[Top 10] Yu Yu Hakusho Best Villains and Their Best Scenes

Yu Yu Hakusho Best Villains
Yusuke and Botan

 [Top 10] Yu Yu Hakusho Best Villains and Their Best Scenes

Yu-Yu-Hakusho Villains(Yu-Yu-Hakusho Villains)

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood shounen man here with another exciting list. Let me ask you guy’s something. What makes a good villain? Is it their tenacity and determination to bring about their plans? Is it all about power or cunning? Could it be all about their level of evil, charisma, and pure entertainment value? Maybe it’s about people being able to connect with the villain. Today’s list is all about the best of the best villains in Yu-Yu-Hakusho and we are going to find our answers together.

10. Hiei

Hiei with his darkness dragon(Hiei with his darkness dragon)

Now, this choice may seem a bit weird but Hiei did start the series off as a villain. When he first shows up his cold calculating demeanor is quite disturbing. He was a great villain and seemed like he was going to be far too much for Yusuke. And in fact, would have been if not for him underestimating our young hero. He became one of the fan favorites of the show from his origin’s to his eventual evolution as a sympathetic hero. Hiei is great due to his attitude that makes him always seem stronger than everyone around him. Even if he is worried about losing he will never let you think anything besides that he is better than you. Hiei has many amazing fights in the series but since we are talking about villains we’ll use his best fight as a villain.

Watch Hiei vs Yusuke:


9. Rando

Rando kicking Yusuke(Rando kicking Yusuke)

For our number nine entry, we have the ability stealing Rando. He is a sadistic demon who loves to torture and kill. Gaining sick pleasure from the pain he inflicts Rando is a dangerous but interesting enemy for our heroes. Disguised as a monk named Shorin he first battles against Kuwabara. He uses a unique ability to shrink him down and break his legs, arms, and rib cage. Seeing this pushes Yusuke over the edge. When he and Rando fight, Yusuke dominates him, even thinking he won the battle until Rando reveals his true form. After this transformation, the fight changes with our hero unable to stop the demon or his stolen abilities. He even fires his own version of the spirit gun at Yusuke.

Watch Rando vs Yusuke:


8. Kuro Momotaro

Kuro in his ape form(Kuro in his Ape form)

For number eight we have a very interesting demon who had the unfortunate luck of facing off against Hiei in the dark tournament. . When Kuro Momotarofirst steps into the ring he pulls Hiei’s sword out of his partner’s skull and kicks him out of the ring while insulting him. In a very shocking opening scene to their fight, Kuro uses Hiei’s sword to cut his forearm open saying how much he enjoys the pain. With this, he pulls out his steaming sphere which he explains makes him invulnerable to pain that he was just inflicted with. Every time Hiei hits him with an attack he just transforms again so it can no longer harm him. He falls prey to a trick used by our hero dying on the end of Hiei’s sword while it’s cloaked in energy.

Watch Kuro vs Hiei:


7. Kaname Hagiri(Sniper)

Sniper looking down(Sniper looking down)

Kaname Hagiri otherwise known as sniper comes in fast at number seven. He is a human psychic with the ability to fire anything as if it was a bullet coming out of a gun. He has perfect aim with a gun as well proving this after he fires on a fuel truck, blowing it up from many yards away. He can also declare targets, anything he fires will fly directly towards the target even if he can’t see it. Even though he is just a teenager he is a former member of the Sensui Seven. He is only stopped when Hiei impales him on his sword. He survives due to Hiei not hitting any vital organs because he did not want the kid dead.

Watch Sniper vs Yusuke:


6. Bui

Bui with his giant axe(Bui with his giant Axe)

At number six we have another combatant from the dark tournament and a fan favorite. Bui is a warrior of few words who fights for team Toguro due to him losing to younger Toguro long before the tournament. . He was one of the few enemies faced in the dark tournament that believed in honor in battle. Bui easily destroyed everyone he came up against until he faced off against Hiei. During their fight, he was quickly overwhelmed forcing him to reveal that his armor was not for protection but was used to hold his immense power in check. After removing it he faced Hiei with all his strength. Even doing the unthinkable and throwing Hiei’s darkness of the dragon flame back at him. Absorbing the dragon into himself Hiei became far too much for Bui and easily defeated him.

Watch Bui vs Hiei:


5. Yomi

Yomi ready to fight(Yomi ready to fight)

Number five is the most powerful antagonist from Yu-Yu-Hakusho. He is one of the three kings from the three kings arc and looks to take over all of the demon world in order to unite them under one banner. He isn’t necessarily evil but he does believe that due to humans' quick breeding and large population that demons should be free to consume them. Yomi is completely blind because of an assassination attempt on his life ordered by Yoko Kurama. After he was blinded he learned to be calm, thinking before he performed any acts including while in combat. He and Yusuke’s final fight was an amazing display of power on both their parts that eventually led to Yusuke’s defeat. However, due to the amount of energy he lost, Yomi was defeated in the very next round of the tournament.

Watch Yomi vs Yusuke:


4. Sensui

Sensui and his battle scars(Sensui and his battle scars)

Coming in at number four is the former spirit detective, Sensui. A prodigy who was able to see and even destroy demons from a very young age. He was strong in his belief that destroying demons and spirits was the way for him to protect the world, which he believed was his duty. It wasn’t until he went on a mission to stop the black black club, which is an evil group of humans with vast amounts of wealth that do whatever their twisted hearts desire. On this mission he discovers the black black club in a room performing despicable acts upon demons, causing them immense pain just for their pleasure. This act broke Sensui’s mind, flipping his thought process upside down. He began to see humans as a disease that was destined to destroy everything. With this in mind, he killed everyone in that room before starting a campaign to open up the portal to the demon world to allow the demons to come through and feast upon humanity.

Watch Sensui vs Hiei, Kuwabara, and Kurama:


3. Karasu

Karasu in his first form(Karasu in his first form)

Sliding in smoothly at number three is Karasu. Another member of Team Toguro. Much like Bui, he was forced to work for the Toguro brothers under the condition that if he could ever kill them he would be free. However, unlike Bui, he was sadistic and enjoyed causing pain and fear. Karasu also had a strong dislike for anyone that he saw as weaker than himself. Eventually, he meets Kurama in battle, using his variety of bombs Karasuforces him to transform into Yoko Kurama. During their battle, his mask came off and his true self was revealed. No longer calm and collected his maniacal laughter filled the arena as his hair turned blonde and he began insulting his opponent while trying desperately to kill him. In the end, he died to Kurama but still won the match due to a technicality.

Watch Karasu vs Kurama:


2. Suzaku

Suzaku controlling lightning(Suzaku controlling lightning)

At number two we have one of my favorite villains in all of Yu-Yu-Hakusho. Suzaku the leader and most powerful of the saint beasts. This villain marked Yusuke’s first true test with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Using the Makai whistle he sent the Makai insects to the human world to turn all the humans into mindless zombies under his control. Yusuke and friends headed to Suzakus castle to stop them. Using many different techniques from controlling lightning to cloning himself Suzaku overpowered our hero at every turn. In their fight, we saw how truly sadistic Suzaku was while he enjoyed watching the humans suffer, even using Yusuke’s love for Keiko to cause him pain. This tactic eventually backfires on him when Yusuke begins to use his own life energy against the saint beast destroying him and all his clones.

Watch Suzaku vs Yusuke:


1. Younger Toguro

Younger Toguro after he destroyed the arena(Younger Toguro after he destroyed the arena)

As everyone reading this list probably knows, no one else could have been in this place. I mean who else but this man pushed our heroes to their absolute limits. At number one we have Younger Toguro himself. This man caused so much pain for Yusuke. From killing his teacher Genkai to beating him senseless and making him believe he slaughtered Yusuke’s best friend Kuwabara. . Toguro used to be  Genkai’s lover but due to a demon-killing all of their students in the martial arts school they ran, he went down a much darker path. Eventually, he won a dark tournament and wished for demonic power. Regretting his decision later in life he wished to have someone kill him in his full power form. He got what he asked for after he made it seem like he killed Kuwabara causing Yusuke to finally kill Toguro.

Watch Toguro vs Yusuke:


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