Top 15 DBZ Most Powerful Characters

Dragon Ball Z Most Powerful Characters
Best of the Best, of the Best!

Top 15 DBZ Most Powerful Characters

In the world of DBZ, power is everything! What started as a story of a boy named Goku meeting a girl named Bulma and going on a fun adventure has evolved into an epic of gods, angels, and galactic level battles.

Characters reaching for the top in the Dragon Ball world never stop getting stronger through training, new forms, or fusions, all to prepare for the next sky splitting battle. Who among them stands at the top?

Who takes the glory of being among the strongest in the multiverse? Here are the top 15 most powerful characters in DBZ.


15) Hit

An Assassins Creed

The time-stopping assassin of Universe 6 was the ace in the hole for Champa in the Universe 6 tournament. As the most powerful warrior in his universe, Hit employs stealth and deception to win, aided by the unique ability that lets him put a stop to anyone's clock. Hit has proved time and time again that he can hold his own against the best of them, and even the mightiest warriors must be wary when Hit casts his shadow on them.

  • All the skills of a master Assassin
  • Finalist of the Universe 6 vs 7 Tournament
  • Possesses the ability to freeze time

Hit’s Power Rating: 30/100

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14) Android 17

Lean Mean Fighting Machine 17

The cybernetic creation of Dr. Gero was once bent on causing as much destruction as he could just for fun. Having all the advantages of being an android provides, such as a never-ending supply of energy, 17 was never one to be taken lightly. He spent years retired as a park ranger before coming back to partake in the Tournament of Power. There we proved how much skill he truly had.

  • Last man standing in the Tournament of Power
  • The body of an Android, lending greater strength
  • Possesses unlimited energy and stamina

Android 17’s Power Rating 45/100

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13) Frieza

Go for the Gold

The Galactic tyrant who destroyed the Saiyan home planet was born with an immense power even for his race. He ruled the stars with an iron fist before being brought down by Goku, and later Trunks. Not even death could stop him however, as he returned and with just 4 months of training, he was able to walk on even footing with Goku who had already ascended past Super Saiyan God. It was this showing that would inspire Goku to bring him back again for the Tournament of Power, where he proved to be an invaluable asset.

  • Galactic Tyrant with a rule spanning solar systems
  • Freak of nature level strength
  • The golden form that can match Super Saiyan Blue

Frieza’s Power Rating: 50/100

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12) Zamasu

Getting Bodied

The Supreme Kai candidate Zamasu had a lot going for him, except one thing held him back, his pure unrelenting hatred for mortals. Zamasu would go on to take over the body of Goku becoming Goku Black. He would fuse together with his counterpart from another timeline becoming Fused Zamasu. With such power at his disposal, Zamasu was truly unstoppable and took every bit of Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks’s effort to bring him down. Even that wasn’t enough, as Zamasu endures. Only the mighty Grand Zeno stepping in could end his reign for good, leaving the once unsurpassable wall gone without a trace.

  • All the power of a Kai
  • Completely immortal
  • Fused with Goku Black, giving him near-limitless strength

Zamasu’s Power Rating: 60/100

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11) Vegeta

Show off your Pride

The prince of all Saiyans started from not so humble beginnings, spending much of his early days plotting to overthrow Frieza. Once he invaded the earth and met Goku, he became obsessed with surpassing him to become the most powerful Saiyan warrior, birthing a life long rivalry that would be one of anime's most iconic. Vegeta would go through any lengths to surpass Goku, attaining extreme power trying. As long as blood flows through his veins, Vegeta will get stronger and stronger.

  • His own refined Super Saiyan Blue form
  • Trained with Beerus and Whis
  • Matched blows with Toppo, God of Destruction

Vegeta’s Power Rating 65/100

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10) Kefla

Letting Sparks Fly

The newest additions to the Universe 6 team, Kale and Caulifa proved to be their most valuable members. Kale possessed a Super Saiyan transformation with a disastrous power level and form resembling that of the legendary Broly, so strong even she couldn't control. Caulifa on the other hand was known for her fighting genius and immense potential. When the two combined their powers together through the Potara earrings, they became Kefla, one of the most powerful fighters in the ring.

  • The fusion of powerful warriors Kale and Caulifa
  • Able to fully control Berserker Saiyan rage
  • Decimated huge amounts of the Tournament of Power competition

Kefla’s Power Rating: 64/100

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9) Toppo

Hammer of Justice

Leader of the Universe 11 Pride Troopers, candidate for God of Destruction, and above all else, a staunch defender of justice. Toppo took charge of the Universe 11 team to save his universe blaming Goku for the destruction that the tournament had wrought. Fearing the greatest loss, he decides to sacrifice his own values of justice and ascend to the position of a destroyer, claiming all the power that comes with it.

  • Accepted the power and responsibility of God of Destruction
  • Leadership and values that even Jiren respected
  • Took Golden Frieza down to his last knee

Toppo’s Power Rating: 68/100

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8) Goku

Even Further Beyond

The main man himself. Starting as just a boy on earth unaware of his Saiyan heritage, Goku spent every day working to get stronger and stronger, whether it be for the sheer excitement of an upcoming battle or to stop a villain from hurting his friends, Goku never stopped finding new levels of power. This culminated in the Tournament of Power, where he attained the legendary Ultra Instinct form, something even the Gods of Destruction have trouble with. Goku wants to be the best and will train until he gets there, and then train some more.

  • Defeated Buu, Jiren, and countless other villains
  • Can use the power of a fully mastered Ultra Instinct
  • World Martial Arts Tournament Champion

Goku’s Power Rating 70/100

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7) Broly

His Power is Maximum

The Legendary Super Saiyan. Born with an already unfathomable amount of strength, he was outcast from his planet, training for the day, and his father could walk amongst others again. Broly would then be recruited by Frieza to defeat Goku and Vegeta, a battle that broke all expectations. As Broly’s maximum power exploded, he proved to be a challenge even for two fully realized Super Saiyan Blues. Both versions of Broly, canon and original, have their own set of powerful moves.

  • Mutated power making him far stronger from birth
  • All the power of The Legendary Super Saiyan
  • Able to beat Golden Frieza into a pulp

Broly’s Power Rating: 75/100

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6) Jiren

Unstoppable Force and Immovable Object

The most powerful warrior of Universe 11, and the legendary mortal whose strength surpassed the Gods of Destruction, Jiren was ready to claim the prize himself. Possibly the strongest mortal in the multiverse, he was the final opponent in the Tournament of Power where he broke his limits to reach even greater heights, becoming virtually unstoppable in the process. Goku, Frieza and Android 17 had to give it everything they had to win. In the stage where the greatest warriors ever stood, Jiren outclassed them all easily.

  • Stronger than the God of Destruction of his universe, Belmod
  • Able to match Goku blow for blow even in Ultra Instinct
  • Last opposition in the Tournament of Power

Jiren’s Power Rating: 75/100

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5) Vegito/Gogeta

Sharing is Caring

The combination of Goku and Vegeta’s powers created two perfect fighting machines. Vegito is formed by using the Potara earrings and was able to put the hurt on Buu and Zamasu, while Gogeta was formed with the fusion dance and brought down Broly and Janemba. Either option is a path to victory for the heroes, and when their strength combines, enemies should quiver in fear.

  • Fusions of Goku and Vegeta, with all their moves
  • Able to easily defeat powerful foes like Broly and Zamasu
  • Powerful attacks like Stardust Breaker

Vegito and Gogeta’s Power Rating: 80/100

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4) Beerus and the Gods of Destruction

Destruction Incarnate

The God of Destruction and his brethren are built for one thing. Annihilation. To preserve the cycle of creation, the destroyers will eradicate entire worlds with their power. It was Beerus’s arrival to earth that kicked off Dragon Ball Super, and the world expanded when it learned what true power really meant. While he chooses to never get personally involved in any conflict, if he did, the conflict would end immediately.

  • All the powers of a God of Destruction
  • Sealed away the Supreme Kai for eons
  • Destroyed the main timelines Zamasu instantly

Beerus’s Power Rating: 83/100

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3) Whis and the Angels

The Student Hasn't Surpassed this Master

The all-powerful beings of each universe, the angels are the keepers and trainers for the Gods of Destruction, surpassing even them in power. Whis is the one who keeps Beerus in line and trained Goku and Vegeta to reach new heights. He could easily defeat every single threat the heroes come across if we wanted to. Whis and the angels are at levels so much higher than anything else, they are unimaginable.

  • Can rewind time to undo any mistakes
  • Can knock Beerus out effortlessly
  • Does Not break a sweat even when attacked by Broly

Whis and the Angel’s Power Rating 90/100

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2) Grand Minister

The Priest Will See You Now

Adviser to the Omni King and father to Whis, Vados and all the angels, The Grand Minister is the one to carry out the will of Zeno, whatever it may be, and thus has the power to match. Having a much sterner side to him as well as being more mature, the Grand Minister will cast his unfathomable power on anyone willing to cross Zeno.

  • Royal Vizier to all of existence
  • Surpasses Whis, Vados, and the rest of the angels
  • His power was once in the top 5 of all universes

Grand Minister's Power Rating: 95/100

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1) Grand Zeno

The Ones above All

The legendary Omni King himself, don’t let his childish appearance or demeanor fool you, Grand Zeno, and his alternate timeline counterpart are unequivocally the most powerful beings in the DragonBall series universe. As the Omni Kings, they rule over all there is, and can instantly cause the eradication of an entire universe on a whim, as he already destroyed 6 of the original 18. His power can not be comprehended and no being in existence even comes close.

  • Can eradicate entire galaxies by blinking
  • Already destroyed 6 of the universes
  • Rules over the Gods of destruction, angels

Grand Zeno’s Power Rating: 100/100

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