Top 10 DBZ Best Sagas Worth Watching Again

DBZ Best Sagas
Embrace the Legend Again

Top 10 DBZ Best Sagas Worth Watching Again


The Sagas of Dragonball! These epic story arcs are the lifeblood of the show and each one is filled to the brim with epic moments and massive payoffs. Whether it be the first time we witnessed Goku’s early days and his first tournaments, or watching him turn Super Saiyan for the first time, every individual saga in this grand series is worth revisiting and always good for a quality binge session.  Here are the Top 10 DBZ Sagas Worth Watching Again.




10) Goku Black Saga

Back in Black

The darkest saga in DB history, the Goku Black saga remains an all time great for the way it pushed the envelope of DBZ storytelling. Taking us across different timelines and introducing alternate versions of some of the characters we’ve come to know, the Black arc is worth revising for epic moments such as

- The scene where young Trunks meets his Future Counterpart

- The seemingly hopeless battle against Merged Zamasu

- Super Saiyan Blue Vegito

- The epic finishing move, Trunks’ Spirit Sword


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9) Baby Saga

Baby Don't Cry

While Dragon Ball GT might not be looked at as fondly as the other works in the franchise, there were many standout moments to be found within, especially in the Baby Saga. When the space parasite Baby began to infect and overtake humanity, the heroes are forced to fight their own friends and families, giving us epic moments like

- Evil, infected versions of many heroes

- The birth of Super Saiyan 4 

- The earth's destruction and Piccolo’s sacrifice


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8) Saiyan Saga

The Rivalry is Born


The saga that birthed the high octane DBZ action that we’ve come to love, the Saiyan saga features the first meeting and battle between Goku and Vegeta. As the two rivals duke it out, we experienced a thrilling scuffle the likes of which we’ve never seen before in a saga jam packed with epic moments such as

- Former enemies Goku and Piccolo teaming up to fight Raditz

- The heroes training for their upcoming battle

- Goku’s return and defeat of Nappa

- Yajirobe’s surprise save

- The Kamehameha and Galick Gun Beam Struggle


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7) World Martial Arts Tournament Saga

Will the Student Surpass the Master


On the subject of firsts, who could forget the very first Tenkaichi Budokai tournament Goku ever participated in. After embarking on his first journey with Bulma, Goku sought to get stronger and trained under Master Roshi with fellow new disciple Krillin. The heroes then took off to the tropical Papaya Island, where they entered a Tournament to prove who is number one under the sun, with heart pounding moments like

- Krillin's introduction and rivalry with Goku

- The battles against Bacterian and Nam

- Jackie Chun destroying the Moon

- The conclusion of Goku and Jackie Chun’s epic battle


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6) Kid Buu Saga

Stepping on the Competition


The grand finale of Dragon Ball Z had a lot to live up to, and live up to the hype it certainly did. With Buu transformed into his most vicious form the earth had been reduced to rubble. With Goku and Vegeta on their last legs, the battle seemed impossible, until a brilliant plan from Vegeta saved the day. The Kid Buu saga was a thriller with twists that no one could have anticipated, and gave us great moments like

- Vegeta setting aside his pride once and for all

- The Worldwide Spirit Bomb

- Mr. Satan stepping up to become a hero (in his own way)

- The End of Z epilogue episodes, that concluded the grand story


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5) King Piccolo Saga

Hail to the King


With the earth facing the greatest threat Goku had seen in his lifetime, the battle against Demon King Piccolo is what changed the tone of the franchise forever. For the first time, the stakes were serious, friends had been killed, and Goku was pushed to his breaking point. Watching Goku rise up to overcome his first truly villainous adversary is what made the King Piccolo Saga stand out, along with moments like

- Goku drinking the sacred water and powering up

- The introduction of Yajirobe

- The desperate but futile struggle from Master Roshi, Chiaotzu and Tien

- Goku’s epic finishing move


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4) Cell Games Saga

It's all Fun and Games


The moment that cemented Gohan as a true hero, the final battle against Cell in his self made tournament, The Cell Games, was an arc that was cathartic payoff after cathartic payoff. Seeing the Emerald Android at his maximum power was a sight to behold, as well as Gohan ascending past it. The Cell Games Saga stood out as  a high point for the DBZ franchise and a favorite for many. That’s no surprise given how epic the arc waswith 

- Goku and Cell’s showy battle

- Goku’s epic Instant Transmission Kamehameha

- Gohan stepping up to the battle 

- Goku’s sacrifice to stop Cell’s explosion

- The Father-Son Kamehameha that Gohan unleashed to save the world


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3) Piccolo Jr Saga

Only One Can Triumph

There is no greater thing to witness as the day when a boy finally becomes a man, and the coming of age arc for Goku was no exception. After training with Kami, Goku returns to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament once more, this time to defeat the son of the Demon King Piccolo known as Piccolo Jr. This epic tournament arc is filled to the brim with many surprising twists and turns, including 


Seeing Goku and Krillin all grown up

- The funniest battle in history, Yamcha vs Hero

- The reunion and proposal of Goku and Chi-Chi

- Goku and Tien’s battle, showing off everything they learned while training

- Piccolo growing to a monstrous size 

- Goku securing the win and becoming World Martial Arts Champion


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2) Frieza Saga 

Duel of the Fates


Featuring one of the longest, most epic battles in anime history, the Frieza saga is a staple of any DBZ watchers diet. With the long awaited battle between Goku and Frieza and the emergence of the Super Saiyan transformation, this is the saga that changed the DBZ world forever. The epic battle on an erupting planet enthralled many a viewer their first time, and led to unforgettable moments like

- Vegeta’s tearful remorse and last stand

- Piccolo’s fusion with the warrior Nail

- The iconic first Super Saiyan transformation 

- Goku’s speech as a Super Saiyan 

- The horrific scene of Frieza getting sliced


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1)’ Tournament of Power Saga

The Boldest Battles Begin


Here it is, the grandest arc of all, the Tournament of Power Saga! This arc has everything you could possibly want to fill your Dragon Ball fix; featuring the scale, the emotion, the nostalgic throwbacks and of course, the intense action. With every character on The Universe 7 team getting their chance to shine and every enemy seeming more invincible than the last, the battle for universal survival was gripping from beginning to end, with all the epic moments they could possibly fill it with such as


- The recruitment phase with Goku revisiting all his old allies

- The resurrection of Frieza

- Master Roshi’s emotional stand

- The Legendary Super Saiyan Kale

- The Universal Spirit Bomb

- Ultra Instinct’s first awakening 

- Vegeta vs Toppo 

- Goku eliminates Kefla

- Mastered Ultra Instinct 

- The Final Battle


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