over and over again. Slamming him through pillars of rock. Raizen dominated Sensui at every turn.
  • Against Yusukes wishes Raizen killed Sensui. Blasting him with a huge spirit gun. Yusuke furious about being forced to kill someone vows revenge on his ancestor. This battle sets up the next arc beautifully.


5. Hiei vs Mukuro


Lovers quarrel(Lovers quarrel)

This battle is a little different from the others on this list. It’s important because of the emotional weight it carries. In this fight, you see both opponents fighting not to kill. They instead fight to help each other. Both trying to cure the other's pain.

  • This fight shows parts of Hiei’s personality that he never shows. Including his love for Mukuro.The normally dark and brooding warrior spends his time dodging and half-ass attacking. While talking to his opponent.
  • It’s also great due to the rare occurrence of Hiei revealing his Jagan eye. Mukuro told him to do so because he was not fighting all out.
  • Another amazing moment in the fight is when he uses his darkness of the dragon flame technique on Mukuro. Lifting her into the air as she tried to stop from being consumed.
  • In an awesome display of power, she ripped the dragon in half. The battle ends with Hiei and Mukuro embracing each other silently in a rare show of love.


4.Yusuke vs Yomi


Yomi faces Yusuke(Yomi faces Yusuke)

The final battle of the three kings arc. Yusuke vs Yomi is full of surprises. Both fighters battling with everything they got to see who’s the strongest. This fight is the total of everything that Yusuke has been through up to this point.

  • The battle begins with Yusuke and Yomi pushing against each other with nothing but their auras.
  • The fight immediately moves to fists and feet. Yomi dominates this part of the battle.
  • After having a revelation about why he fights, Yusuke mixes his demon and spirit energy to create a new more powerful energy.
  • The battle raged on with each of them slamming their energy-infused fists into each other. This fight has a very unique ending. The main character loses the final battle. It’s an epic ending to an epic tale.


3.Yusuke vs Toguro


Yusuke dodging Toguro's attack(Yusuke dodging Toguro's attack)


Here we are back at the dark tournament once again. This is the final fight of the dark tournament arc. After Toguro killed Yusukes teacher Genkai our hero is more than ready to face him. Toguro has been waiting for someone to come along and kill him. Yusuke gives him that chance.

  • At the beginning of this fight, Toguro is tanking all of Yusuke’s strikes. As Toguro raises his power Yusuke continues to meet his expectations.
  • At faux 100% power Toguro blocks Yusukes attacks with his thumb. And even breaks his arm with one punch.
  • After Toguro goes true 100% power he becomes too much for Yusuke. Beating him all around the arena.
  • Believing it to be the only one to bring out Yusuke’s power Toguro seemingly kills Kuwabara in front of Yusuke. Seeing this pushes Yusuke over the edge allowing him to break past his limits.


2.Kuwabara vs younger Toguro


Elder Toguro morphing(Elder Toguro morphing)

In the most epic display of honor, resolve, and power Kuwabara takes on elder Toguroin our last entry for the dark tournament. Elder Toguro’s abilities make him his most dangerous opponent yet. And you find out how closely the samurai-like hero’s power is tied to his resolve.

  • Kuwabara reveals many new techniques in this battle. In the beginning, he creates his biggest spirit sword yet.
  • After realizing the monster can move his vital organs around Kuwabara gets stabbed through his chest almost dying.
  • Toguro tells him that his and Yusuke’s master was killed. After this reveal his anger pushes him to show a new move. He fires a ranged multi-sword attack.
  • Kuwabara cuts Elder Toguro into pieces again and again. He keeps putting his body back together. Kuwabara realizing that he has to destroy his entire body at once uses his final new technique. Creating a circular energy weapon he slams it on Elder Toguro winning the fight.


1.Yusuke vs Suzaku


The final Saint beast(The final Saint beast)

Here we are people, at number one. My favorite fight in all of Yu-Yu-Hakusho.Yusuke displays his courage, strength, and love for his friends. You also see how our hero deals with someone who outclasses him in every way

  • Suzaku starts the fight using only one hand. Blocking all Yusukes attacks and beating him down. He even knocks our hero’s spirit gun to the side.
  • Suzaku has many awesome abilities. He mixes his energy with lightning causing Yusuke incredible pain. He can also create six other clones. They all have his power level.
  • Yusuke shows his battle intelligence by tricking Suzaku by hiding his spirit gun until the perfect moment. Still, the most he can do is cause the villain to use both hands.
  • Suzaku absorbs his clones to fully heal himself. Yusuke, feeling helpless, begins to be tortured. Understanding that his friends will die if he loses causes our hero to use his life as energy. He sacrifices himself to beat Suzaku.

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