Top 10 Most Hilarious Attacks in DBZ

Hilarious Attacks in DBZ
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Top 10 Most Hilarious Attacks In DBZ

Wassup everybody! Your friendly neighborhood ShounenMan here with another anime list to have you rolling on the floor. Today we are taking another trip into the world of Dragonball and all the hilarious moments that transpire there. The show is so often brought up in conversations about action but it has a really funny side as well. The DragonBall series isn’t a one-trick pony and today we are going to prove that. So without further ado let’s jump right into the top 10 most hilarious attacks in DBZ!


10. Present For You Vs Majin Buu

Coming in at number 10 we have Present For You Vs Majin Buu! During the Buu saga, the evil wizard Babidi released Majin Buu from his long slumber. He planned on using the ancient monster to rule over existence but the child-like Buu had different plans. He killed Babidi after one too many of the wizard’s screaming sessions and went off on his own. During this time Hercule was asked to take care of the monster that was destroying cities.


 Hercule the world champion, as we all know is no Z-warrior, so he took a different approach to kill Buu. After a few failed attempts he decided to give the monster a hand-held game system that was rigged with C-4. Due to his child-like demeanor, Buu was immediately fascinated with the game. Hercule exploded it right in Buu’s hands but the monster just thought it was funny and asked for another. This attack montage is treated like a looney tunes bit and it’s hilarious.


9. Guldo’s Time Freeze Vs Gohan and Krillin

Coming in at number 9 we have Guldo’s Time Freeze Vs Gohan and Krillin! The Namek Saga was an interesting time in the series, to say the least. It was the first time we were being introduced to a new realm of possibilities in a while. The heroes flew out into space and faced all kinds of challenges. They even visited a crazy planet where they almost got stranded. When they eventually made it to the titular Namek our heroes found a whole host of insanely powerful warriors. One of these groups of warriors was called the Ginyu Force, and when they came to get the dragonballs back they were very serious.


 That being said, the chili dog eating joke of a fighter Guldo was their weakest member and it showed. His only good power was the ability to freeze time but even that came with him having to hold his breath for it to work. Being as out of shape as he was, led to many funny moments where he was regretting his dietary decisions and lamenting his training. Guldo was a great gag character and brightened up a serious moment in the series.


8. Launch’s Gun Vs Goku, Krillin, and Roshi

Coming in at number 8 we have Launch’s Gun Vs Goku, Krillin, and Roshi! DragonBall was such an amazing time in the series history, I mean, the show was completely different back then. It’s pretty common anime knowledge that the series was originally meant for comedy but due to fan interaction was pushed towards action. During DragonBall, most of the battles were treated as funny scenes where the gags are overflowing.


 This also rang true for a particular blue-haired girl that stayed at Master Roshi’s house. Launch had a quirk that made her transform into a crazy version of herself every time she sneezed. This version was the exact opposite of her normal sweet self and always pulled out a gun to fire on anyone nearby. Most of the time this was Goku, Krillin, and Master Roshi. It never got old watching them scramble as she whipped out her machinegun and started turning everything to swiss cheese.


7. Veku’s Rabbit Feet Vs Super Janemba!

Coming in at number 7 we have Veku’s Rabbit Feet Vs Super Janemba! Fusions are one of the best parts of the DragonBall story. Using the fusion dance, any warriors of a similar power level can fuse together and make ultimate amalgamations of themselves. Usually, when Goku and Vegeta use this technique, they become the ultimate warrior, Gogeta. However, sometimes this can go drastically wrong and they can end up as a whole nother fighter entirely. Due to a finger in the wrong position, this very thing happens against Super Janemba.


 After realizing they can’t beat the supernatural monster the Saiyans decide to use the fusion dance to win but Vegeta messes it up. This turns them into the gassy and overweight, Veku. This wobbly version of the fused Saiyans is a terrible fighter and spends his whole fight getting beat on. Just when it looks like he might do something he says that Janemba will have to deal with his rabbit feet technique and then runs away. The whole lead-up to this is so funny as Super Janemba chases him around the battlefield trying to kill him.


6. Krillin Farting Vs Bacterian

Coming in at number 6 we have Krillin Farting Vs Bacterian! During the 21st World Martial Artist Tournament, a very small kid Krillin faced off against a hulking mass of a warrior. As stated before, DragonBall was a very silly time for the series and this battle was no exception. Krillin was the first to fight in the tournament and he faced off against the disgusting Bavcterian. He was a warrior who favored using disgust to defeat his opponents over technique. 


Bacterian has a hilarious move himself in this duel called Stinky Finger, where he puts his hand into his underpants and then pokes his enemy with it. Krillin is losing to these tactics until Goku reminds him that he doesn’t have a nose. These hilarious almost cartoon-like gags made DragonBall unique amongst its peers. Once he realized this, Krillin who was angry about Bacterian farting on him, finished the battle by farting in Bacterian’s face and knocking him out.


5. Krillin’s Shoe Attack Vs Majora

Coming in at number 5 we have Krillin’s Shoe Attack Vs Majora! During the Tournament of Power Krillin and his wife 18 ended up in a fight against Shosa and Majora. While his wife mostly dealt with Shosa, Krillin had to take on Majora. Krillin’s opponent was a play on the typical blind master and he used a different sense to beat up our hero. Majora’s sense of smell was his greatest weapon, it made him immune to all kinds of trickery. 


Even Krillin’s times 100 Solar Flare couldn’t stop the master and he still got his attacks in. However, this is the same man who fought against Bacterian in his childhood and as if harkening back to that battle he knew what to do. Sense Majora’s sense of smell was incredibly powerful Krillin took off his shoe and threw it right onto the fighter’s nose. This distracted the blind master long enough for Krillin to hit him with a Kamehameha and win his fight.


4. Goku’s Rock, Scissors, Paper Attack Vs Yamcha! 

Coming in at number 4 we have Goku’s Rock, Scissors, Paper Attack Vs Yamcha! For this entry, we are going to take another trip back to DragonBall. Here we can feast on another of Goku’s hilarious moves from this era. Goku doesn’t carry a whole lot from his years with his Grandpa Gohan. He has his Grandpa’s 4-star Dragonball and a fighting style that he learned from him. This style holds one attack that the little Saiyan was rather fond over and used more than a couple of times in the series. 


The Rock, Scissors, Paper attack(Or Jan Ken Fist) is a hilarious move that fits into the world of DragonBall seamlessly. Yamcha has the unfortunate displeasure of seeing this technique firsthand in the desert.  First Goku hits his opponent with a closed fist(Rock), then before they can react he pokes them in the eye with two fingers(Scissors). While they are stunned he finishes the attack with an open palm thrust to the face that usually sends his enemies flying(Paper). The look on his opponent’s face when they get drilled by this childish move is always priceless.


3. Trunks Pee Vs Broly

Coming in at number 3 we have Trunks Pee Vs Broly! Now I know I’m technically stretching the definition of attack for this entry but it’s worth it. In my opinion, this is one of the best moments in the DragonBall movies and should be brought up in every discussion. During the Second Coming movie where Broly attacked Goten, Trunks, and Videl things got a little silly. Broly was rampaging because Goten looked exactly like Goku. His hate for Goten’s father fueled his rage and he started giving the young Saiyans hell. It was obvious very quickly that they didn’t stand any kind of chance against the legendary Super Saiyan. 


Realizing this both of the young boys began to run and hide but eventually Trunks found himself face to face with the villain. He tried to fight him off but Broly just grabbed him by the arms and legs and began pushing his head into his back. This looked very painful but Trunks was much more concerned with his full bladder and after a moment he let it go. Being above Broly’s head the pee only had one place to go and began running down his face. When I first saw this I was dying laughing and couldn’t believe that they put it in.


2. Gogeta’s Bluff Kamehameha Vs Omega Shenron

Coming in at number 2 we have Gogeta’s Bluff Kamehameha Vs Omega Shenron! DragonBall GT was never looked at that fondly by most DragonBall fans. However, I believe the show does plenty right and Gogeta’s battle with Omega Shenron is one of those moments. Omega Shenron was an evil dragon made from the negative energy collected by the DragonBalls. This energy was left over after all of the wishes that our heroes and everyone else used. It’s pretty convoluted but in short, there was an evil dragon that was far too powerful for our heroes to beat. After he absorbed the DragonBalls into his body he became even more of a threat. 


His level of power left our heroes only one option for victory, the fusion dance! Of course, once they completed this technique and became Super Saiyan four Gogeta it was a wrap on Omega Shenron. He was bein easily battered around and was losing so badly that he started to fear Gogeta. This fear is shown plainly when Gogeta starts charging up what he calls his ultimate move. He creates multiple clones of himself and they all charge Kamehameha’s. During this charge, our hero gives a little speech to the villain as if he was about to be destroyed. It seemed like it was going to be Shenron’s end until Gogeta finished his attacks by blasting confetti and party streamers all over the dragon. Shenron’s pure rage at being humiliated and treated like a joke is priceless.


1. Ultra Megaton Punch Vs Hercule

Coming in at number 1 we have the Ultra Megaton Punch Vs 18! For our number one entry, we go back to the world champions corner. Hercule is one of the most hilarious characters in the show and never fails to steal any scene that he is in. During the 25th World Martial Arts tournament, he found himself in his worst-case scenario. Hercule was facing off against Android 18 and she wanted to win the prize money. She was going to expose the champ’s secret by beating the crap out of him. He was obviously terrified and spent the fight running from her.


 She eventually gets him in a headlock and his reaction is so funny. He is shaking out of fear and begging her for mercy but 18 has a different plan. She basically blackmails the champ telling him that if he pays her 20,000,000 she will throw the fight. After agreeing to give her double the prize money they staged a finish. Hercule used his Ultra Megaton Punch, running at her and slamming his fist right into her face. 18’s reaction was the best part of the whole situation. She doesn’t even flinch and says,” are you telling me that’s the best you can come up with”. She then flies out of the ring as if his punch had some kind of delayed effect.

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