[Top 5] Skyrim Best Heavy Armor and How To Get Them

Skyrim Best Heavy Armor
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 Hey, guys! My name is Ember and today we’re gonna talk about the top 5 best heavy armor sets in Skyrim. Let’s suit up and head into battle. 

 5. Dawnguard Armor (Best for dungeon divers) 

 The Dawnguard Armor set is a heavy armor set in Skyrim that can be acquired during the Dawnguard questline. 

 The Dawnguard armor can be acquired by looting Dawnguard agent bodies if you go the vampire route, or via Gunmar if you side with the Dawnguard. This armor is really good for dungeon divers, particularly ones that often go into caves, since that’s where vampires tend to stay. It has a few enchantments and looks pretty cool, so those are big pluses. I like this set because you can easily get the materials required to upgrade it (steel ingot) and I like its aesthetic. 

 Armor stats(set):

  • 104 rating
  • 78 carry weight
  • 1055 value 
  • Helmet grants 25% less damage from vampire attacks and drain life when worn with the full set
  • Shield grants an extra 10 points of bashing damage against vampires

 Why Dawnguard Armor is awesome:

  • The enchantments 
  • The good stats
  • Its aesthetic (personal opinion) 

 How to get Dawnguard Armor: https://youtu.be/LAc4xdXRGpg

 Dawnguard Armor details: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Dawnguard_Heavy_Armor

 4. Dragonplate Armor (Best for Warriors)

 Dragonplate Armor is a heavy armor set that can be acquired by collecting pieces as loot once you hit level 40. Although, it is very rare for the pieces to spawn. Alternatively, you can make it using dragon bones, leather strips, and dragon scales if you have the Dragon Armor smithing perk.

 Dragonplate armor is good for Warriors because of its high armor rating and relatively low carry weight considering its stats, so this set is a pretty good deal. I like this armor for that very reason, that and the fact that it can become insanely good if you enchant it. Also, it’s made out of dragon bones and scales, you can’t deny how cool that is.

 Armor stats(set):

  • 136 armor rating
  • 79 carry weight
  • 5075 value 

 Why Dragonplate Armor is awesome:

  • Really nice stats
  • Can become really strong if you use enchantments
  • You’ll have bragging rights if you get it, I mean, you have to kill literal dragons, so

 How to get Dragonplate Armor: https://youtu.be/0lbJpMLm9TA

 Dragonplate Armor details: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Dragonplate_Armor_(Skyrim_Set)

 3. Dwarven Armor (Best for Warriors)

 Dwarven Armor is a heavy armor set that will appear as in pieces loot when you hit level 12. However, you can get it before that level if you look in a fixed location. 

 I like Dwarven Armor a lot when I’m playing a character that warrants wearing it. It does have a pretty heavy carry weight for its stats, but it’s still very good. You can get the materials needed to forge it pretty easily (dwarven, iron, and steel ingots, leather strips), so you don’t have to scavenge for materials. Dwarven Armor is really good for characters who just rush into battle and is nice to use if you’re a streamer or let’s-play Youtuber. It’s cool looking, not hard to get, and you can see the details pretty well in recordings!

 Armor stats(set):

  • 104 armor rating 
  • 86 carry weight
  • 995 value

 Why Dwarven Armor is awesome:

  • Good stats
  • Nice for recordings
  • It makes you look like a Dwarven automaton

 How to get Dwarven armor(skip to 6:59): https://youtu.be/TDWKeQPawK8

 Dwarven Armor details: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarven_Armor_(Skyrim)

 2. Daedric Armor (Best for Warriors)

 The strongest armor on the list so far, Daedric Armor is the coolest-looking set in the game in my opinion. It’s also really heavy, though.

 Daedric Armor is the best set in the game stats-wise and aesthetics-wise. Like Dwarven Armor, this is a really good set for recordings. Unlike Dwarven Armor (and all the other sets on this list), it has a pretty unique forging process if you choose to go that route. This is my favorite heavy armor set in the game, both because of its aesthetics and stats. 

 Armor stats(set): 

  • 144 armor rating
  • 96 carry weight
  • 7650 value

 Why Daedric Armor is awesome:

  • Really good armor rating
  • Super cool looking
  • You forge it using daedra hearts, black soul gems, and centurion dynamo cores, you can even forge it at the atronach forge in The Midden… that’s like, really metal

 How to get Daedric Armor: https://youtu.be/1u6EVNKIsQ8

 Daedric Armor details: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Daedric_Armor_(Skyrim)

1. Orcish Armor (Best for people roleplaying Marauders) 

 Orcish Armor is the lightest set on this list. It appears in pieces as loot once you hit level 20, as well as in some fixed locations. 

 I think Orcish Armor is good for people roleplaying Marauders because of its weight. It’s light enough that it won’t take up a bunch of your carry weight, so you can raid places and loot a good amount of items. I personally use it for this purpose, but it’s also good for Warriors and similar classes. Forging it is pretty easy, since its materials are pretty common. 

 Armor Stats (set):

  • 120 armor rating
  • 71 carry weight
  • 2400 value 

 Why Orcish Armor is awesome:

  • Nice stats
  • Relatively low carry weight for a heavy armor set
  • Good for anyone who is going to be stealing a lot but still wants heavy armor

 How to get Orcish Armor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgJH8kExc14

 Orcish Armor details: https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Orcish_Armor_(Skyrim)

 Aaaand, that does it for this list, thank you for reading about our top 5 Skyrim heavy armor sets! Now, go suit up and win some battles. 

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