[Top 15] Best Hidden Object Games For PC

Best Hidden Object Games for PC
Can you spot the hidden items in this densely-packed, majestic room?

From moving a trained eye across your screen in search of a clue’s little silver shimmer to clicking every possible pixel on the screen for a sliver of hope, we’ve all been there. Hidden Object Games ignite a passion in all of us to chase after the truth and never rest until every item in our inventory is used. This is a list of the best hidden-object games available for PC right now from the creepy, cinematic tales to adventures with cute kitties.


15. Enigmatis Collection [PC, Mac OS, Nintendo Switch, iOS]

The Enigmatis is one of the most popular hidden object adventure games in the industry. In this series by Artifex Mundi, a Polish Studio, we take on the role of detective by solving puzzles and getting to the centre of a supernatural and mysterious plot. Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek has our detective waking up in the shady town of Maple Creek and pursuing the disappearance of a young girl embroiled in a horror-filled mystery.

Its second instalment, The Mists of Ravenwood, takes us on a journey in search of a demonic preacher through a path that spans across different realms. The final Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala has us delve into Tibetan mythology and solve puzzles in the Karkhala monastery. This suspenseful experience takes us on a rollercoaster of twists and turns in the plot as we labour at its well-crafted puzzles and mind games. Its only downside must be its over-the-top voice acting, but veteran players count that as one of the series’ greatest charms.

Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek is another solid adventure game from Artifex Mundi. Despite bringing the gameplay back to basics with basic hidden object scenes and point-and-click problem solving, players must use their own initiative to progress through the game, while the new Evidence wall means that players will truly become immersed in the story rather than watching the events play out.

- Rebecca Smith, TrueAchievements

Artifex Mundi always shines when it comes to HOPA games. Enigmatis, being one of their first and now released on consoles, is simple, yet polished and thrilling. It's a good introduction to the genre.

- Łukasz Ankudo, Pixelophobia

This gripping tale is one for lovers of the supernatural


14. Hidden Folks [Nintendo Switch, Android, Linux, PC, iOS, Mac]

Hidden Folks is a whimsical hidden object game developed by Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg. With a black-and-white art style resembling West of Loathing, its hand-drawn scenes bring a novel look to the traditional deeply coloured settings of other games in the genre. Hidden Folks allows us to interact with its diverse environment in various ways such as clicking, dragging, or revealing hidden animations for a playful experience.

The love and effort put into this game are reflected in its careful construction and immensely interesting settings, making it a worthy contender in the hidden objects scene.


If puzzles full of cutesy characters and bizarre situations are for kids, we never want to grow up.

A nostalgic blast from the past, anyone who ever used to love Where’s Wally and any books of that type will be thrilled by giving Hidden Folks a go. There are no pressures and no limit to speak of, so it really is one of the more relaxing titles around. The sort of game you just want to sit down and play for a couple of chin stroking hours with a piping hot cup of tea.

This breathtaking art style can pull you into its world for a few hours!


13. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart [PC, Mac]

Another supernatural and horror-filled entry by Artifex Mund enters our list with Nightmares from the Deep. This adventure takes us into the world of undead pirates and tragic love stories. We enter the troubled mind of Sarah Black, a museum curator searching for her daughter who has been kidnapped by an accursed zombie pirate known as Captain Remington.

This mystery is filled to the brim with bountiful puzzles and various locations for us to explore. However, this is one for the brainiacs and logicians as its haunted puzzles had us scratching our heads for hours. And after the first adventure, you’ve got two more waiting in the series with The Siren’s Call and a spooky escape from Davy Jones.


Very enjoyable old-school adventure. Good graphics, sound, playability and story. But ... Beware trophy hunters!!! The game does have a Platinum. However -so far- is not possible to obtain it due to the trophy "Time Tile". I guess originally was intended to be obtained via touchscreen or mouse, but with a controller is not possible nonetheless. I'll be waiting for Artifex to fix it, and hopefully looking forward to welcome the rest of the trilogy in consoles.

- Darth_Convictus

A grave of roses and many more spooky locations.


12. Eventide: Slavic Fable [Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac]

The Slavic Fable instalment of the Eventide series of point-and-click games offers a storyline inspired by Slavic mythology. It brings a touch of nature to its puzzles and sequences. We play as a botanist on a mission to save an endangered plant and eventually her grandmother from the clutches of the destructive antagonist, Boruta. This challenging adventure is also one of the only few to offer as many as 38 diverse locations to explore.


Another great point and click hidden object game with a great story. I love these games and they are priced right so that I never think twice about buying them every time they become available on Xbox One. Please make lots more. Huge fan!

- Osprey


Sometimes the gameplay is a little too easy, but most times it is just right and I appreciate that. The story is good for one playthrough and is a fairly easy completion.

- Brash Games

The Chit-Chatter Achievement we get from talking to every little creature in Eventide.


11. Puppet Show Collection [PC]

Featuring the macabre side of dishevelled puppets and aged machinery, Puppet Show brings us to the rundown town of Joyville where a terror-filled adventure awaits. In its six instalments, this classic has been captivating lovers of supernatural and hidden object gaming alike for close to a decade. A word of caution: if bloodcurdling, broken puppets being pulled by the strings of demons chill you to your core, you may want to skip this adventure!


Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent is as dark and beautiful as Mystery of Joyville was, and about as good as hidden objects get. Its scenery is stunning, and while there is perhaps a bit too much backtracking, its puzzles are top-notch, satisfying, and clever.


Through watchful eyes, they wait for us to complete this puzzle!


10. The House of Da Vinci 3 [Nintendo Switch, Android, PC, iOS, Mac]

Inspired by the brilliant mind of Leonardo Da Vinci himself, this Renaissance-themed hidden object game launches us into a conspiracy that’s begging to be solved. We dive into the life of Giacomo, Da Vinci’s student, and his apprenticeship with the great thinker that includes discovering secret messages and unravelling puzzles that only a maestro could create.


Hi, I am an older player, (very old). I cannot imagine the kind of hours it took to make this game, but as far as I am concerned, hours very well spent. I have had so much fun, although there were times when I didn't know whether to pull my hair out or yours. I finally finished though.
Your parents/families should be very proud of you, I know I would be. I also hope you are all very, very rich.
Thank you for the many hours of pleasure you have given me.

- Jenday.59

Whether it's the puzzle design, the presentation or the background story, the third entry in the House of Da Vinci franchise delivers just like its predecessors did. If you are interested in puzzle games at all, you need to play The House of Da Vinci 3.

- Games.CH

Mechanisms and carefully crafted puzzles ahead!


9. The Mortimer Beckett Series [PC, Mac, iPad, Nintendo Wii]

Mortimer Beckett is a problem-solving introvert - just like us! The only difference is that he travels the world while we watch from behind our screens. This cutesy game series with five greatly reviewed instalments combines what hidden object games do best with a unique art style that never gets boring. All in all, it’s a great option for younger players.


Regardless of its technical basics, the puzzles and general finding of items is quite challenging. Don't knock it until you try to find a third of a brown doorknob in a room filled with brown tones and their complimentary colors.


Mortimer Becket and the Book of Gold


8. The Room [iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PC]

This PC adaption from the popular iPad game brings a combination of everything that successful Hidden Object games do best: a challenging experience through stunningly detailed surroundings against the backdrop of a mystery. With three successors and a VR instalment, this brilliant game is a monumental addition to our list. In my opinion, Fireproof Games truly outdid themselves with the puzzle boxes and puzzle movement mechanics to play around with here.

If ever there was a short puzzle game worth the price, it’d be The Room. It packs a lot of content into its relatively brief playing time, and — assuming you aren’t stymied by a system that doesn’t recognize your fingers — it does so with tonnes of style.

- Gaming Age

For everyone that like escape rooms: This is the game for you! I have never played a game before, where you really feel like are in an escape room. This game really conveys said feeling. The game revolves around trying to open a sort of chest and it is separated in different steps. You can use your controller to fiddle around with the object as you would in a real escape room and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Absolutely worth playing!

- Bustee

The infamous astrology puzzle that we all battle with


7. 9 Clues: The Ward [Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Xbox Series X, Mac]

If Outlast taught us anything, there is nothing more terrifying than a horror story in an insane asylum! This second instalment of 9 Clues throws us into the perspectives of a detective and her partner who must visit Mnemosyne Asylum and investigate a mysterious fire. The catch is that none of the patients are compliant and the staff pretend that everything is perfect. This eerie story also has a unique addition called detective mode where we manipulate clues to solve this asylum’s mystery.


If you like Hidden Object Games (seek and find, puzzles, point and click), then games from Artifex Mundi are for you.

- Cbones

Try not to lose your mind in this freaky mystery!


6. Hidden Kitten [Android, PC]

This cute, casual game comes to life like something straight out of a colouring book. Every hand-drawn level oozes with the creativity and passion of its indie developers. We join Charlie the Cat, a little ginger housecat, and find items in detailed scenes while he (probably) takes a cat nap.


Hidden Kitten is not just about finding hidden objects however; it’s an opportunity to showcase your keen kitty senses by seeking out cleverly concealed items. The game provides subtle hints that tickle your whiskers, making the hunt for objects a delightful and challenging experience.

- Rectify Gaming

We bring colour with each correct item picked out!


5. A Castle Full of Cats [PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X and Series S]

There is something about the nimble kitty senses of our fluffy companions and picking out objects. Perhaps it has to do with them knocking down cups from tabletops or picking out the best sleeping spots.

This adventure by DevCats gives us a great casual stress-reliever where we have to find kitties in every room of a great castle to break a mysterious curse.


If you like cats, enjoy hidden object games, and want to hand some cash to charity, then consider A Castle Full of Cats to be a hearty recommendation.

- TheXBoxHub

Get your feline eyes for this beautiful hidden object game.


4. I Commissioned some Bees [PC]

Buzzing into fourth place is I Commissioned Some Bees by Follow the Fun. Against its immersive ambience and soothing background music, we are tasked with finding over a thousand hidden bees in 10 beautifully drawn scenes. After finishing this one, you can move on to their other gaming masterpieces such as I Commissioned Some Unicorns and I Commissioned Some Cats. Their sales must be great for these commissions!


Why is this so charming?

- PCGamer

See any bees?


3. Hidden Expedition Collection [PC, Mac OS X, iOS, Kindle, Android]

If there’s a game with mountains of walkthroughs it must be the Hidden Expedition series. This is another Big Fish selection of games with nine adventures featuring interesting characters and carefully hidden objects. This series will take you from the dense marshes of the Amazon, through the Titanic, and even back into the past searching for pieces of King Solomon’s crown. The best part is that you don’t even have to play them in order.


The story is fantastic. The scenes are bright and fun. The puzzling with tools across multiple maps is very cool and adds a layer of strategy.


Heavily detailed settings await!


2. Dark Parables [PC]

An enchanting take in the genre brings us to the little kingdom of Dark Parables. It brings to life a series of classical fairytales with magical twists and turns for us to investigate. This beautiful series of games by Big Fish Games easily takes second place in our list with all its 15 mysteries to explore!


Dark Parables is a nice HO / Point & Click Game Series with Multiple Games and this one is also one of them. First of all if you havent played the first Dark Parables Game, I strongly recommend going for that one first before playing this Game as they are meant to play in Order.

- VampireIdle

From the curse of Sleeping Beauty to Goldilocks, we meet every fairytale character and creature in this series!


1. Mystery Case Files [PC, Mac (current releases)]

First place on our list is trumped by the classic king of hidden object games, Mystery Case Files. The mysteries we delve into in this series of case files have spanned back from 2005 with their first game Huntsville to two new 2023 instalments, The Dalimar Legacy and A Crime in Reflection.

This unforgettable experience has brought Master Detectives together in countless forums to discuss solutions and ideas in all 26 games! As Big Fish Game’s masterpiece to the hidden objects genre, Mystery Case Files has left no stone unturned as each game brings with it another adventure completely different from the last.


Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove is quite possibly the best-looking and most engrossing MCF title since 2007's Madame Fate.

- Play Magazine

The mix of find all objects on the screen-gameplay and spooky setting develops in a really nice way.

- GamingXP

Mystery Case Files: Fates Carnival is the tenth addition to the mega series!

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