[Top 10] One Punch Man Best Moments Worth Watching Again

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Boros excited for battle

[Top 10] One Punch Man Best Moments to Watch Again

Cast of One Punch Man posing

(Cast of One Punch Man posing)

Was up fellow Shonen Fans! Your friendly neighborhood Shonen man here with another list for you, to answer the anime questions burning inside you. One Punch Man, just like its main hero, started out as a small humble project and grew into a powerful thing of legend. Saitama the main hero of this story is able to destroy most things in just one punch and spends his time being a hero just for fun. One Punch Man is filled to the brim with exciting action-packed scenes that always leave you wanting more. It's also one of the best looking anime out right now, but which scenes are the best? Well, we are going to discover that here together with my personal list of the top ten best One Punch Man moments worth watching again.

10. Vaccine Man

Saitama vs Vaccine Man

Vaccine Man transformed

(Vaccine Man transformed)

Coming in at number ten we have Vaccine Man. Here we are, at the very beginning of it all. The first episode of the show. We start this scene with Vaccine Man in the middle of his attack on A-city. During this attack, he is throwing around balls of energy at the city. He easily defeats Lightning Max and Smile man, the two heroes who were sent to stop him. In his rampage, he is about to kill a little girl but she is saved by Saitama, with him facing the monster ready to battle.

What's great about this scene:

  • Vaccine Man was a great villain to start the show out with. His strength was awesome with him creating a crater when he lands. His energy abilities were beautifully animated.
  • Our first introduction to the main character Saitama was a good one. This scene showed off what he was all about. It showed his overwhelming strength when he destroyed Vaccine Man in one blow.
  • We also get to see the hilarious side to Saitama when he gets upset about destroying the monster in one blow. This little part also lets us know what Saitama’s main problem is.

9. Saitama Smashes Meteor

Saitama Smashes Meteor

Saitama blasting through meteor

(Saitama blasts through meteor)

Coming in at number nine we have Saitama smashing through a meteor. This scene starts off with Genos trying to stop a meteor that is falling toward Z-city. He sees S-class rank seven hero Metal Knight and asks him for help. Metal Knight refuses to work with Genos but attacks the meteor anyway to test his new weapon. When nothing works Saitama shows up to destroy the meteor.

What's great about this scene:

  • Metal Knight’s weapon that he tests against the meteor is quite impressive. He fires a bunch of missiles at the meteor causing a huge explosion in the sky. This doesn’t stop the meteor.
  • After Metal Knight fails to destroy the giant rock falling toward the city Genos gives it his all. After a short pep talk from SilverFang Genos puts his core in his arm and fires his incineration cannon at full power at it.
  • Nothing that is tried by any of the heroes stops the giant meteor. It isn’t until Saitama shows up that we know things will be okay. Saitama tells SilverFang to take care of Genos as he explodes upwards, smashing through the meteor with his fist.

8. Saitama Almost Misses a Sale

Saitama almost misses a sale

Saitama destroys carnage Kabuto

(Saitama destroys Carnage Kabuto)

Coming in at number eight we have Saitama almost missing a sale. This scene starts off with Genos and Saitama coming face to face with the genetic creation Kabuto. The monster smashes Genos into a wall before inviting Saitama to a battle room so they can fight. Genos comes flying back in still trying to fight Kabuto but is easily defeated.

What's great about this scene:

  • Genos trying to take down this monster was great to watch. He kept throwing everything he had at it but nothing worked. His hairdo after fighting Kabuto was hilarious.
  • When Kabuto faces Saitama he realizes that he can’t win in his current state and transforms into Carnage Kabuto mode. He is so much faster and stronger after his transformation. He also looks way cooler.
  • Once he is in a rage, Carnage Kabuto begins punching and kicking our hero sending him flying around the room, knocking him back and forth. It seems like he is doing good until Saitama suddenly remembers a sale he was supposed to go to and immediately kills the monster in One Punch. This scene shows why Saitama is a funny character.

7. King faces Elder Centipede

Elder Centipede Battle

King putting on a fierce face

(King putting on a fierce face)

Coming in at number seven we have King facing off against the Elder Centipede.This scene starts off with the ongoing battle against Elder Centipede raging on. Genos, Bang, and Bomb try to face the beast down but seemingly can’t defeat it. All seems lost until King shows up telling the beast to come his way only to have Saitama destroy the beast in one hit.

What's great about this scene:

  • Seeing Genos, Bang, and Bomb work together to hit the Elder Centipede with everything they got is awesome. We get to see their techniques when they go all out trying to destroy it.
  • King facing off against the beast is rather hilarious. First off because he knows he has no powers and is terrified. Second, because he uses the monster's hatred of the number one hero to lure it in.
  • The best thing in the scene might just be Saitama flying in and smashing the Elder Centipede to bits.

6.Mumen Rider’s Stand

Mumen Rider's Stand

Mumen Rider is a true hero

(Mumen Rider is a true hero)

Coming in at number six we have Mumen Rider’s stand! This scene begins with the Deep Sea King’s invasion of the surface world. He walks through J-city defeating every hero he comes across. After defeating even an S-class hero, he finds a bunch of civilians who he plans on eating until Genos shows up to fight him. Genos uses his body to protect a little girl from acid getting defeated by the monster.

What's great about this scene:

  • The battle between Deep Sea King and all the heroes is pretty impressive. He has a rather hilarious battle with PuriPuri Prisoner before going on to face Genos in the coolest fight of the scene.
  • As soon as it seems like Genos will be killed, Mumen Rider crashes his bike into the monster's back. He ends up being severely beaten by the Deep Sea King over and over again but continues to get back up and protect Genos.
  • Bleeding and bruised, he gives the best speech in One Punch man so far. “ And yet I must try, it's not about winning or losing, it's about me taking you on right here and right now!!!” This was the most passionate and powerful part of his speech.

5. Heroes Respond to the Alien Invasion

Heroes respond to an alien invasion

Boro's ship

(Boro’s ship)

Coming in at number five we have, The heroes respond to the alien invasion! This scene begins with the Sky king trying to invade the city but getting killed by Melzargard before he can do anything. Then A-city gets wrecked by the weapons on the new invader’s alien ship. The heroes respond quickly to defend what's left of the city.

What's great about this scene:

  • The S-class heroes come out for this battle. A group of them head straight for Melzargard and begin fighting him. This battle is amazing because you get to watch the heroes all fight together.
  • Tatsumaki comes out to this fight as well. She shows off her tremendous power by attacking the ship itself. She psychically throws buildings, rubble, and even their own bullets back at them doing major damage.
  • During all this, we have the best part of the scene and possibly of the entire show. After destroying Geryuganshoop Sasitama finds the leader of these aliens, Boros. He and Boros have an awesome battle.

4. The Hero test

The hero test

Saitama showing Genos his hero rank

( Saitama showing Genos his hero rank)

Coming in at number four we have the Hero test! Genos and Saitama both decide to become registered heroes. To make this happen they have to take the hero test to get their hero ranking. Saitama blows through all the physical challenges but barely passes the written gaining himself a C-rank while Genos got an S-rank.

What's great about this scene:

  • As Saitama blows through all the physical trials with ease we get to see the other would-be heroes watching him with disbelief. They were all hilariously astounded to see how powerful he was.
  • When they get their results back Genos sees that he is an S-class hero and believes Saitama is the same when he sees the top of his paperwork. Later he realizes that Saitama really was C-class due to his horrible performance on the written test. This was a funny moment.
  • This scene also leads to a fan-favorite scene. Saitama and Genos go to spar so that Genos can prove himself to Saitama. At the end of this episode, Genos moves in with Saitama making it one of the funniest scenes in the show.

3. Garou meets Saitama

Garou vs Saitama

Garou getting knocked out by Saitama

(Garou getting knocked out by Saitama)

Coming in at number three we have Garou meets Saitama! This entry is a little different from other entries. This moment happens multiple times. Garou continually runs into Saitama and every time he does he gets knocked out in a hilarious fashion. Whether sent flying with a kick or taking a full-on karate chop Garou can’t seem to win any encounter with Saitama.

What's great about this scene:

  • The first time Garou meets Saitama, it ends in disaster for him. He is in the shopping district and Saitama comes up behind him. Our hero says, ”I’ve been looking for you.”, to the shop stand owner behind Garou but he thinks Saitama is talking to him. In a funny moment of confusion, he attacks Saitama and gets completely knocked out.
  • During the next time they meet, Garou isn’t even paying attention to Saitama. He is instead attacking Saitama’s friend and walking buddy, King. As soon as Garou gets close our hero kicks him through a wall with no effort.
  • After both of these occasions, Garou wakes up unsure of what happened to him. The second time he even thinks King injured him.

2. Saitama vs Fubuki

Saitama vs Fubuki

Fubuki the B-class rank one hero

(Fubuki the B-class rank one hero)

Coming in at number two we have Fubuki vs Saitama! This is one of my personal favorite scenes in the entire show. This scene starts off with Genos sensing someone approaching them very fast. He meets them outside and finds Speed Of Sound Sonic looking for Saitama. He tells him to leave and they end up fighting. After this Fubuki and two B-class heroes show up and knock on the door.

What's great about this scene:

  • Saitama answers the door to find Fubuki standing there offering him a deal to be her lackey. When he refuses she tells her minions to attack him but he knocks them flying effortlessly, which is quite funny.
  • Fubuki and Saitama begin to fight. Fubuki rises in the air throwing Saitama around with her powers. It is awesome to see how strong she is but she was no match for our hero.
  • Another awesome part of the scene is when Saitama saves her from a giant explosion caused by Genos and his opponent. When Genos is about to be defeated Saitama jumps in and beats Speed of sound with his Serious series:Side Jumps by causing tremendous shockwaves.

1.Saitama vs Boros   

Saitama vs Boros

Saitama punching Lord Boros

(Saitama punching Lord Boros)

Coming in at number one we have Saitama vs Boros! Most people probably knew that this was going to be the number one because it's a fan favorite for best moment in the series. Saitama starts this fight by busting into Boro’s throne room to find out why he was attacking A-city. After a brief exchange, they began to battle each other.

What great about this scene:

  • This scene is amazing due to it being one of the best choreographed fights in the whole series. The brilliant transformations/energy attacks of Boros make this fight a beautiful display.
  • Boros is a pretty cool villain to watch Saitama fight because he suffers from the same thing that our hero does. Boros could never find anyone that could actually challenge him until Saitama. It's cool to see what Saitama as a villain might be like.
  • This fight lets us begin to really understand how insanely powerful Saitama is. As Boros lay dying he tells Saitama that he knows he isn't using his full strength. Saitama is still stuck suffering, unable to find a worthy opponent.


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