[Top 15] Sims 4 Family Gameplays To Watch

Best Sims 4 Family Gameplays
Get ready for generations full of fun!

Family gameplay has been a staple of The Sims franchise from the beginning. The families created by the game developers have become memorable and iconic over time, and with the tools integrated into The Sims 4, players can create an entire town of custom characters that fit their storyline perfectly if desired. Many creators and streamers share their chaotic yet connective family gameplays to social media outlets so the fun can ensue, often following challenges that are playable by anyone. These are some of the most exciting and fun to watch family gameplays for the Sims 4!

15. Poison Garden Legacy Challenge by Frolicking Gnomes

Toxic families never fail to entertain.

The Poison Garden Legacy is the perfect challenge for any Simmer who is looking to add a dramatic and dysfunctional challenge to their game. Frolicking Gnomes played out The Poison Garden Legacy in their entertaining series on Youtube, which is still getting new episodes. This story follows a Sim named Wysteria Hemlock into a family adventure full of negativity and surprise. Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy, toxic family drama?


14. Royal Legacy by SimmerRose

The royal life has never been more scandalous.

If your Sim is disinterested by the middle class, SimmerRose on Youtube has an entire series dedicated to a royal family that lives in a fanciful castle. With the use of the royalty mod, SimmerRose has allowed a monarch-led type of political system into the game. Even if they are wealthy and royal, this scandalous family is full of madness and drama that would never be expected outside of Bridgerton.


13. Lucid Legacy by SimEscape

Live the farm life with the Haywood family.

SimEscape perfectly plays out the Lucid Legacy Challenge in their series following the Haywood couple living on a peaceful farm. Each generation of this family must adhere to a certain way of living to complete this challenge successfully, making the storyline provided by SimEscape completely unique. This is the perfect family challenge for anyone looking to experience multiple areas of gameplay.


12. High School Years Rags to Riches Challenge by Ohcluckgames

See the High School Years expansion pack played as a challenge.

The fun and dramatic High School Years expansion pack for The Sims 4 is perfectly showcased in this 25 episode series by Ohcluckgames on Youtube. The story follows a pair of siblings on their journey through high school as they endure dramatic events with their friends, foes, and family. As this is also a Rags to Riches challenge, these determined siblings have a struggle to face. The entire series of this amazing family gameplay is available on Youtube, making for a necessary binge.


11. Occult Baby Challenge by lxdice

Check out this offbeat challenge that follows a single mother with occult babies.

Lxdice on Youtube takes viewers on an interesting and comical journey by pursuing the Occult Baby Challenge in the Sims 4. They take us through the adventure of their Sim, who is trying to make babies with every occult type in The Sims 4. The full series of this monster dating montage is on Youtube now, growing more dramatic every time new occult babies are born.


10. Short Lifespan Legacy Challenge by Vixella

Experience the fast paced short lifespan challenge with Vixella.

The Short Lifespan Legacy Challenge played out by Vixella is a wild ride from beginning to end in every way possible. It is as chaotic as it sounds, giving the Sims in each generation only a certain time to bring new heirs and heiresses into the game. The gameplay is fast and intense, leaving no room to mourn lost Sims. Vixella dives right into this chaotic challenge that is sure to be fun for viewers, especially those who want to try this challenge for themselves.


9. Extreme Vampire Legacy Challenge by More Clare Siobhan

See Clare Siobhan play as the undead in this odd family challenge.

Youtuber Clare Siobhan takes us on an undead adventure with their rendition of the Vampire Legacy Challenge. Their challenge follows a vampiric family that is as much entertaining as it is spooky. Clare Siobhan uses the perfect combination of spooky Sims to create a Munsters family type of soap opera in this series. 


8. What does a Sims Family Look Like After 10 Generations? By Lilsimsie

See how lilsimsie summarizes their Sim families chaos through 10 generations.

Lilsimsie shows how hectic it is to have a family in the Sims after 10 generations in this fun video. They present a family that is played on the short lifespan challenge and go into full depth of who the people in the family are. From showcasing the graveyard inside of their fence and explaining why each had to go and explaining the danger of the koi pond from Sims 4 Get Famous, lilsimsie is sure to entertain.


7. Sims 4 Decades Challenge by SeeJenGame

Journey through time with SeeJenGame.

SeeJenGame puts the epic decade challenge into a long yet fulfilling series on Youtube. Reaching back into the 1800’s and stretching to now, this challenge forms a timeline within the game, adding to the realism of The Sims 4. This youtuber does an amazing job at finding custom content that matches perfectly for each time era along with their perfect homes, making this series a unique and different watch. Kick off this series with some popcorn and let's travel back to the 1800’s!


6. Legacy Challenge by Malixa

Follow the Promise family through this fun family journey.

The Legacy Challenge by Malixa is purely entertaining and original. Malixa is  relatable while sharing their legacy story in an exciting fashion, making viewers want to keep watching in order to keep up with thePromise family.. On top of the perfect commentary by Malixa, their founder Sim, Willow Promise, is an amazingly lovable first character for this legacy story who endures a challenging life as she starts off nearly homeless.


5. Not So Berry Challenge by Jaechy

Explore an array of color with the not so berry challenge.

The Not so Berry challenge in The Sims 4 has always been a fun way to spice up the game, but Jaechy has made it more intriguing than ever in their full series on Youtube. In a nutshell, Not so Berry is a challenge where every generation is based off of a different color. Jaechy has placed their first family in the midst of the Strangerville mystery, allowing both supernatural and familial chaos to emerge.


4. Star Sign Legacy Challenge by simsboo

Dive into astrology with the star sign challenge.

The Star Sign Legacy Challenge is obviously in the constellations for any astrological Simmer, but the series by simsboo that follows this challenge is completely transcendent. As the challenge isall based around the 12 zodiac signs, this creator has brought a loving and diverse family to life in their game in order to complete it. Each generation is vastly different and depends upon  traits of certain astrological signs. Simsboo delivers an unforgettable and connective experience by sharing this astrologically based family and their journey through the star cycle.


3. Octomom challenge by Kelsey Impicciche

Being an octomom isn't easy.

Kelsey Impicciche is a classic Sims 4 connoisseur, and their extremely original octomom challenge proves it. They attempt to raise eight toddlers who are vastly different yet equally wild all as a single mother in this crazed challenge. Watching Kelsey Impicciche be a single Sim octomom definitely shows that it is hard work being a parent to 8 rambunctious virtual toddlers! 


2. Runaway Teen Pregnancy Challenge by Girl with the Plumbob Tattoo

Experience the struggles of a single mother through this fun and dramatic series.

Girl with the Plumbob Tattoo has created a family that is fit for television with their Runaway Teen Pregnancy Challenge. The story starts off pretty tense and upsetting, but grows towards a family gameplay with characters that can be either lovable or hateable. This adds to the realism of this mother’s story and allows watchers to empathize with the main character while sitting on the edge of your seat. There is growth, realism, and laughter  in this gameplay, which brings an interesting plot that is sure to keep viewers hooked.


1. Career Legacy Challenge by simssav

Bring your careers to life in this new series.

Simssav brings exciting and playful energy with the beginning of their new series, The Career Legacy Challenge. Although there is only one video posted to this challenge so far, it will be an exciting journey since every generation will be based on a different career. Simssav is hilarious and brings a positive energy to The Sims community, which makes this challenge even more interesting to watch. The first career they will be playing will be as an actor, which can go in many ways if simssav isn't careful. Will the legacy grow strong or begin a scandal?

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