[Top 10] Yu Yu Hakusho Best Moments Worth Watching Again

Yu-Yu-Hakusho Best Moments
Yusuke's surprise special


[Top 10] Yu Yu Hakusho Best Moments Worth Watching Again

(Yusuke and friends)

Was up, everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen man here once again with a list about one of the greatest shows in anime. Yu-Yu-Hakusho has captured people’s hearts from the very beginning. With its well-developed characters, it’s intense and sometimes dark stories and for putting humor in all the right places. This amazing shonen is known as one of the best for many great reasons. Today we will look into why it deserves this spot together, exploring ten of the most watch-worthy moments in the entire show. Picking only ten was not easy and I would recommend that after you read this list go check the show out for yourself.

10. Yusuke dies(first time)


Yusuke floating

(Yusuke floating)

Floating in at number ten we have the moment that started it all. When a young man named Yusuke Urameshi jumps in front of a car, pushing a kid out of the way, and gets hit. Dying on impact Yusuke opens his eyes seeing nothing but the sky. After flipping over trying to catch himself he realizes he is floating in the air. Looking down he sees a commotion below him. After a second he notices that people are surrounding his dead body. 

What’s great about this scene:

  • This scene provides some important information about the show and our protagonist as well as introducing Botan which is great in itself.
  • Even though Yusuke is looked at as a delinquent and has a rather rough attitude towards basically everything, he is still a hero who would give his life to save someone.

  • It also showcases his somewhat goofy attitude as he sees a child that no one is paying attention to and instead of brushing him off, he tries to make the child laugh.

9. Hiei’s amazing speed


(Hiei ready to attack)

Flashing in at number nine is Hiei and his incredible speed that he showcases against the saint beast Seiryu. Defeating Byakko the heroes head up to the next saint beasts lair. . After Seiryu the blue dragon makes his introduction they’re interrupted by Byakko’s return. He comes into the room begging Seiryu for help only to be met with disgust by his fellow saint beast. Calling him a disgrace the blue dragon freezes then shatters Byakko with one kick leaving his frozen head on the ground.

What’s great about this scene:

  • Seeing the saint beast Seiryu overpower Byakko so easily after watching him and Kuwabara fight was eye-opening to the difference in power between the saint beasts.

  • We thought we understood where Hiei’s power was at but this scene proved us all wrong after he stopped Seiryu with one attack. You will also love that the Blue dragon’s ice didn’t affect Hiei at all.

  • When Kurama asked Hiei how many times he cut the saint beast in his one attack and He said,” I cut him sixteen times” we were all amazed. It also made me laugh to hear Yusuke say he only counted seven or eight just to have Kuwabara exclaim he couldn’t even see the flashes.

8. Kuwabara breaks through another dimension


(Kuwabara and friends)

Cutting Across dimensions to make it to number eight we have Kuwabara vs Seaman. Being a member of The Sensui seven he was sent to kill Kuwabara. In this scene, Kuwabara and his friends are ambushed by the psychic Seaman who can create a mini water dimension inside of a monster. Using this monster he traps people in it causing them to drown. The only way to stop the monster is to knock out or kill Seaman which is a tall order when he traps you. Considering the monster’s insides are another dimension he seems to have a foolproof strategy to defeat anyone he comes across.

What’s great about this scene:

  • Seeing Seaman’s powers in full swing was very interesting. As he explains his power he really leaves you with the sense that Kuwabara and his friends might die.
  • As Kuwabara realizes his friends have already passed out in the water dimension prison that they are all stuck in he begins to fight harder. Ignoring Seaman’s insults he continues to attack the dimensional wall until he unleashes his dimension sword for the first time cutting Seaman across his chest.
  • The best thing about this scene in my opinion is seeing Kuwabara’s strength of character. Even though Seaman tried to kill him and his friends, Kuwabara chooses to save his life, carrying him and his friends on his back to safety.

7. Knife-edge fight


(Chu with his knives)

Cutting into number seven is the knife-edge deathmatch between Chu and Yusuke. Their fight starts with them showing off their techniques to each other proving that they were evenly matched. After they both expend all their spirit energy and still get nowhere they decide to do what Chu called a knife-edge deathmatch. This was a fight where two large knives are stabbed into the ground and both opponents put their bare feet up against the blades. They then have to keep hitting each other without backing away until one of them falls.

What’s great about this scene:

  • In a show where everyone has crazy powers and most fights are decided by huge blasts of spirit energy or complex strategies, it was interesting to see these two warriors decide their fight with just hand to hand combat.

  • The drama really picks-up with the crowd beginning to yell louder and louder for the violence they were seeing, the storm that suddenly rolls in causing lightning to strike the knives really sets the tone of this fight.

  • As a side note during this scene, you get to see a cut-away where Karasu, one of Toguros team members, uses his abilities on screen for the first time. Watching him explode guards without ever touching them was very entertaining.

6. Raizen kills Sensui


(Raizen kills Sensui)

Transforming into number six is the battle between Raizen and Sensui. After an amazing transformation where energy poured out of Yusuke creating tornadoes around his body, he turns into a demon. Turns out Yusuke has mazoku blood running through his veins. Mazoku is an ancient demon clan that Yusuke comes from. Raizen is a very old and very powerful demon who took over Yusuke's body to battle against Sensui.

What's great about this scene:

  • Right before this scene, we saw Sensui kill Yusuke in a fight, totally dominating him. He also defeated all of our heroes, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara. Then he defeated a revived Yusuke one more time.

  • Once Raizen took over Yusuke's body and began fighting it was very clear that he was leagues above Sensui. Starting the fight off with a punch that immediately brought blood flying from his mouth. Raizen beat Sensui brutally.

  • After defeating Sensuithe Mazoku threw him and began charging up a huge spirit gun. As this happenedYusuke took his body back over but not before Raizen shot the giant blast at Sensui killing him. Yusuke, seeing this, became furious  at being forced to kill someone.

5. Hiei’s first use of the Darkness Dragon


(Hiei uses the darkness dragon)

Being summoned to number five is Hiei’s first-ever use of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame. During the dark tournament arc, Hiei was facing off against Zeru. He was a fire demon who showcased his power in an earlier episode where he tried to intimidate our heroes. He begins the battle with a huge burst of flame coming from his body that pushes the announcer out of the ring. Seeing Hiei couldn’t care less he kicks up the heat and releases even more flames. He eventually loses after Hiei mocks him and unleashes the dragon upon him.

What's great about this scene:

  • The beginning of their battle is visually stunning as you get to see Zeru unleash his flames, at Hiei as our hero flips through the air dodging them displaying amazing agility.

  • Zeru, infuriated by Hiei’s mocking, turns up the heat creating a giant ball of fire above his head. Absorbing it back into his body his skin turned a bright red. With his body heated up he pierces our hero’s stomach before sending him flying and blowing him up, engulfing his body in flames.

  • Even after all this punishment, Hiei gets up laughing at the fire demon. Scolding him for insulting his Jagan eye, Hiei tells him that it has a mind of its own and hates disrespect. He then summons the dragon of the darkness flame. Zeru experiencing true fear gets burnt to a crisp with nothing left of him but an ash outline on the wall.

4. Kurama is forced to kill a child


(Kurama standing in an explosion)

Forced into number four is a rather sad entry compared to the rest. During the chapter black saga, Kurama faced Gamemaster. The youngest member of the Sensui seven. Gamemaster is a child who felt alone so was susceptible to Sensui convincing him to join his group. He developed the psychic ability to make video games into real life as the portal to demon world was widened. Using this ability he forced Kurama into a game of life and death. The child never realized that if he lost he would die. As Kurama began to show the psychic that he stood no chance of beating him Gamemaster began to break down and beg for his life.

What's great about this scene:

  • Great is a relative term in this entry. This battle is great because it shows how Kurama’s strategy and tactics are leagues above anyone else's but the scene is surrounded by a deep sadness.
  • As Kurama explains what is really going on and how Gamemaster is going to lose his life he begs him to let him win. With obvious pain in his eyes, Kurama simply says that he can’t allow that to happen due to Sensui’s plan to open up the portal to the demon realm.

  • As Gamemaser falls to the ground dead, his territory begins to explode. He stands there amongst the explosions not saying a word. As the smoke clears Yusuke tells Kurama not to blame himself to which he replies,”I have no regrets Yusuke '' but his face told a much different story.

3. Kurama traps Elder Toguro Forever


(Elder Toguro trapped in the sinning tree)

Trapped forever, our number three shows Kurama's anger in full swing. After being forced to kill Gamemaster Kurama with the rest of the group approached the final area where Sensui awaited. Filled with a quiet rage he ends up facing Gourmet who is really Elder Toguro hiding in his body. In one swift strike, he wraps his rose whip around the imposter's face, ripping it in half. As Gourmet’s body lay on the ground twitching, Kurama told Elder Toguro to reveal himself.

What's great about this scene:

  • Hearing Kurama insult Elder Toguro by telling him he knew he was there all along because he could smell his disgusting stench was hilarious.
  • Kurama’s rage at being forced to kill Gamemaster and then having Elder Toguro insult him about it was clear. Elder Toguro’s remarks about how Yoko Kurama would never have been bothered by such things seemed to cut him deep.
  • The next thing Kurama did to this evil monster was sinister but well deserved. He trapped Elder Toguro in the sinning tree which is a plant that locks you in an illusion of your worst nightmare while constantly draining your energy till you die. Due to his regeneration abilities, this tree became a permanent prison for him where he was forever trapped in a nightmare.

2. Sensui defeats all our heroes at the same time


(Sensui releasing sacred energy)

Powering up to number two we have a true show of force by Sensui. Sensui kills Yusuke, beating him to death as his friends are forced to watch due to being trapped in a barrier. After a very moving speech from Kuwabara they finally break out but unfortunately, it's not in time to save Yusuke. Filled with rage at their friend's death they chase Sensui through the almost fully opened portal to demon realm. When they get to the other side Kurama in his Yoko form grows plant-like wings that were not seen before to carry Hiei and Kuwabara to the platform where Sensui waited for them.

What's great about this scene:

  • Seeing Hiei fire off a dragon of the darkness flame that destroyed all the demons trying to come through the portal was amazing. Sensui blocking it from hurting him with nothing more than his energy was even more amazing.
  • When Sensui releases his sacred energy blasting everyone away with just his aura makes you sure that our heroes don’t stand a chance.
  • As the fight raged on, Sensui's overwhelming power became clearer. With Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara stronger than they have ever been yet not being able to touch him all hope seemed to be lost. Especially when Hiei’s darkness sword hit him to no effect at all.

1. Kuwabara’s “Death”


(Younger Toguro "killing" Kuwabara)

Unlocking its full potential at number one we have Kuwabara’s death during the Dark Tournament. After Yusuke released his spirit cuffs in his battle with Younger Toguro it seemed as though he finally gained the strength to defeat him. Just as quickly as Yusuke had shown his newfound strength his opponent powered up again and blocked Yusuke's spirit gun with only his aura. Growing frustrated with our hero and believing he had more energy that he had yet to access Toguro made it seem as though he killed Kuwabara by shoving his fingers through his chest. With blood pouring from his mouth Kuwabara urges Yusuke to finish this battle for everyone, to stop Younger Toguro once and for all.

What's great about this scene:

  • Kuwabara's gives one of his famous speeches about honor and being a man before charging headfirst towards Toguro with his spirit sword. Not because he thought he could win but because he knew that if Toguro took his life that Yusuke would go full power and destroy him.

  • When Toguro threatened to kill another of Yusuke’s friends, our hero moved forward without anyone even seeing. Yusuke grabbing Toguro's hand forcing him to stop with the ground shattering around him was a wild sight. Before he couldn’t even slow Toguro down and now he was stopping him with one hand.

  • With one punch Yusuke sends Toguro flying across the ground bouncing and skipping on the rocks until he comes to rest and sits up with an obviously broken neck. He immediately gets hit with a spirit gun. Toguro stands up fixing his neck and powering up one more time to his true one hundred percent power. As his true power and Yusuke’s final spirit gun clash we see Toguro crush the spirit gun against his body only to fall dead right afterward losing his fight.

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