[Top 10] Best Vegeta Wallpapers of All Time

Best Vegeta Wallpapers
(Vegeta coming right at ya!)

[Top 10] Best Vegeta Wallpapers of All Time

Was up, everybody! Your friendly neighborhood ShounenMan here with another anime list to answer those burning questions within you. Today’s list is not only focused on one of my top 3 anime of all time but it also focused on my favorite anime character of all time. Today we’re going to look at the best wallpapers of the prince of Saiyans. So let’s hit our final forms and go together to discover the top 10 best Vegeta wallpapers.


10. Forms Of Vegeta

Coming in at number 10 we have the Forms Of Vegeta! This is a really cool wallpaper as it depicts not only all of Vegeta’s forms(except Majin) with the addition of his non-Canon forms. We get to see GT’s Super Saiyan 4 as well as the Super Saiyan 3 form that Vegeta only ever achieved in video games and other non-canon source material. This is a great wallpaper for fans of Vegeta and all his transformations.

Forms Of Vegeta


9. Ultra Instinct Vegeta

Coming in at number 9 we have Ultra Instinct! Here we have an awesome depiction of what it would be like if Vegeta gained Ultra Instinct. While I personally don’t believe Ultra Instinct would work well with Vegeta, his personality as well as his fighting style, it’s so awesome to see it. Vegeta fans would love a giant jump in power for him.

Ultra Instinct Goku


8. Vegeta Explodes

Coming in at number 8 we have Vegeta Explodes! This wallpaper has a lot of great things going for it. First of all, it shows one of the best moments in not only the Buu saga but the series as a whole. It shows Majin Vegeta blowing himself up to kill Main Buu as well as redeem himself of the atrocities he committed. It also has a really cool realism to its art style.

Vegeta Explodes


7. SSB Final Flash

Coming in at number 7 we have SSB Final Flash! Here we have a really awesome version of one of Vegeta’s most powerful and iconic moves. In his Super Saiyan Blue form, Vegeta’s final flash is powered up to an insane degree, the great thing about this wallpaper is that it really makes you feel that fact. It's a beautiful depiction of the prince of Saiyans.

SSB Final Flash


6. Prince Of Destruction

Coming in at number 6 we have Prince Of Destruction! This is actually a character that exists in DragonBall Heroes. This is when Majin Vegeta separated and went SS3 on his own. This form is one of my favorites of all time and makes an amazing wallpaper choice to add to a wallpaper collection.

Prince Of Destruction


5. Battle in Moonlight

Coming in at number 5 we have Battle in Moonlight! Here we have a unique depiction of the iconic original battle between Goku and Vegeta. This was a battle that set off one of the biggest rivalries in anime. While normally taking place during the day this wallpaper adds a more poetic atmosphere by placing it at night. This is an epic wallpaper and definitely is worth a download.

Battle in Moonlight


4. Vegeta and Bulma

Coming in at number 3  we have Vegeta and Bulma! This is one of my favorite wallpapers of all time for quite a few reasons. First, we have the subject of the wallpaper, Vegeta’s love for Bulma. It's one of the reasons Vegeta became a truly good guy. Second, we have the pure artistry of this image. It looks amazing and makes a great choice for a wallpaper.

Vegeta and Bulma


3. Saiyan Face-Off

Coming in at number 3 we have Saiyan Face-Off! This is another Vegeta vs Goku wallpaper. Their rivalry is an important focus of the show as well as this wallpaper. I love the interesting art style that this image went with as well as an iconic DragonBall in the background. This is a beautiful wallpaper that will make a great addition to any wallpaper collection.

Saiyan Face-Off


2. SSB Evolved

Coming in at number 2 we have SSB Evolved! Here we have a wallpaper depicting Vegeta at his SSB Evolved which is a more powerful version of his SSB form. Not only does the background have a beautiful space-like appearance but there is also a beautifully depicted Shenron-style dragon. This is another great choice for a wallpaper.

SSB Evolved


1. Vegeta’s Redemption

Coming in at number 1 we have Vegeta’s Redemption. As stated in an earlier entry on this list, this moment is cemented in DBZ history as one of the best. In this wallpaper, the artist has taken some liberties in Vegeta powering up his final explosion technique to make a beautiful image. A special thing I really love about this particular image is Vegeta hugging Trunks in the background.

Vegeta’s Redemption

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