[Top 10] One Punch Man Best Fights Worth Watching Again

One Punch Man Best Fights
Saitama's Punch Power

[Top 10] One Punch Man Best Fights Worth Watching Again

Saitama, Boros, and Genos ready to fight

(Saitama, Boros, and Genos ready to fight)

Was up, fellow shonen fans!! Your friendly neighborhood shounen man here again with another anime list just for you. So we have been exploring the ins and outs of the One Punch Man universe. We’ve seen what this show has to offer. From hilarious moments between characters to awesome transformations it keeps us entertained. One of the best things that the show seems to specialize in is amazing fights. This series has some of the best choreographed and flashiest battles in any anime I’ve ever seen. That brings up the question of which are the best ones. What fights would you recommend to others? As always I’m here to help answer that question. Let’s find out together.

10. Saitama vs Crablante

Saitama vs Crablante

Saitama vs Crablante

(Saitama finishing Crablante)

Starting us off at number ten we have Crablante vs Saitama! The battle that started it all. Before Saitama became the One Punch Man he was nothing more than an unemployed regular person with no power to speak of. He came across Crablante, a villain who was on the hunt for a child that pulled a prank on him. Saitama was depressed and decided he wasn’t going to run. He let Saitama pass as he had more interest in his prey. 

What’s great about this scene:

  • It’s incredible to see Saitama before he becomes the most powerful person in the show. You get to see his determination to be a hero even against overwhelming odds.
  • He gets beat down over and over but every time Crablante tries to kill the kid Saitama is right back there in his way. The final blow of him tearing the creature’s eye out of his head was crazy to see.
  • The whole reason the monster is angry is pretty funny. A kid with a giant butt for a chin finds a sleeping Crablante on a bench. Taking the opportunity to make himself laugh he draws nipples on the monster’s chest causing him to go into a rage.

9.  Garou vs Metal Bat

Garou vs Metal Bat

Garou vs metal bat

(Metal Bat about to finish Garou)

Coming in at number nine is Garou vs Metal Bat! This was actually a really short fight which is the only reason it’s so low on the list. After battling with the Elder Centipede Metal Bat gets thrown across the city, slamming into a wall right beside the hero hunter Garou. Garou decides to take this as an opportunity to fight Metal Bat. When Metal Bat didn’t seem interested, Garou just attacked him forcing him into the fight.

What great about this scene:

  • Coming right off his battles with all the centipedes Metal Bat has got to be exhausted. Yet he still immediately goes hard on Garou swinging to finish him off.
  • Watching Garou use his agility to dodge all of the hero’s moves while using his amazing martial arts to block and counter-attack made this fight have brutal energy to it.
  • Garou admits to himself that if one of the hero’s swings hit him he would have been done for. Just as he is thinking this, Metal Bat swings his final attack at him and he would have killed Garou if the hero’s little sister would not have shown up.

8. Genos vs Saitama

Genos vs Saitama

Genos first attack in the fight

(Genos first attack in the fight)

Coming in at number eight we have Genos vs Saitama! Genos recently being made Saitama’s disciple, wants to prove himself to our main hero. He wants to be taken seriously by his master. To this end, he challenges Saitama to a spar with the rules that they only stop once Genos can no longer fight. This fight is an amazing show of what Genos is capable of.

What great about this scene:

  • Genos starts this fight off in his normal flashy fashion. Using his jets he blasts toward Saitama trying to kick him in the face but One Punch easily dodges it.
  • As the fight goes on and Genos attacks over and over again using all his power it becomes clear that Saitama was just playing with him.
  • When Saitama says he wins and it's over, Genos continues to fight telling Saitama that he won’t stop until he knows his sensei fights seriously. At this time Saitama shows him his true power exploding an entire cliff face behind him with one punch.

7. Saitama vs Suiryu vs Gouketsu

Saitama vs Suiryu vs Gouketsu

Gouketsu catching Suiryus attack

(Gouketsu catching Suiryu’s attack)

Coming in at number seven we have Gouketsu vs Suiryu! This battle is during the super-fight tournament which Suiryu won five times in a row. He blew through this tournament stopping everyone until Saitama defeated him. While he technically still won the match due to Saitama violating the rules, he lost the fight after Saitama accidentally launched Suiryu with a hip attack. After this, the arena was attacked by the monster Gouketsu. Suiryu tried to battle the monster but was effortlessly defeated.

What great about this scene:

  • Suiryu vs Saitama was an amazing display of martial arts in the One Punch Man world. Suiryu is a top-notch fighter and against any of the other participants, he would have not been challenged.
  • When Suiryu asks Saitama if he truly understands martial arts now, and Saitama answers with, ”So it's a way to move around all cool like'', I laughed so hard. It was a great moment.
  • After seeing all of Suiryu's skills just to have Gouketsu savagely beat him without any effort was eye-opening to the monster's power.

6. Class-S vs Melzargard

Class-S vs Melzargard

silverfang finishing off Melzargard

(SilverFang finishing off Melzargard)

Coming in at number six we have Class-S Vs Melzargard! When the Boros’s Dark matter thieves invaded the planet and destroyed A-city the S-class heroes came to fight them back. They met Melzargard on the ruins of the city after he cut off another hero Iaian’s arm off. The class-S team consisted of Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, Puri Puri Prisoner, and SilverFang.

What’s great about this scene:

  • Seeing this group of very powerful heroes take on a monster together was very exciting. As they battled and worked out how to defeat Melzargard you got to see how strong they could be as a team.
  • Melzargard was quite impressive himself. No matter how many times they cut him up or destroyed him he just kept regenerating.
  • In the end, Melzargard was defeated fairly easily once Metal Bat realized the marbles inside him were his weakness. The heroes destroyed his marbles one by one with SilverFang finishing him in a brilliant display of skill.

5.Deep Sea King vs Heroes

Deep Sea King vs Heroes

deep sea king defeating stinger

(Deep Sea King defeating Stinger)

Coming in at number five we have the Deep Sea King Vs various Heroes! During the Deep Sea Invasion arc, we saw a lot of amazing battles. We got to see Stinger destroy multiple sea monsters with his Bamboo Shoot attack. It seemed like he saved the day until the Deep Sea King showed up destroying him in one blow. He then immediately went on to savagely beat the hero Lightning Max. He continues battling until he eventually falls to Saitama.

What great about this scene:

  • As the Deep Sea King marches through the city he defeats everyone in his way, he comes up against the S-Class hero Puri Puri Prisoner who gives him a bit of a fight. Ultimately he defeats the hero with little effort.
  • One of my favorite scenes happens during the Deep Sea King’s march. Mumen Rider shows up to try and save Genos after he was hit by the King’s acid blast. This scene shows Mumen Rider's heart, even though he doesn't stand a chance he keeps fighting.
  • All the fights that happen during this arc are what make it amazing. We get to see Deep Sea King battle against multiple S-class heroes including Puri Puri Prisoner and Genos. We even get to see Super Speed Sonic battle against him before retreating. It's a very exciting arc.

4. Genos vs Mosquito Girl

Genos vs Mosquito Girl

Genos after Mosquito girl tears him apart

(Genos after Mosquito Girl tears him apart)

Coming in at number four we have Genos vs Mosquito Girl! This fight was the first one where we were introduced to Genos’s flashy and powerful fighting style. As he takes on this monster that can control a massive horde of mosquitoes. She has her little friends suck all the blood out of any living things around and then they bring it all back to her making her even stronger.

What's great about this scene:

  • Genos fills the city streets with his flames incinerating all of the mosquitos. He continues blasting his flames at the Mosquito Girl but she effortlessly dodges them and rips off Genos’s arm but not before he also rips off her legs.
  • Getting to Genos battling with someone who is his equal, makes for a great fight. Once she absorbs all the blood from the animals in the surrounding forest she powers up too far beyond Genos’s strength, easily tearing him apart.
  • Saitama happens upon the fight while chasing a lone mosquito that he can’t seem to kill. He easily swats Mosquito Girl into a wall killing her in a giant blood splatter. A highlight of this fight is the quips Saitama makes.

3.Saitama vs Subterraneans

Saitama vs Subterraneans

Saitama challenging the Subterraneans

(Saitama challenging all the Subterraneans)

Coming in at number three we have Saitama vs The Subterraneans! This fight is the only one in the series where it seems like Saitama has to give his one hundred percent in order to overcome it. The scene starts with our hero sleeping in his bed. He wakes up with a start right before a giant fist smashes through his wall sending him flying. What follows is the fight of his life.

What great about this scene:

  • One of the first stand-out parts about this scene is when he tries to block a blow from one of these monsters it actually sends him flying. After he stands up we see blood drip from Saitama’s head which is absolutely crazy!
  • Another great part is getting to hear Saitama’s inner monologue about his excitement for having a real fight again. He is just as thrilled as we are to be forced to go all out to win.
  • After it's all said and done we see our hero standing on a mountain of dead bodies breathing very heavily before the king of the Subterraneans explodes out of the ground challenging him. Right when this happens we hear our hero’s alarm clock and he wakes up from his dream.

2.Saitama vs Boros

Saitama vs Boros

Boros full power

(Boros full power)

Coming in at number two we have Saitama vs Boros! This battle right here is believed by many to be the best fight in the whole series and for good reason. We get to see the crazy powered Boros face off against Saitama who gets to let go more than he normally does. The scene starts with Saitama bursting into Boro’s throneroom to make him answer for destroying city-A. Boros then tells him that he came there because a prophecy told him that he would find the only warrior that could ever face him there.

What great about this scene:

  • The scene starts off great with Saitama sending Boros flying into a pillar and asking him if he’s crazy. For the first time, we get to see someone survive one of Saitama’s punches.
  • The transformation of Boros once his armor falls off is something to behold. Bright glowing energy burst from his body before him and our hero engaged in the flashiest and fast-paced battle of the series.
  • Saitama gets slung to the moon during one of Boros’s powerful attacks but none of it really seems to faze him. Boros keeps surviving our hero’s punches even regenerating after a consecutive normal punch attack.

1.Garou vs Heroes

Garou vs Heroes

Garou always ready for a fight

(Garou always ready for a fight)

Coming in at number one we have My favorite fight in the series, Garou vs Heroes! This is my personal favorite fight in the series. The scene starts with Garou healing up his injuries from previous battles in a shack when a group of heroes surround it from the outside. They all plan to capture the hero hunter through any means necessary. Garou uses his opponents' moves against them to make sure that doesn’t happen.

What's great about this scene:

  • Garou starts this battle by jumping on the roof of the shack and yelling out that after he destroys these heroes he will have hunted a hundred heroes. This was a really cool show of intimidation.
  • Garou shows a reason why he is one of my favorite villains in anime when he could have easily dodged Death Gatling’s death shower but instead deflects it so the kid in the shack doesn’t get killed.
  • I love this battle because it shows Garous’s true talent and mastery over the battle. He starts this fight outnumbered and injured with all the odds set against him, just to turn it around and win.


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