[Top 10] Skyrim Best Swords and How to Get Them

Skyrim Best Swords
10 Swords that will help dominate in Skyrim, or at least make you look and feel bad ass!

1.Nightingale Blade

The nightgale blade

The nightingale is only attained after taking control of the thieves’ guild, the blade is only given to the guardians of the thieves’ guild. The only blade better than this blade is made from dragon bone!

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 14
  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Base Value: $1,665
  • Additional Effects: Absorb 25 points of Health and Stamina
  • Class: One Handed
  • Upgrade Ebony ingot
  • Perk: none

What makes the Nightingale Blade Awesome

  • It absorbs 25 points of health and stamina which increases the base damage from 14 to 39 per hit!
  • It is also based on your level, so if you want the more powerful version get the blade later in the game however getting the lower level version will allow you to upgrade the sword to be more powerful than the later version

How to get the Nightingale Blade

  • See the Thieves guild quest to the end and you will be rewarded with one of the best swords in the game.

Skyrim Special Edition: Nightingale Blade Guide


Legendary Dawnbreaker

Dawnbreaker is a Daedric artifact which makes it super cool and super rare. Once you complete the quest “The Break of Dawn” and pledge your loyalty to Prince Meridia you will wield his power.

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 12
  • Weight: 10
  • Base Value: 740
  • Additional Effects: Burns for 10 points and if killing an undead enemy there is a chance they will explode.
  • Class: one hand
  • Upgrade Ebony Ingot
  • Perk: None

What makes Dawnbreaker awesome

  • It explodes the undead, what more do you need?
  • It causes burn damage with every swing

How to get the Dawn Breaker

  • Get Meridia’s Beacon
  • Take it to Meridia’s Shrine
  • Complete “The Break of Dawn” quest

Skyrim - How To Get Dawnbreaker - Break of Dawn Daedric Weapon Quest Guide



This sword stat line is as chilling as its name. Using this sword will stop your enemies in their tracks allowing you to dominate almost any foe.

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 15
  • Weight: 16
  • Base Value: 1442
  • Additional Effects: Target takes 30 points of frost damage. Chance to paralyze for 2 seconds
  • Class: one handed
  • Upgrade: Refined Malachite
  • Perk: Glass Smithing

What makes Chillrend awesome

  • The blue glow
  • Paralyzing enemies
  • Enemies take 30 points of frost damage!

How to get Chillrend

  • Complete quest “The Pursuit”
  • Or hop on the roof of the Temple of Mara and get to the balcony of Riftweald Manor

Skyrim How To Get The Chillrend Sword

4.Dragon bone sword

Dragon bone sword at the Skyforge

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 15
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • Base Value: $1,500
  • Additional Effects: none but can be enchanted
  • Class: one handed
  • Upgrade: Dragon Bone
  • Perk: Dragon Bone Smithing

What makes the Dragon Bone Sword awesome

  • Finally use all those dragon bones and scales you have been collecting
  • Powerful base weapon that can be upgrade and enchanted to make a crazy fun sword

How to get a dragon bone sword

  • Upgrade you smithing to level 100 and make one



Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 11
  • Weight: 10
  • Base Value: 40
  • Additional Effects: Bash attacks made with this weapon have a chance of knocking enemies down
  • Class: one handed
  • Upgrade Steel ingot
  • Perk: Steel Smithing

What makes Windshear so awesome

  • Paired with a shield the combo is unstoppable

How to get the Windshear

  • Complete the Dark Brotherhood quest “Hail Sithis”

Skyrim: How to Get the Windshear

6.Miraak Sword

Lord Miraak

Miraaks sword has the highest base damage of any one-handed sword available. It also has a really cool tentacle feature that looks like a whip when swung, its only cosmetic but it’s still super cool.

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 12-16 depending on the level you are
  • Weight: 3
  • Base Value: $410- $1,250
  • Additional Effects: Absorbs 15 points of stamina
  • Class: one handed
  • Upgrade Ebony ingot, Daedra Heart
  • Perk: Dwarven Smithing

What makes Miraak’s sword awesome

  • The cool whip features
  • Leech the stamina from your opponents
  • The value of this sword increases with your level

How to get Miraak’s sword

  • Complete the quest “At the Summit of Apocryphia”
  • Take Miraak’s weapons from his lifeless body

Skyrim:Dragonborn DLC- Miraak's Sword

7.Lunar Steel Sword

Lunar Steel Sword

The Lunar Sword doesn’t pack a big punch during the day but when the moon comes out the damage increases by almost triple.

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 8
  • Weight: 10
  • Base Value: 138
  • Additional Effects: While the moon is out burn targets for 20 points
  • Class: One handed
  • Upgrade: Steel Ingot
  • Perk: Steel smithing

What makes Miraak’s sword so awesome

  • The burn damage when the moon comes out
  • The ease in which you can upgrade the sword

How to get the Lunar Sword

  • Found at the Silent Moons Camp after reaching level 4

Skyrim: The Legend of the Lunar Forge Secret

8.Dragon’s Bane

Dragon's Bane

This an ancient sword once used by the Blades when they served the Septim Empire. The Blades used these weapons to cut down the dragons that plagued the land.

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 10- 14 depending on the level you are
  • Weight: 10—14lbs
  • Base Value: $970- $1,560
  • Additional Effects: 20- 40 points of extra damage to dragons, 10 points of shock damage to others
  • Class: One handed
  • Upgrade: Quicksilver
  • Perk: Steel smithing

What makes Dragonbane awesome

  • It slices through dragons like a hot knife through butter
  • It shocks all non-dragon opponents

How to get the Lunar Sword

  • You will get the Blade during the “Alduin’s Wall”

How to Find Dragonbane (Rare Sword) | Skyrim

9.Harkon’s sword

Vampire Lord Harkon

If you are a vampire, you definitely want this sword. It will aid you in draining everything from your foes, this sword is a prize for all the vampire lord out there.

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 8
  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Base Value: $1,472
  • Additional Effects: Absorbs 15 point of health, magicka and stamina if wielded by a vampire
  • Class: One handed
  • Upgrade: Steel Ingot
  • Perk: Steel Smithing

What makes Harkon’s sword

  • It is the ultimate weapon if you are a vampire, it attacks all 3 of your life forces

How to get Harkon’s Sword

  • Kill Harkon and take his weapon
  • You can also pickpocket him, but it is super hard to do

How to Unlock Harkon's Sword (Dawnguard)

10.Gauldur Blackblade

Mikrul Gauldurson

Sword Stats

  • Base Damage: 11
  • Weight: 15lbs
  • Base Value: $1,286
  • Additional Effects: Absorbs 25 points of health
  • Class: One handed
  • Upgrade: Steel Ingot
  • Perk: Dwarven Smithing

What make Gauldur Blackblade awesome

  • It transfers 25 point of health from your enemy to you
  • Its stronger depending on your level
  • If used right it, you will become immortal

How do you get Gauldur’s Blackblade

  • It is in the ruins of Folgunther
  • Defeat Mikrul Gauldurson and take his sword

Skyrim How to get: Gauldur Blackblade (Location Folgunthur Walkthrough)

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