[Top 15] Most Famous Gods in Greek Mythology

May the Gods be ever in your favor.

15. Dionysus

A picture of the Greek God Dionysus, sitting on his throne, wearing a red tunic and there are othe rmostly naked men standing beside him, playing instruments. There are two lions and a tiger.

Starting with number 15, Dionysus the Greek God of Wine, Fruit, Vegetation, Fertility, and even Insanity. Dionysus is known for a lot of things and has been portrayed in many different media. If you’re a fan of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you may know him as Mr.D, a camp counselor by force. No one’s sure who his parents are although it’s rumored that he’s the son of Persephone and Zeus, he was also rumored to be the son of Demeter. Either way, he lived his life scandalously.

The myth he’s known most for is King Midas and his golden touch. To recap, Midas did Dionysus a big favor by returning his foster father to him safely. In return, per Midas’ request, Dionysus granted him the power to turn anything he touched into gold. 

In my personal opinion, Dionysus deserves to be on this list for three reasons: 

  • As a Greek God, he’s so fun. I mean, he’s the God of wine, insanity, and festivity. He sounds like the ultimate party thrower, am I right?
  • He’s also behind several iconic myths and legends, as I mentioned earlier, such as King Midas.
  • He’s also one of the 12 Gods on Olympus, which makes him a known God. Everyone knows who Dionysus is, no one knows who Aristaeus is.


14. Hermes

A picture of a statue of the Greek God Hermes. He is looking to his left and holding a sword.
At number 14 we have Hermes, the Olympian God of travelers, thieves, and merchants. You may not know that he’s also the protector of orators, AKA public speakers. He also acts as a guide for souls in the afterlife.

Throughout my time studying Greek mythology, the thing about Hermes that has always stood out to me is his winged shoes. Just like almost every other God on Olympus, Hermes has taken on lots of women and has had lots of children, such as Pan, the Greek God of nature. He’s also known for helping Zeus hide baby Dionysus from Hera’s wrath. 

I believe that Hermes deserves to be on this list for 3 reasons:

  •  As I said for Dionysus, Hermes is one of the 12 Gods of Olympus and it’s a fact that most people know more about Olympian Gods than anything else. 
  • Another reason is that he seems helpful. He’s known for being the protector of orators, travelers, thieves, and merchants and he’s also known for helping out other deities.
  • There’s a whole designer brand named after him, so I would say he’s pretty famous. 


13. Demeter 

A picture of Demeter from the side, she's got a cornucopia in her hair and she's looking down.Coming in at number 13 is Demeter, the Goddess of the harvest and agriculture. Demeter is pretty important because according to mythology, without her we wouldn’t have any of the crops we’ve survived off of for eons. She’s also a Goddess of birth, health, and marriage.

Demeter is most known for being the mother of Persephone. The reason that crops die and everything dries up in the last few months of the year is because her daughter, Persephone is forced to stay in the With Hades during that time.  In some regions of Greece, Demeter was portrayed with snakes in her hair. 

Demeter deserves to be on this list for these reasons:

  • She’s an icon. She is the moment. She’s responsible for the harvest and for all of the plants we have and need to survive.
  • She’s ride or die for her child, she doesn’t just let things happen without a fight.
  • She, for the most part, keeps it in her pants, she doesn’t have like, a thousand children like the rest of her siblings/lovers/family members


12. Hephaestus 

In 12th place, we have Hephaestus, the God of Artisans, blacksmiths, carpenters, craftsmen, and many, many more. Hephaestus was exiled from Olympus for being disabled, which is pretty messed up and when I say exiled, I mean tossed off the side of Mount Olympus. In another story, it’s Zeus who throws him off for protecting Hera from his wandering hands. 

I feel like Hephaestus is mostly known for his metal automatons. Automatons are self-operating machines that make people’s jobs easier. He had automatons to help him walk around and he even made golden and silver lions and dogs to guard the palace of Alkinoos. 

Hephaestus deserves to be on this list for three reasons:

  • He was the husband of Aphrodite and is known for pulling the greatest prank known to man to expose Aphrodite and Ares’ affair.
  • Disabled representation to be honest. He was known to have a limp, which is why he had the automatons to help him get around. Greek Gods can be disabled and still be great.
  • He’s also an Olympian. Kinda seems like there’s a theme here. 


11. Artemis

A picture of a statue of Artemis, her curly hair is in a bun and she's reaching back for an arrow

Artemis is every little girl's favorite Goddess until they grow up to be in love with Aphrodite of course. This is coming from someone who experienced the same pipeline. Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt, she’s also considered the Goddess of wildlife and the moon, as opposed to her brother who is the God of the sun and the God of music. 

Artemis is known most for the Orion constellation. There are a couple of different versions of this story, Some say Gaia sent a giant scorpion to kill him because he had devious plans to kill every animal on earth. Other stories say Apollo was jealous of the love Artemis had for Orion so he killed him.  

Artemis deserves to be on this list for three reasons:

  • She’s an important figure for girls and women alike because she displays equal strength and power to men.
  • She’s also an Olympian Goddess, as I’ve mentioned many times throughout this list. I know the 12 olympian thing is getting repetitive but it’s true.
  • She created the Orion constellation, I think that’s a pretty impressive feat that needs to be shared.


10. Apollo

A statue of Apollo, who is not wearing much. He's holding an object in his hand

Coming in at number 10, we have Apollo God of the sun, poetry, music, and even medicine! He is also the twin brother of Artemis. As the twin brother of Artemis, he is also one of the twelve gods on Olympus. I would argue that, like a lot of other placements on this list, he was made popular by Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and also his Trials of Apollo series. 

Apollo is known for his many, many, tragic love affairs. I honestly feel bad for the guy. The saddest story is probably the story of him and Hyacinthus. Hyacinthus was a Spartan prince who was unfortunately killed by another jealous god and Apollo, in his grief, he used Hyacinthus’ blood to create a flower after him. That’s how we have Hyacinths!! 

I put him on this list because:

  •  Everybody loves a sad lover boy, don’t they?
  • He’s the God of the sun and we need the sun to live, so I think that makes him pretty important
  • Bisexual king. He took on male and female lovers. Sadly, they had such a tragic fate though.


9. Ares

A picture of Ares, He's holding a shield and a spear and his helmet is on fire. It looks like he's charging into war,
Coming in hot at number nine is Ares, the very famous God of War and Courage. He’s the son of Zeus and Hera. He is one of the twelve Gods on Mount Olympus. As the God of War, Ares is pretty well recognized in pop culture media, with games such as God Of War. 

In mythology, Ares is most known for his affair with Aphrodite and his humiliating exposure to other gods, when Hephaestus found out. 

I put him on this list for three reasons:

  • He's a badass. He represents courage and war, if that’s not badass, I don’t know what is
  • He’s popular in other media, as I mentioned before, such as God of War and Percy Jackson
  • He’s an Olympian and a child of Zeus and Hera, he’s got a pretty heavy legacy.


8. Hestia

A picture of a model posing as Hesti. She has curly blonde hair and blue eyes, she's wearing a veil and holding a bowl with fire in it.

Hestia, Goddess of Home and Hearth. I put her at number eight because she’s a well-known Olympian Goddess. Despite her not being present in a lot of Greek Mythology, in ancient Greek religion, Hestia was the one to receive the first offering in every household. 

There’s not much about her but she’s a Goddess that can’t be ignored. She’s found in every loving home and every fireplace.  

I put her on this list for three reasons:

  • She’s an Olympian, which automatically boosts her popularity
  • She's the origin of the term “Home is where the heart is.” She brings a feeling of warmth and domesticity.
  • She’s a role model to anyone whose dream is to be a homemaker or to live that kind of lifestyle. 


7. Zeus

A picture of Zeus, he has long white hair and a long white beard and he is holding a lightning bolt.

Zeus, God of the sky and thunder, King of the Gods. Most people would put him higher on this list, most people would even put him as number one. But nowadays, people are realizing that Zeus is a jerk. 

Zeus is most known for cheating on Hera, his wife and the goddess of Marriage and Family. He’s especially known for cheating on her with both men and women He’s also very well known for fathering 95% of the Greek Pantheon (don’t check that, that’s not a real fact.) 

I put Zeus at number seven because:

  • While I recognize he’s the king of the gods and probably the most popular God, I just don’t like him.
  • He did birth Athena out of his forehead, so that’s pretty interesting scientifically.
  • If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have some of the cooler gods, so.


6. Eros

A picture of a bronze Eros statue, he has wings and is holding a bow and arrow.

Coming in at number six, we have Eros, God of love and..ahem, intimacy. In Roman Mythology, Eros is called Cupid, and everybody knows and loves Cupid. Eros is the son of Aphrodite and Ares. 

Eros is most known for his strong love for Psyche, Goddess of Souls. Their love story was challenging due to Aphrodite’s jealousy over then-mortal Psyche’s beauty but it had a happy ending, as Aphrodite saw the love Psyche had for Eros and let her become immortal so she could stay by his side forever.

I put Eros on this list because:

  •  Although he’s only known as Cupid in Roman Mythology, they are technically the same person. Cupid is the image of Valentine's Day.
  •  Even though he’s not one of the gods up on Olympus,  he’s the son of Aphrodite.
  • I also love to see Greek Gods show deep love for one another. It’s one of the myths that I actually find romantic.


5.  Aphrodite

A picture of Aphrodite's statue, she's holding a sphere out to the camera but is looking to the side.

Who doesn’t love  love? Coming in at fifth place is…. Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty! I would have to say that Aphrodite is one of the most idolized Goddesses out there. She’s the Goddess of Love! Some girls love the aesthetic and others have a deeper understanding of her. 

Aphrodite can sometimes be seashell-themed because she was born from seafoam! She’s not related to any Greek God or Goddess! Aphrodite is also known for her affair with Ares. She was originally married to Hephaestus, who set up an elaborate prank to catch her with Ares.

I put Aphrodite on this list because:

  • She’s a  Symbol of beauty and an inspiration to women.
  •  Her energy is embodied by every beautiful woman.
  • She’s unique because she was born from seafoam. Asexual reproduction babey.


4. Athena

A picture of a statue of Athena, she has a spear in one hand and a smaller winged statue in the other.

At number four I have Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and war strategy, She is another Goddess that a lot of young girls resonate with. Not only is she famous on her own, but she’s very popular in several other media such as Percy Jackson and Poptropica. She was born from a crack in Zeus’ forehead, which is kinda crazy.

Athena is most known for the story of Arachne, in which a mortal girl named Arachne challenges her to a weaving contest and Athena was so jealous, she tore the thing apart. Arachne takes her own life out of grief and Athena didn’t want to let her die peacefully so she turned her into a spider.

I put Athena on this list because:

  • She is an icon. Literally and figuratively.
  • She is a role model for many young girls.
  •  She has a whole city named after her.


3. Hera

A screencap taken from Rick Riordans website of Hera, the goddess of marriage and family.

Hera has to be on this list as the Queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage, women, and family. Can you tell she’s my favorite Goddess? We as a society do not recognize her struggles enough. Zeus was out here cheating on her with men and women, taking different forms to do soand she was just supposed to be okay with that? She’s the Goddess of family and he can’t even be faithful.

She should be most known for supporting the Greeks in the Trojan War. She hated the Trojans because they favored Aphrodite over her. Which, I get it, she’s probably tired of not being anyone’s first choice.

I included her as number 3 because:

  • She’s the Queen of the Gods and the Goddess of women and families. Does any more need to be said?
  •  She deserves way more respect than she gets.
  • She knows how to get revenge. No one is doing it like her. She’s plotted some of the best revenge plots I have ever seen.


2. Poseidon

A picture of Poseidon coming out of the water and holding his trident dangerously.

I put Poseidon at number two because he's pretty up there as God of the Sea, earthquakes, and horses, but I wouldn’t say he’s as popular as our number one pick. As we all know, after being cut from their father Cronus’ stomach, the three boys were given domain over three parts of the world, and Poseidon was given the sea. Not only that, but he is one of the twelve gods of Olympus. 

He’s most known for making Odysseus’ journey hellish, as revenge for blinding his Cyclops son. In my opinion, it’s Odysseus’ fault for revealing his identity. I would have taken that to my grave.

The reason he’s number two on this list is because:

  •  Everyone likes the beach. They can thank Poseidon for that
  • He’s one of the only boys born from Cronus and Rhea, so that’s something
  • Horsegirls would argue that he’s really important because he’s the God of Horses.


1. Hades

A dark picture of Hades, he has long hair and a long beard. There are a lot of elements related to the underworld in this picture, such as his dog, Cerberus.

In first place we have Hades, you may be thinking. Why not Zeus or Poseidon? His powerful brothers who live on Olympus? I would have to say that Hades is the most popular Greek God. Not only are there several media based on him (Hades the video game, Lore Olympus, etc) But also every edgy teenager has identified with him at some point. 

To recap, Hades is the God of the dead and king of the underworld. He is most known for tricking Persephone, daughter of Demeter into marrying him and staying in the underworld with him for one-third of the year. He was the firstborn son of Cronus and Rhea and the last one to be regurgitated.

I believe Hades deserves to be number one because:

  • Many edgy teens love him and his title
  • He may not be an Olympic God but he still holds weight and power as a God.
  • The most common Greek mythology retelling is Hades and Persephone retellings.
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