[Top 15] Best Alien Games To Play Today

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Aliens are a wonder of the galaxy, what are the like- friendly or an ungodly monster?

15. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (PC)

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Gameplay

During the Cold War, a top-secret government group called The Bureau are the only ones that can stop the mysterious terrorist attacks that have started coming from outer space. You play as William Carter, the leader of this nearly rogue unit of agents fighting the good fight. Released in 2013, this game is a wild third-person tactical shooter with high-stakes.

Redacted means so much more when you’re in the middle of a Cold and Intergalactic War...


14. Aliens: Colonial Marines (PC)

Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay

Your friends will follow you into Hell and fight by your side, but will they help you fight off one of the largest infestations of xenomorphs in the entire Alien series? Setting up a dark, terrifying environment that the creatures will come out of every vent and hallway; so be prepared, because if you’re not- you and your team won’t last very long!

Something tells us “Space Marine” didn’t have this in the job description...


13. Gears of War 4 (PC | XBOX )

Gears of War 4 Gameplay

While this game stands as the fifth in the Gear saga, humanity has now slowly started to rebuild from the ashes. Twenty-five years later, a new set of Gears are now on the path to rescuing their friends and family from new and old enemies. Never fight alone, leave a man behind, or leave your flank unprotected.

When will they learn that running headfirst into the saw blade is the wrong thing to do...


12. Phoenix Point (PC | PS4 | XBOX)

Phoenix Point Gameplay

This turn-based game has great graphics, a mixture of tactical and interesting touches that make it a fun addition to your game arsenal. With every shot with a motion model, you can see the work the developers put into a unique ‘Attack from Red Lobster’ game-. Factions are important in this game and keep in mind, the objectives in this game often go uncompleted with their difficulty.

It’s best not to ask why the monster has such a humanoid head, and what’s about to happen to your character.


11. Gears Tactics (PC)

Gears Tactics Gameplay

This game takes place twelve years before the first game of the Gears of War saga, though the idea hasn’t much changed. It’s time to fight for your life in impressive cutscenes and follow the stories of several background characters throughout the series. With a wide variety of new and old enemies to fight, you can get a feel for the new type of turn-based strategies that are in this game.

One would think it was the end of the world fighting these monsters… it’s your day job.


10. XCOM 2 (PC | PS | XBOX)

XCOM 2 Gameplay

While turn-based gameplay is the primary function, this game incorporates the environment in an interesting parkour element while maximizing stealth. While older but very similar to the Gears Tactics game released in 2019, it has its own special XCOM touch with design and enemies.

Save yourself and your friends from a crushing demise.


9. Alien: Isolation (PC | PS | XBOX)

Alien: Isolation Gameplay

You can’t capture the entirety of this game unless you play it alone in the dark. Everything wants to kill you, make no mistake- but the alien hunts you with a specialized AI that tracks your movements throughout the entire game. Turn your game controller on and it will hear you breathing while hiding in your locker… which by the way, only works so many times as it learns the places you like to hide. Fear the alien, hide often, and don’t make a sound while you discover the fate of the Nostromo.

In all her glory, Xenomorphious (Internecivus Raptus), a terrifying creature of the galaxy beyond.


8. Stellaris (PC | PS | XBOX)

Stellaris Gameplay

This beautifully designed game is a heavy management game around diplomacy, spacefaring, and warfare. Exploring new and unknown universes, making alliances and peace treaties to help your people grow while you are stunned by top quality graphics and sound.

Exploring the galaxy comes at a price… and make sure you don’t anger other civilizations often.


7. Rebel Galaxy (PC)

Rebel Galaxy Gameplay

You travel the galaxy, following up a lead a strange distant aunt left you. Now you’re out of your depth and exploring the incredible graphics this game has. Space has rarely been more terrifying or beautiful. The people you meet will guide you on mercenary missions, chasing treasure, and much more.

Make sure you keep an eye on your surroundings, you never know who’s out there.


6. EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair (PC | PS | XBOX)

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair Gameplay

This remastered game was released in 2015. You play as a civilian who decides to take the defense of the planet into their own hands. Your fully upgradable character will now run all over the city, defeating people from giant alien bugs and monsters that have decided to try to reclaim the world.

I knew I should have bought stock in RAID.


5. GTFO (PC)

GTFO Gameplay

GTFO is a 4 member team-based survival horror game. Some players have chosen to do it alone, but the onslaught of enemies makes this nearly impossible. Far into the future, a prison station is taken over by an unknown alien foe… it’s your job, and your fellow prisoners, to go in and find the objective. And of course, to get back out alive.

No doors stand in their way, no weapon can stop them, fight for your life!


4. No Man's Sky (PC | PS | XBOX)

No Man’s Sky Gameplay

This exploration-survival game is a breath of fresh air. With new, interesting environments- this game is built upon exploration, survival, combat, and trading. Explore the world and built your new civilization with friends or by yourself! Many updates and DLCs have been added in, continuing space missions, mech suits, and so much more!

A whole new world awaits you to explore and experience the places beyond your borders...


3. The Mass Effect Series (PC | PS | XBOX)

Mass Effect Gameplay

A game that has withstood the test of time and has made fans rabid for a remake since the last release. The Mass Effect series spans several games where you take on the persona of a male or female, fully customizable Commander Shepard, savior, or dictator of the galaxy depending on your playthrough. Make alliances, decide who lives and dies, and aim well. There have been several changes to the series graphics as new releases came out, but we all wait for the true trilogy remake.

This franchise stayed in our hearts for years, through several DLCs and games.


2. Warhammer 40K Space Marine (PC | PS | XBOX)

Warhammer 40K Space Marine Gameplay

You play as several different Space Marines, sent to tackle the rising ork infestation. With no cover system and special moves to bring back health- this game revolves around third-person shooting a variety of ‘hack ‘n slash’ gaming. The orks, or Forces of Chaos, plan to extinguish entire star systems by summoning daemonic horrors via the Warp. And it’s up to you to stop them.

Weapons and armor aren’t the only upgrades you can get the longer you play...


1. Destiny 2 (PC | PS | XBOX)

Destiny 2 Gameplay

Destiny is a free-to-play online shooter with very similar ties to Halo and other great hits by Bungie. Explore the many solar systems, upgrade and fully create a unique character, and unleash your abilities against never seen before enemies. With thousands of new character styles and environments, for a free game, you have nothing to lose to give it a try!

Each Guardian is fully upgradable and customizable- there are no limits here.

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