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Top 15 DBZ most brutal moments 

Wassup everybody! Your friendly neighborhood ShounenMan here with another anime list for you to absorb into your very being. Today we are going to be talking about my favorite anime of all time again, Dragonball Z. Dbz is known for its crazy fights where destruction is the name of the game. With all of the character’s power getting thrown around some very violent and brutal moments are bound to happen. From fighters getting wrecked by stronger opponents to civilians being killed by monsters they never stood a chance against. This wonderful series has no shortage of violence to choose from for our list. So let’s go together and discover the top 15 most brutal moments in Dbz.


15. Androids appear

Coming in at number 15 we have Androids appear! During the android saga, our heroes were warned by the new character Trunks of when the androids that destroyed his world would attack. On that date, the Z-warriors were combing the city where the androids were supposed to show. During this search, the villains 19 and 20 landed in the city and brutally killed two civilians before being discovered by Yamcha. The androids were far too much for him and he ended up being lifted in the air by his mouth. Android 20 stood there holding Yamcha with one hand around his mouth for a long terrifying moment where it showed how powerless our hero was. Then Android 20 slams his arm into Yamcha piercing his chest straight through to his back and leaving a bloody hole behind.


14. Vegeta kills Nappa

Coming in at number 14 we have Vegeta kills Nappa! During the Saiyan Saga, our heroes were facing their first overpowered set of foes. After the defeat of Raditz, two other Saiyan’s came to earth to take the dragon balls. The Z-warriors met them on the battlefield and immediately began to lose people. Eventually, the first Saiyan Nappa was defeated by Goku and ended up broken on the ground in front of his partner Vegeta begging for help. Vegeta gave us a taste of his trademark prideful and vicious nature at this moment. As a wicked smile plays across his face he grabs the fallen Saiyans hand and launches him up into the sky. Vegeta then charges up some considerable power before blasting Nappa with an energy beam that obliterates him completely.


13. Piccolo kills Goku

 Coming in at number 13 we have Piccolo kills Goku! This was the beginning of not only the Saiyan saga but the beginning of the very show itself. Dbz begins with the Saiyan Raditz coming to earth. After the revelation that Goku was also a Saiyan and Raditz was his brother he offers our hero the opportunity to join him in killing the sentient life on earth and selling it to the highest bidder. Goku refuses, so Raditz decides to kidnap Goku’s son Gohan. Piccolo and our hero go after the evil Saiyan but quickly realize that he is too strong for them. Using some dangerous tactics Goku catches Raditz off guard and grabs him from behind. Before he can get free Piccolo fires his Special Beam Cannon through the brothers’ bodies killing them both in one attack. They both end up on the ground with giant holes in their chests.


12. Terror On Arlia

Coming in at number 12 we have Terror On Arlia! Here we have the two Saiyans that were destined for the earth, Vegeta and Nappa stopping on a planet called Arlia. They allow the ruler of Arlia’s guards to capture them but break out as soon as they feel like it. They end up in the throne room and being pitted against the bug people’s most dangerous warriors. After some very one-sided fights on the side of the Saiyans where they killed the Arlian champion, the royal guard, and even a giant monster bug, they even kill the ruler. The people of the world thank the Saiyans for killing the horrible tyrant hailing them as heroes. In this little side story, the really brutal thing is when the Saiyans leave, Vegeta blows the entire planet up that he just saved.


11. Beerus hakai’s Zamasu

Coming in at number 11 we have Beerus hakai’s Zamasu! Zamasu was a very interesting villain, to say the least. He was a Supreme Kai in training who had a particular distaste for humans. At one point Goku shows up and ends up fighting in a duel with Zamasu. After Zamasu is defeated he becomes enraged and even more sure that humanity is evil. His plan involved killing his master Gowasu and a lot of time travel manipulation. He ends up getting a wish granted that allows him to take Goku’s body for his own. After this happens he begins his plan to destroy mortals and kills a bunch of humans as well as Bulma, Chi-Chi, Goten, and more. His rampage was savage but eventually, he was stopped.  to see Beerus confront Zamasu and use his Hakai technique on him which erases him from existence entirely, even destroying his very soul.


10. 18 breaks Vegeta’s arm

Coming in at number 10 we have 18 breaks Vegeta’s arm! This was an amazing battle during the android saga. The only androids we had seen before this were 19 and 20 neither of which were that impressive. Vegeta destroyed one and sent the other running to awaken 17 and 18. When we were finally faced with the newly awakened androids they showed their power in a spectacular fashion. Android 18 faces Vegeta in a quick but exciting battle where she dominates with little effort. She lets Vegeta get some hits in before laying into him, beating him around like a toy. Eventually, his attitude really angers her, and 18 kicks him so hard in the arm that she shatters it. The shock that plays over the Saiyan prince’s face shows the intense and unbearable pain he was in.


9.Frieza stabs Krillin

Coming in at number 9 we have Frieza stabs Krillin! During the Namek Saga, our heroes had to face a host of new villains with crazy power levels. The most dangerous as well as powerful by far was Emperor Frieza. Every time it seemed like our heroes had a handle on the situation Frieza would transform again and completely outclass them. During his second form, Frieza ended up trying to kill Dende and Krillin tried to protect the little Namekian. He got one of Frieza’s giant horns through his abdomen for the trouble. As Krillin screamed and blood poured out around the hole, Frieza shoved the horn in deeper. It has to be said that Krillin showed his warrior side when during all of this pain he still tried to knee the evil emperor in the face. Gohan fighting his hardest to try to save his friend as Krillin said he couldn’t breathe was intense as well as brutal, to say the least. On top of all that we all watch as Krillin is bounced up and down on the horn while Frieza laughs. In a very somber moment as Krillin faints he asks,” Goku where were you”?


8. Frieza(Final Form) Vs Vegeta

Coming in at number 8 we have Frieza(Final Form) Vs Vegeta! This was a battle long coming for Vegeta. In front of him stood the tyrant that not only forced him into servitude but also killed his entire race and blew up their planet. He also finally felt like he had become a Super Saiyan and was ready to take his revenge. Unfortunately from the very beginning, it was clear that he didn’t stand a chance against Frieza in his Final Form. It begins pretty calmly with the evil emperor dodging everything the Saiyan Prince threw at him while continually taunting and berating him. After Frieza is done brutally destroying Vegeta’s will to fight he begins his physical assault. He starts with a superspeed headbutt that smashes Vegeta straight down into the water. He ends torturing Vegeta with punches to the back while holding him up by his hair, he also slams him with repeated kicks and elbows while the prince is helpless to stop him. Frieza holds his victim up in the air with his tail around his throat. and punches him continually while taunting the other heroes.


7. Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta

Coming in at number 7 we have Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta! Here we have the overwhelmingly brutal act that was instrumental in quite a few of DragonBall Z’s storylines. Frieza who just gained the rule of the empire from his father King Cold had to make some decisions regarding his military. The Saiyans were a mercenary group within the empire that captured and sold planets. Frieza, who had a healthy distrust for the warrior race, believing them to be pretending to be loyal, decided to have them all killed. To do this he called all of the Saiyans back to their home planet Vegeta, bringing most of them back from all over the universe. When they all got there Frieza charged up a very powerful energy ball and fired it at the planet. Everyone except the Saiyans off-world was killed. This is a rather short entry but brutal nevertheless, this one act began a strong hatred between Vegeta and Frieza as well as put a species on the brink of extinction.


6. Cell attacks Ginger town

Coming in at number 6 we have Cell attacks Ginger town! This particular entry is brutal not only due to the action performed but the way it's portrayed as well. It all starts with Bulma hearing a radio report about a town called Ginger town that went silent with no contact getting through. We also see the Z-fighters in Roshi’s house watching a report from that very same town. A soon as we see the video the reporter is saying that he hears screaming and gunshots but he can’t see anyone. He seems to be going in to investigate when all of a sudden he looks off-camera exclaiming,” Ah”, before the camera goes out. Our heroes change the channel and hear the people screaming,” please help me”, from off-screen. Cell’s entire debut is set up like a horror movie monster’s rampage. He stalks his prey with nothing they try even slowing him down. When he gets to them he stabs his tail into them and absorbs every bit of their being till they are nothing but a pile of clothes. Every place Cell attacked was left as a ghost town filled with piles of clothes.


5.Recoome Vs Gohan

Coming in at number 5 we have Recoome Vs Gohan! During the Namek saga the evil emperor Frieza was hell-bent on capturing the DragonBalls. Vegeta, who also wanted them in order to become immortal and finally face Frieza down. He ends up killing some of Frieza’s henchmen before the emperor calls in the Ginyu force. When they show up our heroes beat the first of these new enemies due to Vegeta’s interference. Then they have to face off against Recoome who is far stronger than any of them. Vegeta is the first to fall to Recoome before Krillin and Gohan go on the offensive. Krillin is easily defeated but Gohan fights hard landing some good blows on the huge Ginyu Force member. Ultimately this fight turns into a big powerful warrior beating the tar out of an eight-year-old. No matter what Gohan tries he simply can’t stop this monster and ends up layed out twitching with blood pouring from his mouth.

4. Vegeta Vs Kid Buu

Coming in at number 4 we have Vegeta Vs Kid Buu! Here we have the final big fight between Kid Buu and our heroes. During this fight Kid Buu battles against Goku, Vegeta, and Good Buu. Vegeta fights him multiple times during this amazing ending to DragonBall Z. During their fights Vegeta comes in hard right from the beginning, throwing everything he has at the gum-like monster. Unfortunately, Kid Buu seems unphased, giving the prince of Saiyans a merciless beatdown on top of taunting him the whole time. During their last battle is where Buu really begins to lay into Vegeta as he tries to buy time for Goku. You really feel his pain as he screams, blood flying from his mouth and his pupils disappearing. Kid Buu punches, kicks, and headbutts Vegeta over and over again. He ends up stretching out his arm and wrapping around Vegeta’s throat, strangling him while slamming him all over the place. This is one of the most brutal beatings in the entire series.


3. Super Buu kills the world

Coming in at number 3 we have Super Buu kills the world! During the Buu saga, Majin Buu had a change of heart due to Hercule befriending him and spits out his evil side. After a battle with this evil version, Majin Buu loses and gets absorbed to create the crazy powerful, and sadistic Super Buu. When this new Buu senses the people on Kami’s lookout he goes straight there where our heroes and their families are staying. After walking around for a moment he says,” Time to kill”, before raising his hand in the sky and powering up. He begins to rain millions of beams down on the planet below that aim straight for people to kill them. Men, women, and even children all die from this horrendous attack. We even see some of our Z-fighters getting attacked and killed by the beams. The only person on the planet to survive was Hercule due to the beams not touching him at all and instead, curving away from him. This was one of the most brutal attacks in the series just because we had to watch as everyone lost their lives, we saw all the pain it caused them.


2. Nappa’s Battle

Coming in at number 2 we have Nappa’s Battle! During the Saiyan Saga Vegeta and Nappa came to planet Earth to claim the DragonBalls. These new enemies were far more powerful than anyone our heroes had ever faced before. Yamcha lost his life at the beginning of the battle fighting a plant monster called Saibamen that self-destructed while holding him. After the rest of the Saibamen were defeated all of the Z-fighters had to turn their attention to the Saiyan Nappa. FIrst Chiaotzu loses his life by exploding himself and trying to take Nappa with him but to no avail. Then Tien goes down trying to get revenge for Chiaotzu but not before having his arm completely blown off. The next and last to die is Piccolo, who in his first act of selfless kindness threw himself in the way of a blast that was headed straight for Gohan. In the end, this battle cost the majority of our heroes their lives with Gohan and Krillin barely being saved by Goku.


1. Videl Vs Spopovich

Coming in at number 1 we have Vegeta Vs Spopovich! Here we have a very interesting fight during the Buu saga. During the world tournament Gohan’s love Videl, who was an accomplished fighter amongst the human world, ended up fighting a human who was empowered by the evil wizard Babidi. Surprisingly Videl starts out very strong beating the crap out of Spopovich while countering everything he tried on her. Through strikes and throws as well as other techniques Videl puts him down again and again only to have him get right back up. Videl, tired after exerting herself, begins to take a lot of hits from her opponent. She becomes desperate to win her fight and she kicks his head hard enough to twist it in a circle. Videl is mortified at the thought of killing someone, as the body begins to fall she seems in shock. Just as the announcer is calling him dead and disqualifying Videl, Spopovich stands up, twisting his neck back around. What follows is one of the most intense beat downs in the series as Spopovich reveals himself to be a warrior on the level of the Z-fighters fighting a normal human. He punches Videl over and over again so hard and fast that she can’t even fall to the ground. It's also especially heartbreaking as Gohan is held back from saving her.

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