Skyrim Best Light Armors And How To Get Them

Skyrim Best Light Armor

1. Forsworn Armor

Forsworn Armor

Nicknamed the armor of the old gods this light armor is worn by those who still adhere to the ways of the ancients. Not much is known about them, all that wander to close often don’t return to tell the tale of the Forsworn.

  • 52
  • Weight= 12lbs
  • Resale value= 190 coins

When to use Forsworn armor

  • When looting caves
  • Hunting for animal skins
  • Carry large amounts of loot from one place to another

How to get Forsworn Armor

  • Raid a Forsworn camp found all over The Reach
  • Kill all camp members
  • Take the contents of their chest which usually has an extra set of armor
  • Loot a life less corpse
  • Craft at a workbench with leather


2. Dawn Guard Armor

Dawnguard Vampire Hunter

The Dawn Guard are a clan of vampire hunting warriors. Their armor come in two colors brown and grey, it has an enchantment that provide protection from the vampires they hunt, it won’t stop them from killing you but it can help.

  • Set Defense= 61
  • Weight 10.5
  • Resale value= 365 coins

When to use the Dawn Guard Armor

  • When hunting Vampires. Armor grants 25% resistance against vampire attacks
  • Wear when complete the Dawn Guard story line
  • Wearing this armor will give you 10 extra damage points against vampires

How to get Dawn Guard Armor

  • Join the Dawn Guard ranks, and one will be given to you
  • You can kill a member of the order but then you become a target



3. Nightingale

The legendary Nightingale armor

This is the light armor of the highest-ranking members of the thief’s guild. Wearing this unholy armor means you are the guild protector, legend has it the armor is blessed by a demon prince!

  • Set defense= 69
  • Weight= 18
  • Resale value= 3,085 coins

When you use the Nightingale Armor

  • When stealing the complete suit grants wearer; 20 stamina points, frost resistance, muffled footsteps, it makes picking locks 15% easier, One handed attacks inflict 15% more damage, and spells cost 12% less
  • When casting illusion spells

How to get the Nightingale Armor

  • There is no easy way to get this armor, you must dedicate yourself to Prince Nocturnal
  • Complete the Thieves Guild quest line
  • Join the thief’s guild in Riften


4. Stormcloak armor

Stormcloak genral armor

The uniform of the rebels of Skyrim. It doesn’t provide much protection but by wearing this light armor you send a message to anyone that sees it that you will not be taking any crap from any imperial over lords..

  • Set defense= 43
  • Weight= 14
  • Resale value= 32

When to use the Storm Cloak Armor

  • Best used when joining the Storm Cloak resistance

How to get the Storm Cloak Armor

  • Join the Storm Cloak Army
  • Kill a Storm Cloak


5. Hide Armor

Hide Armor

The armor of bandits and black smiths. Its not much to look at but it gives you the protection you need and if you can work a bow you can get this armor and upgrade it

  • Set Defense= 55
  • Weight= 13
  • Resale value= 120 coins

When to use Hide armor

  • Great starter armor
  • After you escape from jail
  • When hunting
  • When carry a lot of items from one place to the other

How to get Hide armor

  • Visit a blacksmiths forge, the only items required are leather and leather strips
  • Killing any local bandits, this is their uniform
  • Buy from any general goods merchants

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