Top 25 Best DBZ Wallpapers of All Time

Best DBZ Wallpapers
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Top 25 Best DBZ Wallpapers of All Time


Are you someone who loves Dragon Ball Z? Are you someone who’s sick of boring looking desktops? Ever wish you had a little more to spice up your homepage?  Well don't you worry because we’ve gathered all 7 dragon balls and brought forth the mighty Shenron to grant your wish for an epic edge to your displays! With these masterpieces your desktop will turn heads and raise the power levels of all those who witness them! Here are the Top 25 Best DBZ Wallpapers of All Time.


25) Dragon Ball Z Son Goku



This wallpaper shows off Goku firing his Kamehameha Wave in his shiny Ultra Instinct form. You can't go wrong with the essentials, and this is one is a must for any DBZ fan to show off. With this sparkling wallpaper you’ll always know Goku is ready for action.


24) Anime Dragon Ball Z Bulma Goku Wallpaper

Trip Down Memory Lane


Go back to where it all began with this artwork of Goku and Bulma’s first meeting, the one which set the entire series in motion. This wallpaper gives us a dose of nostalgia for an unforgettable encounter and makes us want to go on the ride all over again.


23) Fierce Battle

Fusion Fight


It's a ferocious battle of fusions! This wallpaper depicts a clash between Vegito and Gogeta, a brawl so stunning it would break the universe in terms of power. With this wallpaper front and center, you too can feel the power brewing from this clash of two titans.


22) Goku vs Superman

The Fated Fight


A debate raging since the dawn of time, who would win in a battle, Goku or Superman? While there may not be a clear answer to that question, what IS clear is how awesome this wallpaper is. Perhaps one day we’ll see who stands triumphant, but until then, at least we can watch Kal-El and Kakarot kill it on our screens.


21) Goku vs Jiren

A Gaze Piercing into your Soul


This stunning background for your mobile phones depicts Goku and Jiren enveloped by flames of energy. This clash had the entire universe on its edge and can be immortalized on your phone screen, so you can feel the power wherever you go.


20) Goku/Vegeta vs Broly

An Arctic Attack

This chilling background depits Goku and Vegeta staring down a powered up Broly in the middle of the arctic battlefield. The Legendary Super Saiyan and his shining green aura are the heralds of a monstrous fight to come, and with this wallpaper you’ll feel like you are standing side by side with Goku himself to take on this mighty threat.


19) Krillin

Bald is Beautiful


It’s Krillin! Our favorite bald buddy might not get many opportunities to shine in the show, but with this wallpaper he’ll always get the spotlight he deserves on your screen.! We particularly love how the blue colored background contrasts with the iconic orange outfit, creating a striking balance worthy of earth's staunch defender.


18) Dragon Ball Legends Cell

I See Beams of Green...I Watch Them Grow


Go green with this epic wallpaper depicting Cell from DBZ, charging his earth shattering Kamehameha against Gohan, deep within the Cell Games final act. We love the abundance of green in this wallpaper and the addition of Imperfect Cell and Semi-Perfect Cell really liven up the background. As one of DBZ’s best villains, he deserves no less.


17) Frieza

Forms in Formation


Speaking of best villains, who could forget the galactic tyrant Frieza? Now with this epic wallpaper depicting the purple prodigy and his multiple forms on your mobile phone’s homepage, everyone will know the true Glory of Frieza. This terror is still out there scheming and is sure to bring us many more wallpaper worthy moments in the future, but for now, this epic one will surely suffice.


16) Battle of Z

Monkey Troubles

This wallpaper from the 2014 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z game shows off the desperate struggle against Vegeta during the Saiyans first invasion of earth. As Vegeta took to his mighty Oozaru form, the heroes were brought to the brink, and now with this amazing wallpaper, you too can feel the tension and thrills of that grand battle everytime you look upon your screen.


15) DBZ Kakarot Goku Wallpaper

The Main Man Himself


While some wallpapers on this list might be flashy extravaganzas, maybe sometimes simplicity is key. This wallpaper depicts Goku flying on his trusty Flying Nimbus Cloud on the cover of the recent 2019 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game. With a bright orange background and Goku’s signature orange Gi, this wallpaper is perfect for those who want a more serene screen.


14) SSJ3 Goku Dragon Fist

Pump it up


This wallpaper features Goku proudly showing off his Dragon Fist Explosion attack. As he rightly should because the technique is one of the coolest in the Dragon Ball series history and this epic wallpaper proves it! Taking a triumphant victory pose after defeating the mighty monster Hirudegarn in the Wrath of the Dragon movie, your mobile phone can share the glory with this wallpaper front and center. Fun Fact: The dragon fist is one of the only moves Goku actually invented himself.


13) Anime Crossover

Avengers...Eat Your Hearts Out


What is that, a crossover episode!? If you're in the mood for more than just DBZ, this wallpaper has got you covered with Gon from Hunter X Hunter, Luffy and Chopper from One Piece, Jotaro and Star Platinum from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Naruto from...well, Naruto! With this team, your desktop will be a Jump Force to be reckoned with. Anime Assemble.


12) Goku Kaioken

Red + Blue = Beautiful


One of the earliest transformations, Kaioken remains a favorite of many to this day, especially when Goku combined it with his Super Saiyan Blue technique in the battle against Hit. This stunning wallpaper depicts the combo move in all its majesty. Just feel that red and blue burn.


11) Kakarot

Relive the Legends


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of this year's hottest games, and now you can take it wherever you go! In wallpaper form at least. This mosaic depicts scenes from all over the game as a stunning background. We love the overall look and colors and which make us want to go back and play the game right now!


10) FighterZ

Great FightZ Abound


Every frame of Dragon Ball FighterZ could be a wallpaper by itself, and this image is proof. An epic face off with the heroes and villians in the beautiful FighterZ artstyle make us want to jump back into the game right now, but if you’re in a spot where you can't play, at least you’ll have this epic wallpaper to feast your eyes.


9) Goku Black

He Must be a Steelers Fan


You know what they say, everything looks better in black. The villainous Zamasu took that to heart when he assumed Goku’s identity, becoming the stylish Goku Black. Between striking an epic pose, a golden ray of light cleverly contrasting the dark background, and the ruins of a foregone future spread across him, this wallpaper displays the majesty of Goku Black, in all his glory. And now, you can too.


8) Goku vs Vegeta

Number One Under the Moon


While we’re on the subject of cool and dark looking wallpapers, we can't leave your mobile devices out, can we? This piece depicts Goku and Vegeta in their epic first encounter contrasted by a moonlit night in the background. While the actual battle may have happened in broad daylight in the anime and manga, we can chalk this up to creative liberty. If it gives us wallpapers as cool as this, who’s complaining?


7) Tenkaichi

Here Comes a New Challenger


Here’s a wallpaper featuring a great dose of nostalgia. A wallpaper depicting the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament competitors. This event encompassed the Piccolo Jr Saga, and gave us many iconic moments such as Goku and Krillin growing up, the hilarious battle between Yamcha and Hero, the impromptu proposal between Goku and Chi Chi, and of course, the epic battles between Goku, Tien and Piccolo. Now one of the best arcs of Dragon Ball can be immortalized on your screen forever.


6) Goku vs Frieza Super Epic Space Wallpaper

The Pathos of Frieza

We don't really have to explain this one do we? Just look at it, the epicness speaks for itself! The battle between Goku and Frieza is one of the greatest in anime history and is perfectly encapsulated with this wallpaper depicting the duel on the dying planet. The golden colors of the space around them make this one even better.


5) Vegeta

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince of All Saiyans


The Saiyan prince Vegeta. A man of pride, rage, royalty, and now, epic wallpapers. What Vegeta lacks in calming personality, he more than makes up for in power and popularity. And really, what more do you need? This wallpaper, depicting Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue form will light up your desktop anytime.


4) Epic Goku Wallpaper

You Get a Goku, and You Get a Goku


Another day, another epic Goku wallpaper! This piece for your mobile device shows off every form Goku has taken on throughout the series, from Super Saiyan to Ultra Instinct. It’s always great to see how far our hero has come on his journey. Which form is your favorite? Here we’re partial to Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct. Whatever your choice, this wallpaper will depict it proudly.


3) Super Shenron 

Wish Upon a Ball


The artstyle of Dragon Ball has always been amazing, and this wallpaper takes it to a new level by adding a vintage look to a striking image of the signature dragon. The background designs give it a unique feel. We love both the background and how the color scheme gives off an old school vibe, looking like something you would see in an ancient cave painting.


2) King Kai's Planet

Amazing Aferlife Architecture 


The tiny world of King Kai has always been one of Dragon Ball Z’s most unique locations. This stunning background shows it off in all its other-worldly glory. The clouds, astral background and warm colors all make for an epic wallpaper that will turn heads and be a highlight for your display.


1) Good Morning Shenron 


Greet the New Day


This is it, one of the best Dragon Ball Z wallpapers around! The striking background of Goku riding his nimbus along a golden sea of clouds, with the great Shenron looming in the background is an image that reminds us why we love DBZ. It gives us the sense of wonder, strength and majesty that is second to none. With it adorning your desktop, you’ll turn the heads of whomever see it, and your power level couldn't possibly get any higher.

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