[Top 15] Most Played Video Games In The World (2022)

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Every minute of the day, there are millions of people around the world playing their favorite games. The average gamer plays for about eight hours every week. Obviously, the most popular games have the most playtime but just how many players are actually active on them? Well we’ve got the answer to that question with the 15 most played games so far of this year.

15. Fall Guys (Total registered players: 25 million)

Fall Guys is a platformer battle royale game inspired by playground kid games such as tag, jump rope, and kickball. Up to 60 players compete in a series of mini-games while using clumsy jellybean-shaped avatars. Complete each round of mini-games by successfully traversing the obstacles or get eliminated. The last player standing at the final round will be the winner and awarded with a Crown. 

Released in 2020, Epic Games acquired Mediatonic, the studio of Fall Guys, and made the game free-to-play in June 2022. The popularity and success of the game has vastly increased since then.

Total daily active players: 50,000


14. Team Fortress 2 (Total registered players: 65 million)


Praised as one of the greatest and most influential shooter games of all time, Team Fortress 2 has stood the test of time and has remained a popular game since its release in 2007. Each character of the roster is full of unforgettable personality and processes their own unique strengths, weapons, and weaknesses. The mercenary groups of RED and BLU are in a constant battle in various game modes such as capture the flag, payload, and king of the hill.

The game became free-to-play in June 2011 with the Uber Update that introduced a drop system of weapons and cosmetics and other new features. After this update TF2 would soon peak in popularity and continue to hold strong for the rest of 2010s.

Total daily active players: 100,000


13. ARK: Survival Evolved (Total registered players: 20 million)


Dinosaurs and fantasy creatures roam in plentiful numbers in the world of Ark. The very unlucky humans who have been stranded in Ark must do all they can to survive. Play alone or with others as a tribe as you explore this vast prehistoric world. Tame dinosaurs and build structures to improve your odds of surviving against hostile beasts and other humans. Collect as many resources and food as you can to regenerate health and stamina and ultimately switch from survival mode to thriving mode.

Total daily active players: 100,000


12. Grand Theft Auto V (Total registered players: 165 million)

A trio of bank robbers - Michael, Trevor, and Franklin - find themselves in a tight situation as they are being pressured into committing heists under pressure from crime lords and corrupt government officials. The three criminals despise each other but they must learn to work together before grave consequences arrive for all of them.

Earning $1 billion in the first three days of release and almost $7 billion as of 2022, Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful entertainment products of all time. As well as being universally praised as one of the best games of all time.

Total daily active players: 300,000

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RockstarGames?t=x702lvUiytLqTY_zm7kUYQ&s=09

11. Lost Ark (Total registered players: 17 million)

This award-winning top-down fantasy MMOARPG first came out in South Korea in December 2019. Eventually making its way into North & South American and Europe in February 2022. In only one day, it quickly became Steam’s second most played game. While Lost Ark does contain multiplayer elements, its gameplay is heavily focused around PvE and exploration, hunting, crafting, etc. 

Total daily active players: 200,000


10. Apex Legends (Total registered players: 120 million)

Set in the sci-fi universe of Titanfall, various combatants called Legends team up in three man squads and are dropped off onto an island to battle against many other squads. This Apex competition is televised throughout the galaxy to see which squad will defeat the others and be the last team standing.

Apex Legends utilizes many gameplay mechanics, features and even characters from its Titanfall predecessor. Legends are divided into different types such as recon, support, offensive, and defense. Apex Legends is currently in Season 13.

Total daily active players: 700,000


9. PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (Total registered players: 75 million)

PUBG: Battlegrounds  is a survival battle royale game heavily inspired by the Japanese movie Battle Royale. The game first started out as mods for other games made by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. Eventually, the project evolved into the standalone videogame that it is known as today. A hundred players are dropped onto an island to scavenge for weapons and resources to defend themselves while eliminating other players in hopes of being the last survivor and winning the match.

Total daily active players: 350,000


8. Dota 2 (Total registered players: 220 million)

Defense of the Ancients 2, better known simply as Dota 2, is a MOBA game where two teams of five players face off to attack each other’s base while simultaneously defending their own. The team that wins is the first to destroy the  large structure in the opposing team’s base called an Ancient. Dota 2  is a sequel to the original DotA, which was a mod for Warcraft lll: Reign of Chaos. The game has since become free-to-play and holds one of the largest eSports communities.

Total daily active players: 600,000


7. Genshin Impact (Total registered players: 65 million)


Taking place in the world of Teyvat, the story follows the adventures of the Traveler whose sibling has been captured while traveling between worlds. With the help of Paimon, a fairy companion, the Traveler interacts with the nations and world of Teyvat while on the quest to find their lost sibling in this anime-style role playing game.

Earning over $3 billion in the first year of its release, Genshin Impact has generated the highest first-year revenue of any video game. As of right now, it has grossed over $4 billion. 

Total daily active players: 700,000


6. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (Total registered players: 300 million)


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth entry of the online first-person shooter Counter Strike series. Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists tackle each other in intense gunfights in a various of different game modes. However, the go-to game mode is the classic Bomb Defusal mode where the defending team must stop the attacking team from planting a bomb at two locations on the map.

Initially, the game had a low player count at launch. But after a few years, its popularity has grown immensely, especially after becoming free-to-play, and it has become the most played game on Steam. 

Total daily active players: 800,000


5. Valorant (Total registered players: 20 million)


Inspired by the Counter Strike series, Valorant is a team-based FPS combining tactical shooter mechanics with elemental abilities. Each Agent has a set of different abilities that must be charged through earning kills, playing objectives or collecting orbs. Depending on the role of the Agent, their abilities can be proficient at offense, defense or support. There are currently 19 agents to play as with more coming in the future.

Total daily active players: 1,000,000


4. League of Legends (Total registered players: 180 million)


Released in 2009, League of Legends is an online battle arena game inspired by the DotA mod of Warcraft lll. Players must choose a champion to battle in Summoner’s Rift and coordinate with their team to battle the opposing players. Earn gold and experience points to level up your champion and buy powerful items in order to defeat the enemy team.

With 12 international competitive leagues, LoL has the largest eSports scene of any video game. The success of League has earned it plenty of spin-offs as mobiles games, card games, turn-based strategy games, etc. As well as a collection of comic books, short stories and a highly-rated animated series called Arcane.

Total daily active players: 3,000,000



3. Minecraft (Total registered players: 240 million)


Minecraft is a sandbox exploration game set in an almost infinite, blocky 3D world. Extract raw resources to craft tools and items in order to build various structures and machinery. Fight against random generated mobs and maintain your health at all times.

Minecraft has received universal critical acclaim and is considered one of the most important videogames of all time. It is also used for educational purposes, specifically for chemistry and computer science related classes. It is also very frequently referenced in various other games and movies, TV shows, and animated series.

Total daily active players: 3,000,000



2. Fortnite (Total registered players: 350 million)


Originally, Fortnite was only intended to be a co-op survival tower defense game where you fight off hordes of zombies and creatures using weapons, traps and fortifications; this game mode would later be called Save the World. However, the release of PUBG made the popularity of battle royales skyrocket around that time. And Epic Games responded to the trend by adding a battle royale mode to Fortnite.

Very soon, Fortnite: Battle Royale became the biggest, most successful game of the past few years. The game has earned over $9 billion since its release in 2017 and remains one of the most played games as of right now.

Total daily active players: 3,500,000



1. Roblox (Total registered players: 230 million)


Released in 2006, Roblox is an online game creation platform that gives users the ability to create games and play games made by other users. The game since its release has always been a small community. However, the COVID-19 pandemic helped to immensely boost the growth and popularity of Roblox into one of the most played games ever.

Total daily active players: 45,000,000




Also, you may wonder why Call of Duty: Warzone didn't make this list. That is only because of a lack of official data;  Activision very rarely publishes player count and other statistics of the game. But Warzone is indeed very popular so consider it an unofficial 16th game of this list.

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