Top 10 Best DBZ Fights That Were Pure Awesome


Most Hard-Hitting, Action Packed Battles Within Dragon Ball Z

What were the best galaxy-busting battles in all of the universe? Which energy blast and mountain leveling fights to the death left the biggest impact? Ten purely epic brawls stand out against the competition, for good reason.

Let’s get right into it:


10. Goku Vs Kid Buu

Starting the list at number ten is protagonist—Son Goku vs the pure evil incarnate himself—Majin Buu. After having blown up the Earth, Majin Buu tracks Goku and Vegeta within the world of Kais in order to have their final battle.

  • The stakes have never been higher than in this fight. Every Saiyan has had their own shot against the demon, with Goku fighting Buu a total of three times.
  • This was Kid Buu’s debut fight, after decimating the Earth. Seeing Goku at his strongest form in Super Saiyan 3 head-to-head against this barbaric and dangerous version of Buu was awe-inspiring.
  • Other fights, just seemed to have more emotional value as a whole. More so, Kid Buu has no motive for fighting besides a craving for destruction. I guess you could call Buu a storm, he just seems to wreak havoc wherever he goes.

The fight ending in Goku gathering energy from all the people of Earth for his signature, the Genki-dama (or spirit bomb) was unbelievably meaningful. The Earthlings have assisted Goku in getting their revenge on the sinister Buu, who previously killed them.

The final match to decide the fate of the Earth.

9. Goten vs Trunks

Punching their way through spot number nine are the sons of our two strongest warriors. Goten—son of Goku and Trunks—son of Vegeta. At the world martial arts tournament junior division, Goten and Trunks make their way to the finals and face off against each other.

  • Being the first and only true fight between the young Saiyan-human hybrids, this fight did not disappoint. Another great way to debut the future generation of fighters.
  • Trunks was stated stronger than Goten by a hair, but man. Blow-for-blow, trick for trick, both kids even broke their rules and transformed into Super Saiyans in order to get the upper hand over each other.
  • Fast and furious punches, everyone from the stands is stunned. Even the parents and Z-Fighters cheering on the children made for an excellent spectatorship.

Trunks cheated his way to victory by going Super Saiyan and blasting Goten from behind, causing a ring-out.

These two scrappy kids never let up.

8. Vegeta vs Android 18

Another epic battle with an unexpected outcome. The prince of all Saiyans—Vegeta vs Dr. Gero’s deadly creation—Android (or Cyborg) #18. Seeking revenge on Goku, Dr. Gero has awakened the androids #17 and #18 to kill our protagonist. Vegeta intercepts their efforts and challenges Android 18, with no interference.

  • Vegeta has awakened his Super Saiyan form, which was already a surprise. And just a little later, he’s overwhelmed by the beautiful #18, which just took the cake.
  • This is the first official battle of the freshly awakened androids. Seeing as how Vegeta easily defeated #19, the power gap between these new Androids compared to the old was quite the shocker.
  • Vegeta was already the proclaimed strongest Z-warrior at the time. Despite that, he gets man-handled towards the second half of the fight in the most humiliating of ways.
  • Two words, collateral damage. The amount of bystanders killed during this bout, as Vegeta rushes #18 is uncalled for, yet hilarious. The Kai dub even tries to censor this by having the truck driver yell, “Dude, my truck!”

The deciding factor was #18’s infamous arm breaking kick to Vegeta. It wasn’t until Trunks intervened, the fight was officially considered over.

Vegeta never stood a chance.

7. Trunks vs Frieza

Cutting into seventh place, the Super Saiyan from the future—Trunks vs the revived emperor of evil—Frieza. A year has passed since Frieza’s defeat – at the hands of Goku. Frieza seemingly survived his battle, reborn as a cyborg by his father and now exacts revenge on Earth. Only to be approached by not Goku, but Trunks.

  • After witnessing the Super Saiyan legend brought to life through Goku, this mysterious teen who can somehow go Super Saiyan appears. How’s that for a twist?
  • Just when you think Frieza is a threat. Here comes the man that casually lifts a supernova, one-handed. Talk about power creeps.
  • Let’s not get started with the dishonor brought to King Cold. He attempts to wield Trunk’s blade and is blasted with the immediate consequences.

Trunks effortlessly slices Frieza, like butter. Frieza gets diced and blown to smithereens in the most badass of ways possible.

Frieza gets sliced and diced. Literally.

6. Goku vs Frieza

The Legendary Super Saiyan—Goku unleashes his rage against Frieza to avenge the Saiyan race, as battle number six. In search of the Namekian dragon balls to revive their lost allies, Krillin, Goku, Gohan and Bulma arrive to Namek. Here, they are met with Frieza’s army also in search of the wish granting orbs. After many deaths, including the loss of Goku’s closest friend, Krillin, Goku awakens his Super Saiyan form to put an end to Frieza and the tyrant’s goal for immortality.

  • The Legendary Super Saiyan was only rumored by Vegeta, previously. Now seeing it in action is mind blowing.
  • This is one of the first instances in a long time where Goku is pushed to fight so aggressively. Only minutes left before the planet’s destruction.
  • From beam struggles, to combo attacks used as signatures in video games, every attack is devastatingly powerful.
  • Quite possibly the longest “5 minutes” battle. Lasting from 8 episodes in the original series and 4 in the Kai edition. Don’t ask, that’s just anime logic.

The unforgettable defeat of Frieza, bisecting himself with his own attack. Goku spared the tyrant by giving him energy, but the ungrateful Frieza attempts a sneak attack. With one final blast, Goku teaches Frieza not to take the Saiyan’s gift for granted.


The legend has been awakened in this battle.

5. Gohan vs Super Buu

Gohan vs Super Buu

Number five is the most anticipated return of Son Gohan, Z-Fighter with the most potential. This will be his second shot against the demon—Majin Buu. Having unlocked his ultimate form from the elder kai, Gohan rushes to the scene to save his brother and friends from Buu’s mercy. With Buu having already eaten or killed most of Earth, Gohan’s rage is once again released.

  • A one-sided fight from the beginning. Gohan was owning Buu, finally putting this monster in his place. Gohan barely broke a sweat. Heavy blows are delivered from every corner and none of Buu’s attempts are getting through.
  • Gohan left a lasting impression on Buu. The scared demon even retreated, in order to plan his victory.
  • It wasn’t until Buu absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo, that the tables were turned. Gohan’s over confidence got the better of him, once again.

The fight is interrupted with Goku’s arrival. The end result was Buu claiming victory by absorbing our young hero—Gohan.

Gohan's greatest comeback.

4. Goku vs Majin Vegeta

The devastating rematch of the two rival Saiyans, Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta has willingly let himself become a slave to the wizard Babidi, in order to gain the upper hand over Goku. Witness on of the most brutally amazing battles.

  • The two Saiyans are evenly matched, it seems. With greatly animated sequences, both warriors attempt to take the advantage.
  • The scene where Vegeta has Goku pinned to a wall in order to show the humiliation the prior left was purely amazing. And Goku’s response was equally great.
  • One of the most epic Saiyan vs Saiyan battles of all time. The two strongest warriors clash, their long awaited rematch is here.

The fight was unfortunately cut short, after the revival of Majin Buu. The two seemingly make peace with each other, but as Goku’s back is turned, Vegeta lands a giant slam to knock out the hero.

The fated rematch of the century.

3. Piccolo vs to Android 17

High on the list is a Saiyan-less match. Super Namekian—Piccolo faces off against Android 17. The Androids stop by Kame house in an attempt to locate and kill Goku. Piccolo intervenes and challenges 17 to a gruesome brawl.

  • Undoubtedly the most alpha fight of all. Every blow can be felt, as punches break through stomachs and slams crater the earth.
  • Both fighters seem even, but 17 clearly had an advantage in being an android. 17 never loses stamina and could continue on the offensive without worry of tiring. Easier said than done against someone as strong as the Kame- infused Super Piccolo.
  • Amazing to see a non- Saiyan get the spotlight this time around. Piccolo contributes a lot in the earlier fights within the Android and Cell sagas, and this one shines over them.

Yet again, another fight cut short, when Cell barges in to absorb Android 17. The two fighters actually team up for a while in order to stop Cell.

The most chad, alpha match to date.

2. Gohan vs Cell

Gohan returns with his beating given to the Android from the future—Cell. Cell is hosting the Cell games, the Earth’s final attempt in trying to stop him from destroying the world. After Goku’s amazing fight against the villain, our hero relinquishes responsibility and gives his son, Gohan the spotlight.

  • Gohan finally achieves what no other has before him. He has reached new heights and become a Super Saiyan 2, increasing his power without sacrificing speed.
  • After one-shotting the Cell Jrs, Gohan approaches Cell without fear. The first completely one-sided victory in DBZ history. Cell didn’t stand a chance against Gohan. Two punches and the Android was already coughing blood.
  • Toying with Cell the entire time, Gohan’s cockiness is introduced here. Out of desperation, Cell attempts to self-destruct and take the planet alongside him. Goku manages to save everyone by sacrificing himself, but the moment is short lived as Cell quickly returns.

The fight is ended with the most iconic kamehameha struggle in DBZ history. The father-son kamehameha, combination of Gohan with his father’s spiritual support put an end to Cell once and for all.

Gohan surpasses his father, and Cell witnesses the hard way.

1. Goku vs Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)

The most-pure awesome fight in the series, hands down is the original Goku vs Vegeta. After killing off most of the Z-fighters, Vegeta and Nappa are matched with Goku, late to the scene. Goku makes quick work of Nappa and now Vegeta takes a stand.

  • A fated duel between two of the last Saiyans alive. Goku, the low-class Saiyan, who trained his entire life to gain unimaginable strengths. And Vegeta, prince of all Saiyans, who was already a gifted warrior from birth.
  • Vegeta was seemingly stronger, though Goku had an answer for everything in his trump card, kaio-ken. Eventually giving Vegeta a run for his money.
  • The epic beam struggle between garlic gun and kamehameha was one of the most memorable face-offs in all of DBZ. Vegeta’s arrogance was his downfall as Goku charges a kaio-ken x4 kamehameha to blow the prince into next week.
  • This fight could be considered undecided. Vegeta’s anger pushed him into becoming a great ape and at this point, the remaining Z-fighters have to step  in and assist Goku.

Vegeta lost by a great ape Gohan collapsing over him, crushing his body. Making his retreat, this fight would open the door to one of the greatest rivalries in anime history.

The best rivalry in anime history begins here.

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