Top 10 DBZ Best Villains And Their Best Scenes

DBZ Best Villains
Best of the Worst

Who Are The Best Villains In DBZ?

They say no hero is complete without his villain, and the terrific rogue’s gallery in Dragon Ball shows us just how terrifying the challenges the heroes face can be.

Each new adversary brings something distinct and truly their own, from powerful martial artists to galactic tyrants, the battles Goku faced never lacked in variety, thrills, or action.

Here are the Top 10 DBZ Best Villains And Their Best Scenes.

10. The Red Ribbon Army

Looking better in Red

One of Goku’s earliest threats, the omnipresent Red Ribbon Army has been causing trouble all over the world, with military might that is unmatched by anyone. Led by Commander Red, the army boasted a number of powerful warriors, including Staff Officer Black, General Blue, and the unseen scientist who would go on to have massive repercussions going forward, Dr. Gero.

Red Ribbon Army’s best scenes

  • When Staff Officer Black has enough of Commander Red’s selfishness

  • When the assassin Mercenary Tao shows off his skills


9. The Shadow Dragons

The Alpha and the Omega

Who would have thought that the final villains of Dragon Ball GT would have been the dragon balls themselves? Created from the overuse of the dragon balls powers, each dragon took on a unique form birthed by one of the wishes the heroes or villains had made previously. While most were evil, one of them was actually quite noble, though his power paled in comparison to the strongest of the group Syn Shenron, who absorbed all the others to become the invincible Omega Shenron. This combination would go then become GT’s final villain.

The Shadow Dragon’s best scenes

  • The Shadow Dragons are born:

  • Syn Shenron becomes Omega Shenron


8. Android 20/Dr. Gero

Science Rules

It was unknown to Goku, but his defeat of the Red Ribbon Army missed one important mark. The head scientist Dr. Gero created many androids in his time after the Army collapsed, and even turned himself into one. However, the ones responsible for his demise, Android 17 and 18 were his own creation as well. Even despite that, his work endured, and his ultimate masterpiece, Cell, would soon be born.

Dr. Gero’s best scenes:

  • Android 20 laying waste to a city

  • Android 20 attacks Yamcha


7. Cooler

Coolest of the Bunch

Who could be as cool as Frieza? Cooler of course! The galactic tyrant’s older brother always had a grudge against Goku for disgracing his family name. He achieved a form even Frieza could not, and death itself would not stop him, as he returned in a new biomechanical form possessing the planet-sized Big Yeti Star. He was always going to be the better one, as Cooler’s revenge knew no bounds.

Cooler’s best scenes:

  • Cooler transformers into his 5th form

  • Cooler unleashes his army of clones


6. Broly

Say My Name

The big man on campus himself. Broly had always been the most popular movie villain, but his fame took him to new heights in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, where he was finally inducted into the canon story. He is known for one thing and one thing mainly, his immense strength. As the Legendary Super Saiyan, anytime he appears, the heroes are always in for a monumental challenge. His power truly is maximum.

Broly best scenes:

  • Broly battling Goku

  • Broly laying the beat down on Vegeta


5. Zamasu/Goku Black

Divine Destruction

The powerful, ruthless, and immortal Zamasu was an enemy like no other. Despite being a candidate for the position of Supreme Kai, he hated mortals done to his very core. He enacted a plan to wipe them out and achieved the ultimate power by taking over the body of Goku, becoming Goku Black. In battles across space and time, and alternate timelines, he bested the heroes at every turn, and his eventual defeat made him even more powerful, shedding his body and becoming a horrifying mass of clouds. The Z fighters have never faced an evil as great as him.

Zamasu best scenes

  • Goku Black and Zamasu fuse

  • Zamasu revealing the fate of Goku’s family


4. Majin Buu

Pink is the new Black

Looks can be deceiving, you would never know this big pink genie man would actually be one of the deadliest villains in history. Created by the wizard Bibidi and controlled by his son Babadi, Buu was born for destruction, but after he shed his evil ways for a life of fun, food, and friendship, his evil side separated and became a being that would crush entire galaxies in his wake.

Buu’s best scenes

  • Super Buu destroys all of humanity in one fell swoop

  • Kid Buu destroys the earth itself


3. King Piccolo

Just can’t wait to be King

As one of the earliest truly evil foes Goku had faced, the arrival of Demon King Piccolo was the moment the franchise would change forever. Leaving behind the deaths of Krillin, Chiaotzu, Master Roshi, and even the eternal dragon Shenron, Goku had been pushed to the limit. Seeking nothing short of world domination, King Piccolo and his army was a force to be reckoned with.

King Piccolo’s best scenes

  • Piccolo kills Shenron

  • Piccolo begins his world domination


2. Cell

The Biomechanic Battler

The magnum opus of Dr. Gero, Cell was an android built from the DNA of the Z fighters themselves. Cell was born with the best and worst traits of all our heroes, combining them into an evil and unstoppable being. His vain personality led to creating his own tournament, The Cell Games, where he would take on earth’s most powerful warriors to prove that he was indeed the ultimate lifeform. With the earth's destruction as his goal, Cell was perfection incarnate, and he was ready to show it off.

Cell’s best scenes

  • Cell announces his tournament to the world

  • Cell reveals the true extent of his power


1. Frieza

The Purple Prodigy

The great galactic tyrant himself, Frieza is the villain who sets the entire story in motion by destroying the Saiyan homeworld. A ruthless emperor with unmatched power, his quest for immortality took him to planet Namek where he crossed paths with the heroes, teaching them the true meaning of despair. No matter how often or how completely he is defeated, Frieza always rises again, bringing a new reckoning to the heroes and pushing them to their limits. The most iconic villain in DBZ can only be Lord Frieza.

Frieza’s best scenes

  • Frieza’s first transformation

  • Frieza killing Krillin, and pushing Goku over the edge

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